yoga sex positions

Yummy Yoga Sex Positions.

Alright, all you horn dogs out there. I know the title totally just pulled you into the article, did it not? Yeah, so, today you’re going to read about yoga sex positions. We all know what yoga is, right? Okay, good. 

If you don’t, then dude, you need to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been living under and do some yoga yourself. Your back could probably use a nice stretch, lol. You might be thinking, what are yoga sex positions? Maybe you’re even further than that, and you’re already looking to hear what exactly the yoga sex poses to give a shot the next time you’re feeling that urge of sexual desire. Alright, alright, I won’t make you wait any longer. Move your eyes to the next paragraph, and you’ll get precisely what you’re looking for. 

Yoga sex positions, here we freaking come

Yoga Sex

Did you know that yoga has been proven to help both womens’ and males’ sex lives, not just outside the bedroom… but in it, too!\

Yes, do those yoga poses, friends. Get relaxed, and get loosey-goosey with it. Not only does it allow all those tense muscles to truly release and enjoy the moment, helping to promote blood flow to your vulva, thus increasing sensation, but it is also downright sexy. Think about all those yoga poses you learned in class or on that last youtube video in your bedroom. Alright, now imagine that naked with your partner of choice… hot as heck, right? 

Now, it might be a good time to mention my other article on “Naked Yoga Sex”. It’s a real thing, and it’s happening all around you, so give it a read or two. Anyways, yoga is hot, healthy, and a great way to spice things up a bit in the bedroom. I’m going to give you a few yoga sex poses to really study up on and try out. These are all fantastic positions to use during sex… or at least I had fun with them, and definitely think that you will, too- wink, wink. 

yoga sex positions

Yoga Sex Positions

Bridge Position. This pose I know you’ve done before. It’s when you lay down on your back and push up using only your feet, which are spread apart at shoulder width length. Leave your arms and palms rested flat, only allowing your pelvic area off the ground—this way, your hips are thrust in the air. Yeah, you remember

yoga sex positions
  • Child’s Pose. This position is EXTREMELY relaxing, as your hips are able to release themselves and fully open up. Begin by sitting on your knees. Allow your toes to touch the floor while your knees widen about hip-length apart. Lean forward over your knees, stretching your arms as far out as they can go, and feel your body relax between your legs. It is quite the hip opener. Have your partner come directly behind you if you like it, as this position provides excellent, easy access for pleasure. Let’s not forget to mention; this pose gives your partner the perfect opening for your cute little booty hole, so if anyone here is interested in exploring anal sex, this could be a go-to for success in your bootiful endeavors. 
  • Wide Legged-Forward Fold. This position is amazing for both anal, p and v penetration, and strap-on play. A great way to get a feel for this position is to bend down and touch your toes. Are you doing it? Okay, now do this again, but with your legs as wide apart as your shoulders. Feel that airflow back there? Haha, yes! Great access for your partner to fully see and get to your holes easily. This pose opens up your pelvis and allows for the ultimate release and stretch while doing it. If you struggle a bit with position or you are just not that into it, try grabbing hold of a counter for some support. This way it will allow your partner to push a little harder with the pound and make you both moan loud and proud. 
  • Happy Baby. You do this pose, and I bet both you and your partner will be happy babies, lol. But wear a condom, of course, if you don’t want any happy babies of your own. Start by laying on your back and putting your legs up in the air. Now bend your knees and place each hand on each foot. Lastly, spread your legs apart so that your pelvis is nice and widened, your hands are grasping your toes, and pull your legs and feet towards your chest. This position is a fantastic way to receive deep penetration and is a great stretch for your upper thighs and legs in general. 
  • Downward Dog. Even if you aren’t a big yogi, but you’ve done yoga a few times, I think you know what downward dog is. Most everyone does. It’s like the first position you learn when starting off yoga. Don’t stress; I’m still going to let you know how to get into this pose in case you’re unsure or can’t remember. Begin by standing and touching your toes. Next, slowly walk your hands out, away from your feet, until your body is in an upside down “V” shape. Feel your back and legs stretch and your booty lifting in the air. Feel that breeze on your booty hole and your vagina. Nice, right? There you go, you’re doing downward dog. One of my favorite sex positions in yoga or should I say, yoga sex positions. It, too, allows for deep anal and or vaginal penetration and angles that will massage your G-spot like a spa day out of your kinkiest dreams. 
yoga sex positions

Are you excited now? I just gave you some killer yoga sex poses to try out next time you’re in the mood to get down and enjoy yourself and your body. Let’s not forget you’re basically doing yoga simultaneously, so it totally counts as your exercise for the day, lol. Though these yoga sex positions do, in fact, stretch you out, you should do a little pre-stretching as well, just so no one gets hurt during the process, especially if you don’t stretch often. When you’re doing the poses, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed when doing so. Just because you look good doing it doesn’t always mean it feels good. So be aware of what your body allows you to do and just have fun with it. That’s the most important part, ya know?

Alright, we’ll I’m feeling a little tense. I’m going to go do some ‘yoga’ now. See you next time!