This is Yoga Sex.

Oct 21, 2021

Upon first thought, you might not think yoga and sex to be correlated subjects, but that’s actually not the case at all. Yoga sex is a beautiful and grounding way to further connect with your body, your partner, and to create a unique flair of mental and physical sensual satisfaction that will do wonders for your sex life. 

Yoga sex is an extensive term, and there are a plethora of varying idiosyncrasies that fall under this definition. From the health benefits that directly affect your sex life and sex drive to new and exciting ways to enhance your intimacy with a partner, we will highlight all the varying ways in which yoga sex will lead to the epitome of erotic fulfillment. 

Yoga, Health, and Sex

It’s a well-known truth that yoga is highly beneficial to your health. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, some of the health benefits of yoga include:

  • Improving strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Helps with reducing back pain
  • Yoga eases arthritis symptoms
  • It is beneficial for heart health
  • Yoga is relaxing and lends for better sleep
  • Enhances energy levels and mood
  • It helps you to manage and reduce stress
  • Promotes better self-care

All of which are directly intertwined with sexual intimacy and one of the best ways to increase your sex drive

Yoga Improves Strength, Balance, and Flexibility

Some of those difficult yet sensational sex positions just got a heck of a lot easier, thanks to yoga. If you find yourself struggling to maintain physical stamina or have difficulty placing yourself in a certain sex position, yoga will help to combat these struggles, thus leading to better sex. 

yoga sex

Helps with Reducing Back Pain

Back pain is a sex killer. When your back hurts, the last thing you want to do is get physical, and certain sex positions and activities will simply make the back pain worse. As well as practicing back sex, how to have sex with an injured back, you should also practice yoga to lower your pain levels and to make sex pleasurable again.

Yoga Eases Arthritis Symptoms

Nothing is worse than being distracted by the pain in your joints when holding yourself up in missionary or a similar position. Utilize yoga as a means to lower arthritis symptoms and to reduce pain levels when engaging in sexual intercourse, leading to not only better sex but also more sex

Yoga Is Beneficial To Heart Health

Your cardiovascular system plays a massive role in your sexuality. As you become sexually aroused, blood begins to flow to your genitals. The better the blood flow, the more the sensations of sex are enhanced, thus making a healthy heart a key to unlocking heightened levels of physical, sexual sensation. And yoga sex is synonymous with a healthy heart!

Yoga is Relaxing and Lends for Better Sleep

Relaxation is essential for satisfying, feel-good sex that leads to the orgasm you’ve been dying for. It is much more difficult to fully succumb to the sexuality of a situation unless you are relaxed and breathing, and this relaxation helps to also promote blood flow to your genitals during arousal, increasing the sensation. As well as this, good sleep is directly correlated with a healthy sex drive, and yoga is quite beneficial to both. 

Yoga Enhances Energy Levels and Mood

When it comes to sex, the more energy you have, the sweatier, dirtier, kinkier, and the longer the sex becomes. And a good mood means a higher chance of turning the spark of desire into action. To promote both, try practicing a little yoga and see for yourself the positive benefits on your sex life. 

yoga sex

Helps You Manage and Reduce Stress

Stress is a sex killer. It lowers sex drive, leading to less sex, and it also distracts you during sex, thus leading to less pleasure and fulfillment. Negate stress with a little bit of yoga sex for a simple approach to a happier sex life!

Promotes Better Self-Care

By promoting better self-care, yoga makes you become more conscious of yourself and your personal physical and mental health. This makes you more inclined to implement other self-care practices, such as healthy masturbation, and will result in other forms of self-care that all assist in increasing sexual confidence, bodily confidence, and sex drive. 

Yoga Sex Positions

As well as the practice of yoga itself being extremely beneficial to your sex and your sex drive, there are actually a ton of super fun ways to incorporate yoga directly into your sexual practice. AKA, yoga sex!

So many yoga poses actually double as sex positions. These positions force you to relax, which will increase the sensation of sensuality. They will stretch and open your body in new and interesting ways for enhanced pleasure, allowing for sensational angles that will pleasure your G-spot like never before known, especially if you incorporate a lovely sex toy into your play. As well as this, yoga sex positions will bring yourself and your partner closer by catering to this form of experiential intimacy paired with sexual intimacy, as this is a fun and unique way to experience a never before known take on engaging in intercourse.

V For Vibes bullet vibrator

Yoga Pants Sex

As another form of yoga sex, there is also the alluring and enticing yoga pants sex. Now, what the hell could yoga pants sex even be?! We actually have an entire article dedicated precisely to this interesting aspect of sexuality, so give it a read to fill yourself in on all the little details. 

But to summarize, yoga pants/leggings are quite the common fetish. So many people are addicted to the way yoga pants bring out the best in the curvatures of your legs and the way they make your booty bounce, and this lends to visual satisfaction via the fulfillment of this fetish. 

Another form of yoga pants sex includes keeping the yoga pants on so that your partner can grind their genitals against the tight crevices the pants create on your body, such as between your buttcheeks or against the protruding lips of the vulva. 

And to top it off, for the culmination of all things yoga sex and yoga pants sex, there are yoga pants designed with a flap against the genitals for easy removal, allowing the wearer to simply remove the flap to engage in sexual practice with the pants still entirely on. It sounds like one hell of a good time if you ask me!

Naked Yoga Sex

As well as engaging in forms of sexual interaction with a partner, you can also utilize naked yoga as a means to promote foreplay, to become more connected with your body, and to connect yourself with your partner’s body as well. 

Naked yoga is simple: it’s practicing yoga while completely in the nude. Without our clothes, we embody our natural existence to the fullest extent, helping us to become grounded and more familiar with ourselves and the core of our bodies/our sexualities. It connects you with yourself, and this leads to more confidence and personal awareness, all of which lead to healthier sex and an increase in passion and sex drive. 

You may also use naked yoga as a unique take on foreplay. Imagine the anticipation that builds as your partner watches you, completely free of clothing, bending and stretching into all sorts of revealing and sensual poses, as well as you watch the same from them. How long will you last until you absolutely cannot prevent yourself from touching them? You’ll never know until you find out, so give naked yoga a shot and then progress into yoga sex positions for a sexual experience that will forever embed itself into the blissful shared memories with your loved one.


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