Eros – Black Anal Bead Vibrator


Eros – Black Anal Bead Vibrator

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Product Description

Meet Eros vibrating anal bead  – your perfect travel companion and the best sex toy. This lightweight vibrating anal bead pleasure device is quiet, uniquely shaped, and can easily be tucked away into bags to maintain discretion. Eros can be used for vaginal or anal pleasure with a built-in motor boasting 10 different vibration modes. The unique, eloquent shape, ridges, and design, along with the immense pleasure that can be reached with this little toy, are noteworthy. Our resident sexologists recommend trying Eros butt toy in the shower so that you can practice before your bedroom play. If you already have a regular butt plug, don't think it's the same as your anal plug. Eros vibrating anal bead provides a totally different sensational feeling. The sliding movement will stimulate all your 8000 anus nerve endings. Silicone anal beads are the best materials for anal play for beginners. Start small! Be in charge! Take your orgasms to the next level! Enjoy your butt toys!

Powered via AAA battery, Eros is the black anal vibrator of choice for those seeking pleasure and bountiful vibes inside and outside of the bedroom at a reasonable price. Eros is a powerful anal vibrator yet quietly operates, ensuring your intimate moments stay private. Earning her place as one of our best-selling vibrators and personal massagers offered by V for Vibes, Eros maintains our superior quality and luxuriousness with her delicate yet powerful design.
Eros is a body-safe vibrating anal bead and vibrator that is elegantly crafted with medical-grade silicone to ensure a high-quality build coupled with a top-notch craft. The medical-grade silicone used in the production process bears a soft, silky smooth touch that you will absolutely love. Although V for Vibe’s products was designed with women in mind, Eros can be enjoyed by all genders.
Eros is a powerful vibrating anal bead that boasts a high-quality motor with 10 unique vibration modes. A light but mighty black anal vibrator that is sure to tantalize all your senses.
Eros is the perfect choice for those shopping for a black anal vibrator. Whether you are just beginning to experiment with anal stimulation or are far more experienced, Eros is the toy for you. Simple to pick up and use with little to no prior instruction. The sheer variety of choice between different frequencies and pulses ensures beginners find the speeds that best resonate with the stimulation they seek.

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 3 in
Product Specification

Material: medical grade silicone;
Color: black;
Battery: AAA is included;
Size: length 9 In X diameter 1.5 In

Your package includes:

1 x Luxury VV Box
1 x V for Vibes Engraved Pouch
1 x Eros
1 x AAA Battery
1 x Manual