It’s Getting Cold! A Guide to Winter Sex.

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Bust out the warm cocoa, the down jackets, and those big ol’ cozy comforters because winter is on its way! Winter might be a favorite for some or an absolute dread for others, but one thing remains true for us all: what better way to spend a chilly, snowy afternoon than cuddled up in bed with your loved one?! 

You might not realize it, but winter sex actually provides to us many fun and exciting ways to change up the game of our sexuality, so if you want to know how to have winter sex that will send chills down your spine (from orgasm, not the cold!), then we have a few enticing little ideas for you to try out. 

How to Make Love in Winter

Winter sex is different in the fact that you are often stuck indoors, it’s cold, and the days become shorter. With this, it’s so easy to take advantage of these aspects for a euphoric take on sex. Here is how to make love in winter for winter sex synonymous with a warm and relaxing climax to follow!

Start With Relaxation

Before jumping straight into bed, try utilizing the cold climate to create an experience (catering to experiential intimacy) that is like foreplay to your foreplay. 

And what do we mean by this?

The best sex often occurs after something fun we do with our partner- a date night, watching an erotic movie, or simply spending quality time together. It brings you closer as a couple, and when you feel more connected, the sex is nearly always better. 

When it’s winter, a lot of us might not find ourselves wanting to layer up to head out to a restaurant or a walk in the park and would prefer to confine ourselves to the comforts of our own homes. So when it comes to having sex when it’s cold, first begin by creating an experience for your partner!

Try making some fun winter-inspired cocktails or hot chocolates together. Perhaps craft some warm and fluffy baked goods (licking the icing off their fingers, of course), and get that fire blazing and warm. Bust out your favorite cozy PJs, those big blankets, and simply enjoy your time together by engaging in conversation, reading a book, watching a movie, or anything else you can think of. 

By doing so, you ensure that experiential intimacy is at the forefront before leading to sexual intimacy. This works to build your connection as a couple, and with this, you will promote the overall relaxation and chill, comforting vibes of your environment. 

Relaxation is a key to good sex. It helps to increase the blood flow to your genitals when you engage in sexual activity, which significantly enhances the physical pleasure that is to follow. It also makes us simply happier, negating feelings of anxiety or stress, which are total killers of our sex drive. All of this together is a keystone element to ensuring that relaxation is met fully before leading to sexual endeavors. 

winter sex

A Winter Strip Tease

Winter means a lot of layers, right? Well, that’s perfect! Many layers mean more clothes to take off, crafting the ideal situation for an extended winter striptease. 

With all your clothes on, jackets and all, slowly and surely strip the layers down one by one, each exposing a touch of goosebump-riddled skin. Don’t rush this at all, as taking your time works to promote anticipation, and as the layers come off, make sure to admire and cherish each piece of exposed skin. Hold it in your hands, kiss it with your warm lips, complement every area of your partner’s body as they continue revealing themselves. 

The stripping partner should tease you to the fullest extent- flashing their genitals for a brief moment before covering them back up with a sweater, rubbing their breast or bulge from above their layer of clothing. How long can you last before you push them onto the couch or bed and finish taking off their clothing for them?!

Sex With Your Clothes On

Having sex with your clothes on is quite exciting, and hell, it helps to keep you warm at the very least!

When it comes to answering how to have winter sex, this is a simple and effective go-to. It allows you to remain relaxed, as you aren’t fighting away the cold, but more importantly than that; it is the implication behind having sex with your clothes on that lights the fire. 

When you have sex with your clothes on, it is basically saying, “I couldn’t wait any longer. I need you NOW!”. Show your partner that you couldn’t wait for a minute to feel their warmth by pulling down the pants and leaving the rest of your clothing on for a lovely take on winter sex. This is spontaneous, full of love and desire, and a showcase of your passion for your loved one. 

winter sex

A Warm Massage

Everyone loves an erotic massage, but a warm massage in the midst of winter is even more relaxing and wonderful, a great way to induce a lovely touch of foreplay and to go the extra mile for the comfort of your partner during wintertime. 

Set up a calm and relaxing environment with candles, an aromatherapy diffuser, and some quiet and pleasant music to top it off. Lay your partner down with a blanket over their buttocks, and pour some freshly warmed oils onto their skin as you rub them down.

If you know how to do it, this is also the perfect time to perform a hot candle massage or use hot stones to further promote their body’s warmth. Not only can this lead to more erotic forms of temperature play, but you can slowly work your way to their genitals after you have massaged their muscles, the massage leading to foreplay, the foreplay leading to wildly alluring winter sex. 

As well as this, the massage will promote relaxation, which will again enhance pleasure in the bedroom by helping blood to flow freely to their nether regions. 

A Heated Sex Toy

Wait, what?! Are you’re telling me there is such thing as a heated sex toy? Oh yes, there sure as heck is. 

Introducing Venus, the dual head wand vibrator and heated dildo!

Sex when it’s cold can make it difficult to become fully turned on, and there’s literally no better way to fix this than with Venus. Venus warms up to a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit, and topped with its 7 vibration frequencies, it’s not difficult to embody the sexuality of the experience, thus ignoring the cold, than with a sex toy that does the heating up for you. 

Now that is hot. Literally. 

heated wand vibrator

Winter Morning Sex

Want to know how to make love in winter? Try starting out with winter morning sex! There are a few reasons as to why this is one of the best ways to go about sex when it’s cold. 

First off, you’re already in your cozy blankets, relaxed, comfortable, and warm. I mean, why would you want to leave, anyway?! It’s much easier to embrace sexuality when you are already comfortable than it is to first get comfortable. 

And secondly, winter is known for its short, darker days. This can mess with our circadian rhythms, and many of us might find ourselves sleepy and ready for bed at a much earlier hour. To avoid this leading to less sex during the night, just have winter morning sex instead! 

There is no better way to start your day with morning sex, as it makes every aspect of your day better and more fulfilled, and winter sex like this is the perfect way to ensure that you are fulfilling your sexual desires before the sun goes down and before you fall asleep from that warm cup of peppermint sleepy time tea. 

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