Why is sex so taboo?

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Taboo is a custom that prohibits or restricts a specific practice or banned association either with a definite person or a particular thing. Roughly speaking, anything that has a contrast with the accepted social beliefs will be a taboo.

However, it is seen that many taboos are bonded with sexual guilt because people perceive that they may be doing something wrong sexually. As a matter of fact, no one can tell you whether your experiences in bed are gross or wrong because everything relates to the consent of partners and there is no need to discuss with anyone either.

What is the need to run away from a discussion on sexual activity?

Suppose you and your parents are sitting and watching TV and out of nowhere, an advertisement pops up on condoms featuring a seductive action by the model. What will you do?

You will probably feel so awkward that all your senses will freeze and you will behave like an innocent, who has no knowledge of the scene.

Any reason for such behavior? Are condoms bad? Is the idea of making love nasty? Is it a criminal offense to practice safe sex?

It is a common practice that parents will try to keep away children from talking freely about sex. Whatever information we knew sex came through our schoolmates. They would bring pictures of women wearing lingerie and gossip about sex. We were warned not to disclose such activities to our parents. This is how our queries end on the subject.

This is the case with people in many countries where sex is taboo. It is high time and everybody should be taught about sexuality and have a detailed conversation on this topic rather than hiding.

Taboo Sex.

Sex is an important behavior across the whole human race. Literally without sex humans would cease to exist. Both genders use to think about sex several times a day. Focus on sex may be observed in a vast variety of conditions from advertisements of clothing to a large group of college students who used to pack themselves into frat parties, bars, and clubs.

But despite the fact that sexual thoughts or sex should be a common thing, many people abstain from talking about sex with a closed one. Friendly discussions on the topic still remain taboo in many regions of society.

Strange, right? Why is a subject so important and fundamental so taboo? It seems that there are different standpoints on this question that ranges from the evolution of psychology to sociology and the consequences of sexual thoughts in our mental state.

Why is sex surrounded by religious restrictions, social norms, and moral taboos? According to Ernest Becker, an anthropologist and a Pulitzer Prize winner, sex has become a problem because it prompts the core animalistic nature of humans. Fundamentally, humans trade mortality concerns by implanting themselves in values and beliefs. Physical behaviors endanger the same thing that is used to square up the mortality fears.

In a different way, Otto Rang quarreled that procreation with the help of such an act is threatening to the ideology of being spiritual. Extensive research conducted by a group of psychologists to find out the relationship between sex concerns and mortality concerns discovered that people show less interest in sexual aspects like skin rubbing on each other, an orgasm, or feeling the genitals when they were thinking more about their death.

Other studies discovered that thoughts relating to sexual physical actions increased the intelligibility of demise-related words. For example, people were asked to think about sex and then “g r _ _ e” is given to fragment. Many people completed it with “grave” instead of “grape”. Diverse research needs to be done to find a conclusion, although the theory of Ernest Becker may have some merit.

Another fascinating feature of the study results in love and intimacy. When the aforementioned study was repeated again, the framed sex was described to the candidates before handed as intimate and romantic instead of animalistic behavior. Further on inducing sexual thoughts to romance and love, the thoughts about death vanished shockingly. The theory states that sex ignites the fear of death. Perhaps by introducing the sexual act from a spiritual perspective, fear of mortality gets erased. So it may be concluded that literally, love conquers death.

So, why is sexuality a taboo? The primal and animalistic behavior provokes the fear of owns mortality. If it is embedded in a romantic affair this will not be the case.

What are the sex taboos that you should get over?

Everyone should collectively start conversing about sex and sexuality in order to normalize these ordinary sexual experiences.

Period kinky sex.

You may need to conquer the way you think if you feel ashamed about your period and consider yourself gross. Society has taught you in a conservative way but you need to understand that periods are normal and there is nothing fishy about it. Even if your partner thinks the same way, perhaps it is time to sit down and have a healthy conversation regarding the subject.

Your uterus will shed once every month that will last for a majority portion of your lifespan. Not everyone gets fainted looking at the red color and if they feel a bit horny, periods can never become a barrier. Various researches show that many people love the concept of having sex on periods.

If you like the concept then continue enjoying the moment but if you are against such practices, don’t poke your nose at people who are loving it.

Body hair.

By the time you are in college probably you must have hair in the pubic area or in the armpit. In terms of sex, you need to get comfortable with your body hair. The pressure of remaining smooth like a Barbie doll should be considered as taboo rather than having hairs like a normal human.

The feeling of getting sexier by removing hair is on the verge of getting rejected in society. Perhaps shaving is a habit that is incorporated in the society but this is not the rule that everybody has to follow. Pubic hair protects the area from infection and friction.

It is the society that tells you to be clean shaved and to overcome this taboo you need to eliminate sexual shame relating to body hair.

Keeping multiple partners.

Having an intimate relationship between two individuals may seem appropriate and acceptable to you but that is not the case with everyone. Unless you are committed to someone, chances of having sex with multiple people in the same week or month are many.

It is a common trait in the society that whenever a girl hooks up with different persons every week, she possesses a loose character and her sexual encounters are less meaningful. If you are in a college hook up culture, probably keeping multiple partners is not a taboo.

Having multiple partners is every common in every society, but they are not exposed and very dark because we have left them there. This thing can be eradicated by an open-minded and accepting nature of the individual.

Lack of orgasm.

The ultimate satisfaction of having an intimate relationship is to reach the orgasms. But some people cannot have orgasms and there is nothing to feel humiliated by.

In an awkward situation like this, both the partners feel anxious. The only thing to get you out of this tricky situation is having a conversation with your partner and introduce something unusual that might ignite the spark.

Sex toys for women are there to solve the matter along with vibrators and anal toys. Partners must enjoy the moment by experiencing the playful nature of sex toys that will further their relationship and will add a new variety in their sexual life also.

Anal sex.

Still considered as a taboo? Some women may mesmerize with the thought of having anal sex and there is no harm in that. Common misconceptions regarding this act include painful experience, or a gross act, or the partner wants but you won’t give. Anal sex may not be comfortable with everyone but if the partners are fine then there should not be any hurdle.

Also, female sex toys like vibrators and other similar anal toys can make this situation a very comfortable and interesting environment. Don’t be afraid of it and practice it in a healthy and safe way.

About us.

It is highly recommended to buy high-quality products that will ensure great sexual health and ultimate satisfaction. All the sex toys are successfully tried and tested for ensuring perfect pleasure right in your hands. V for Vibes is a women-led sex toy company. 

We should speak up as a society, voice our opinions and keep working towards normalizing all sexual experiences. 

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