Why Sex is Important in a Relationship.

Sep 6, 2021

It almost sounds like a trick question, doesn’t it?! Sex is one of the most fantastic benefits of being in a loving relationship. It is so important to experience kinky, nasty, intimate, passionate, or romantic sex, which is a physical representation of your love for one another. Prior to being in a relationship, you may have had one-night stands, orgys, threesomes, or even same-sex experiences. 

When you decide to commit to a relationship, you would expect sex to be on tap all the time, whenever you want. Gone are the days of wooing a potential partner, buying dinner, or reaching a base other than kissing.

Now in your relationship, you’re able to have sex all the time! Right? 

Wrong. Sometimes, we lose track of what’s essential and steer off into a world of routine and schedules. Not the best material to get you going, is it? It happens. It’s normal. The constraints of modern-day life can sneak in, making it harder to get hard! This is why sex is so important in your relationship as it helps to maintain close connections and, of course, produce incredible orgasms! 

To some, sex is not the most crucial aspect of a relationship. Everyone is different, and everyone experiences relationships in a different way. To some, sex may be great, but it might not be the most important part of a relationship. 

Sexuality exists on a spectrum; some people experience little-to-no sexual desire, whereas some people have a super high sex drive. It’s vital to be open and honest with your partner to make sure your sexuality aligns with each other’s needs. It’s no good having a partner obsessed with porn whilst you have zero sexual desire. Relationships are there to have fun, experiment, and to get down and dirty with! There are a number of reasons why sex is so important in a relationship, and we are here to showcase just a few!

why sex is important in a relationship

Emotional Stimulation. 

Sex can improve self-confidence and self-esteem. Imagine being told that your body is a turn-on or that your partner loves your boobs. This can be such a mood boost and can provide you with an injection of self-confidence.

Being desired by someone you love is a great turn-on, but it also does wonders for your natural glow as you will shine around others. Being desired by your partner and experiencing amazing sex helps you to connect to your body with the help of someone you trust and love. Having a partner that you feel comfortable with will allow you to be free with your sexual requests.

Have you always desired anal sex? Perhaps you would love to introduce a blindfold into the bedroom? If you’re in a loving and open relationship (open can mean two things here!), your partner would jump at the opportunity to assist you with your sexual fantasies. 

With this being said, having a partner who loves your body is just as essential to loving yourself. Make sure to practice forms of self-love, such as masturbation, to better learn and love your own body. When you fully love yourself, you can better accept the love of another, which is all part of why sex is important in a relationship. 

Want to know how to feel yourself to boost body positivity? We got you covered! 


Sex is a workout! The more sex you have, the more fit you will be! Not only does sex provide you with a physical workout, but it can also be a tool to help boost your immune system and cognitive function. As well as partner sex, there are a ton of health benefits of masturbation, too, so bust out your favorite sex toys and have a night of solo pleasure whenever you so please!

Having regular sex may improve your memory and overall mental agility; what is not to love?! Of course, this doesn’t mean that people who abstain from sex will become physically ill. It just means that people who have a lot of sex in a relationship may see improvements in these areas. There is no better reason to whip off those undies and get down and dirty! In the words of Olivia Newton-John, “Let’s get physical!”. 

Being physical, in turn, boosts body positivity. If you need a little extra jump to get that physicality going, try performing some of the best exercises for better sex to feel good about yourself and increase your sex drive. 

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Sex in a relationship is a physical reminder of just how much you are attracted to one another. When heterosexual couples think of sex, most of us are generally thinking about penis and vagina, however, the basics of sexuality are the giving and receiving of pleasure. 

Sex is a spectrum, just like intimacy, so based on what you are like as a couple will determine your levels of sex and sexual behavior. From touching, licking, kissing to full-on sex, intimacy is a huge bi-product of sex in a relationship. 

Sex is anything that you and your partner do consensually that involves erotic touch or pleasure. Of course, intimacy doesn’t just involve sex, as there are many different kinds of intimacy, but it can be a huge help! 

Sex doesn’t have to be part of every relationship, as it might not be that important for every couple, but for those that do find it super important, both talking about it and doing it can have amazing benefits. By navigating, communicating, and experiencing great sex together, you open a world of trust, fulfillment, and desire. All of these things make for a great relationship and for some mind-blowing orgasms! 

So go ahead, make sex fun, explore your kinks and fetishes, get a little freaky, and enjoy every ounce of intimacy that arises with this sexual connection. 

Stress relief

Forget deep- breathing, massages, hot baths, and reading. Sex is one of the best stress reliefs out there. 

Sex releases oxytocin into the bloodstream, which promotes relaxation and stress relief, which combats cortisol, the main stress hormone.

When stress reduction is beneficial for both parties involved in sex, then it becomes healthy for the whole relationship. Sex just before you say goodnight will guarantee a great night’s sleep. When you orgasm, a chemical called prolactin is released into the body, leading to a night of deeper and more satisfying sleep. A good night’s sleep is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and ultimately a healthy relationship. Getting a better night’s sleep is critical for boosting your mood and your interactions with your partner. No one likes a tired grump, amiright?! 

Besides, being rested boosts sex drive. By making sure you have sex, you will sleep better, promoting a continuous cycle of increased libido! Now those are some dominos that we don’t mind falling, eh?

Higher rates of sex within a relationship are linked to positive changes in your lifestyle. Aside from things like lowering blood pressure and reducing stress, sex is the perfect opportunity to work on yourself and your partner. Being human, we are innately designed to be sexual creatures, and being in a relationship is a great way to experience as much of it as we want when we want (consensually, of course). 

Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all rule, sex in a relationship creates higher rates of happiness and better bonding. Beyond personal benefits (I.e., orgasms), regular sex supports a healthy relationship in a number of ways. Having sex more often can improve a loving, supportive, and deeply connected relationship with your significant other whilst making use of all those body parts that feel good! 

Aside from the physical, spiritual, emotional, and experiential intimacy, sex provides us with a natural connection that we have been placed on this earth to experience. If you’re not having regular sex, ask yourself why. A sex therapist or counselor will be able to identify any areas that need to be worked on to ensure that you are capable of having the best sex life you deserve to have.  


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