Yoni Eggs and Sexual Energy.

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If you have an affinity for both pretty and functional things, it’s only natural that the yoni eggs piqued your interest. Today’s article will teach you about their healing properties in relation to your sexual energy and hopefully help you access more of your sexual energy. 

Are you ready to embark on a spiritual journey? May your Yoni Eggs guide you there!

But first…

What Is a Yoni Egg?

You aren’t alone if you first heard about yoni eggs because of Gwyneth Paltrow, who began selling them back in 2017. While the practice of using yoni eggs originated in ancient China, today, it’s no longer so popular, and not a lot of people know they can be useful. 

As mysterious as it sounds, a yoni egg is simply a stone shaped like an egg that can be inserted into your vagina. The word ‘yoni’ means vulva and comes from Hinduism, where it’s seen as a symbol of reproductive energy

Fertility used to be the main purpose of crystal yoni eggs, as the heightened sexual energy was said to increase the chance of fertility. Still, nowadays, they come with a range of emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. 

A lot of people use crystals for sexual energy, which can be accessed by keeping your mind and body healthy. 

What Are The Benefits Of a Yoni Egg?

Similar to vaginal beads, one of the main benefits is the weight of a yoni egg which is supposed to help you exercise Kegel’s muscles. Another benefit is the material that an egg is made of, which has crystal healing properties relating directly to your sexual energy. 

Although not scientifically proven, a yoni egg can also help with a range of different health issues such as irregular menstrual cycles, urinary and digestive problems, loss of libido, and cramps. It’s said that crystals can also enhance your climax, which should be incentive enough. 

While there’s no research that would indicate that their healing power is real, many women swear by their benefits. Well, you won’t know until you try, so keep on reading. 

yoni eggs and sexual energy

The Relationship Between Sexual Energy and Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs can make your sex life better in two ways. Firstly, they have the ability to fix a lot of physical issues that stand in the way of enjoying sex. Secondly, getting yourself a yoni egg is an act of self-love that is enough to stimulate your sexual energy. Crystals can help a woman connect with her body and sexual needs, positively influencing and increasing her libido.

How Do Crystals Heal You?

 All crystals correspond to a different chakra which is an energy center found in your body. Regularly using a yoni egg can help you stimulate those energy points and reap different kinds of benefits.  

What Kind Of Yoni Egg Is Best For My Sexual Energy?

Before you look into different types of crystals, decide on the size. A lot of beginners tend to go for smaller eggs, but these are best for experienced practitioners who are used to holding something inside their vaginas. On the other hand, if you use a yoni egg regularly, you might have to size up pretty quickly. If you can’t decide, the solution is to get them in three different sizes. 

Some people believe that choosing a crystal that’s right for you should be a matter of intuition. You’re supposed to simply look at it and know, maybe even connect with it on a deeper, spiritual level. However, if you’re skeptical about yoni eggs’ abilities or if you’re as indecisive as I am, making a decision based on what they can do isn’t a bad idea.  

 1. Nephrite Jade – promotes self-love

Jade is one of the most popular yoni eggs as it helps connect your body to your mind, which improves your emotional healing. This can be a huge benefit if restoring your sexual energy is what you’re after. 

When your body and mind work in harmony, you can make sexual choices that go in line with your true needs and desires. Other properties of jade include balancing the water of your body and ensuring you’re healthy overall.

2. Rose Quartz – brings clarity to your life

If your life is missing love and empathy, no wonder your sexual energy can’t be fully released. Women who struggle with self-esteem and self-compassion often find that it affects how they view sex which lowers their libido as a result. Having sex is about connecting with another person, and you can’t achieve this connection if you can’t accept yourself first. 

Rose Quartz is a crystal that can fill your life with kindness and that allows you to reconnect with your body.

3. Obsidian – teaches you how to set boundaries

Sex is a lot more than just giving in to pleasure and doing things in the heat of the moment. To make sex as fulfilling as possible, you need a certain level of maturity and self-awareness. Black Obsidian can help you become a more assertive person by getting rid of negative energy. If your choices have ever put you off sex, this crystal might be what you need the most. 

4. Aquamarine – removes your insecurities

If you were brought up in a conservative environment, your desires might have been repressed, which now translates into a lack of sexual satisfaction. Even though you might be experiencing problems of physical nature such as vaginal infection, it might be your body’s way of telling you that there’s a dissonance between your needs and actions. Aquamarine can help you express yourself better and act true to your desires. As a result, you can become the person you want to be and fully explore your sexuality. 

5. Bloodstone – increases stability

We all feel anxious from time to time, but if your daily life is filled with worries, you can expect to deal with a range of health difficulties such as frequent urination or indigestion. These might make sex uncomfortable and lead to decreased libido. If your main goal is to improve your physical health, you should consider starting your journey with Bloodstone. Its healing powers can help you feel safer and become more grounded.  

6. Amethyst – healing properties

For women who suffer from severe PMS symptoms, Amethyst will probably be the best choice. Its healing properties allow you to restore hormonal balance and unravel your spiritual energy. If your libido is low, chances are you don’t have sex that is stimulating enough. Amethyst might help you improve your connection with your body and your partner and engage all your senses. 

The Dangers Of Yoni Eggs 

Can yoni eggs be dangerous? It depends.

The problem with yoni eggs is that while they can help strengthen your pelvic muscles, a lot of women are actually extremely tight down there, and additional exercise can do more harm than good. 

Another potential danger is having the stone stuck in your vagina. A trip to the hospital to retrieve it wouldn’t be pleasant, and the surface might scratch your vaginal wall in the process. However, this is very rare, and the benefits generally outweigh the risks.  Plus, yoni eggs with an attached string now allow for effortless removal. 

As for their healing powers, this might be subjective – their benefits might be real, or it might be a placebo effect. But if it works for you, it works. Just make sure crystal yoni egg is made of natural crystals that are easy to clean and don’t trap bacteria, and you’re good to go. 

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