Yes Please to Yoga Pants Sex!

Oct 21, 2021

Yoga pants sex- what on Earth could that be? It’s a unique term, yet one that many people actually bring to life through their yoga-based sexual practice. 

Once you get to know about yoga pants sex, or if yoga pants are something that already burns a bright and fiery flame of desire within, you can translate this unmatched form of sexuality into your own sex life so that the mundane exist no longer and that excitement is fueled by the epitome of fulfillment. 

What is Yoga Pants Sex?

Yoga pants sex is actually a pretty broad term, being somewhat interpretive, and there’s a few varying categories of this form of carnal behavior that fall underneath the definition. Let’s take a look at the many possibilities contained within and see if you’ve been missing out on any of these alluring and enticing methods of promoting intimacy in your love life. 

Yoga Pants are Damn Sexy

Let’s start with the basics- the simple fact that yoga pants are such a turn-on for pretty much everyone on our planet. The way they so elegantly wrap around the perfect curvatures of your body, the way they grip tightly to the butt and make it bounce as you walk, and their tightness around your legs are all incredibly sexy and horny-inducing qualities. That, and they should really boost your sexual confidence, as well. Yoga pants are the perfect combination of not revealing a single inch of skin yet ironically revealing so much at the very same time. 

They are usually synonymous with working out or doing yoga, and this gets the mind thinking about sweaty, dirty, and wild love-making, the hopeful end result of yoga pants sex. 

That, and a yoga pants fetish is quite common, the material of the pants and the way they feel a powerful tool in inducing the desire of those who relish this soft and smooth fabric beneath their hands. So girl, rock your yoga pants like you own the world, because goodness us, you sure as heck do!

yoga pants sex

The Yoga Pants Grind

For one take on yoga pants sex, you can actually please your partner without penile to vaginal intercourse fully taking place. This method involves grinding the male phallus along the outside of the pants as a form of hands-free stimulation that will have him drooling over the distinctive sensations derived from this practice. 

Yoga pants are nice and tight, of course, and when you stretch and extend your body, they form around and highlight the lovely curvatures of your skin. Why yes, we are talking precisely about the vulva and your luscious booty!

Place yourself in a position such as doggy style, or in this case, we can call it a downward dog. With the pants stretched tight along your buttocks, this will form the perfect crevasse between your cheeks for your lover to slide his penis along the tight and smooth surface, the stretchiness gently gripping his cock for hands-free orgasmic pleasure. The same can go for the outside of your vulva, as well, granting both of you an erotic massage that acts as the perfect form of foreplay, should he not finish too soon, of course!

Leave Em’ On In Pound Town

Sometimes the best sex is as simple as catering to the desires of the most wishful and kinky of imaginations. Leaving the clothes ‘somewhat’ on is a way to change up the sex game for a newfound take on visual pleasure, as clothing half on screams, “I want you so bad that I can’t wait any longer.” 

Start with a bit of tease, slowly pulling the yoga pants down the butt as you expose your thong (or not! As always, undies are optional!) to really raise the temperature in the room. Rub yourself from the outsides of the yoga pants as the fabric darkens from the moisture of your lubrication until things progress further, building anticipation to the highest possible extent. 

Keeping the yoga pants on during yoga pants sex, wrapped around your ankles or gripping tight along your thighs, is the literal perfect method to make any erotic dream come to life. Your partner can grab them tightly with their hands as they pound you, using them to further promote the intensity of their thrusts as they lunge you forward and back, and they will experience the epitome of visual satisfaction in conjunction with physical pleasures that will send shivers down both of your spines. 

Hot Yoga Pants Sex

Oh yes, things are guaranteed to become hot as hell, but in this case, we are actually talking about the literal temperature. I am sure you’ve heard of hot yoga, no? It is when yoga is practiced in high temperatures to promote the detoxifying effects of sweating, and this creates the perfect set-up for sensuality to further ensue. 

According to this study, “body scents and sweat can be highly attractive to our sexual partners“, and there’s plenty of sweat to go around, trapped beneath your yoga pants just waiting to breathe in the fresh air. 

After a little bit of hot yoga, your partner’s eyes will light up to the outlines of sweat creasing your buttocks and your oh-so-sweet honey pot, dying to rip the yoga pants off and to make you sweat some more, a way to tease them into realms of irresistible sexual desire driven by this lustful version of hot yoga pants sex. 

yoga pants sex

Yoga Pants MADE for Yoga Pants Sex

Did you know that there are actually yoga pants specifically made for yoga pants sex? I know, I know, like, where’s my credit card?! 

Seriously, yoga pants sex is loved and adored by so many beautiful and sexually liberated humans that they made pants specifically for this erotic practice! 

These pants allow you to practice yoga with pure comfort, as they are stretchy and cozy as can be, but they have one defining feature that sets them apart from all other yoga pants in existence: The sex flap. 

This little flap, placed right over your nether regions, is effortlessly removable, allowing you to keep your pants fully on while exposing the parts of your body that just can’t wait to feel the pleasures of another human being, or, your favorite vibrator, of course! 

A simple unbutton, and bam, you are free to engage in nearly any form of intercourse you feel fit. But for this sake, we can’t help but think that yoga sex is the absolute best way to go here. If you didn’t realize it yet, so many yoga poses double as incredible and invigorating sex positions. Leave the pants on, flap undone, and move through your poses as you would any ‘normal’ yoga experience, but this time, you might want to hold your stretch for a little longer, wink wink. 

Give yourself and your partner a few moments of spiritual, sexual ecstasy as you engage in intercourse, whether it be oral, penile-vaginal, or any other form, when in varying yoga poses to discover angles of penetration that you have never before felt. 

Now that is yoga pants sex at its absolute finest if you ask me! 

Yoga Pants Sex: The Summary

As you can see, those leggings you’ve been wearing all along are the keys to endless forms of sexual discovery and exploration- you just have to get a little creative with it! The power of fulfillment lies in our own hands, and we must practice the things that prevent the mundane within our sexuality and that keeps the spark of fire alive for eternity. 

Yoga pants sex is the perfect way to give both you and your partner an experience of intercourse that is entirely different from anything you have done before, presenting a delivery of sensations that is all but guaranteed to send you whirling in the pool of organic sensation. 

What are you waiting for? Experience these joys for yourself and pursue the delights contained within nothing other than yoga pants sex!


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