Colorful Sensuality: Why are Many Sex Toys Purple?

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I’ve come across different sex toys, and sometimes I wonder, “why are so many sex toys purple?” I’m sure this has crossed your mind, too, no?


Is it because purple looks pretty? Or is it more sensual than other colors?


It is not a secret that purple depicts royalty all over the world. Since the color was luxurious back in the day, the only people that could afford purple objects, clothes, or accessories were rich. This scarcity of supply makes it evident that the color represents something special.


Purple represents feminine power, luxury, mystery, and elegance. It is pretty obvious why many people love this color. A purple sex toy catches the eyes of users more than other colors. Sex toys for women tend to sell better if they are purple. 


Do you know why? 


This is because shades of purple intrigue human eyes. Floating around like some divine light, purple is awesome as heck. You can trust me to give you the full gist about why are so many sex toys purple with a dash of other sexy colors and purple sex toys to buy.


The Psychology of the Color Purple


Purple is famously emotional. It is elaborate and replete with the trappings of royalty and class. It is the favorite color of many adolescent girls and the color of fantasy and magic. It possesses a level of hues that ignite libido


Lighter shades of purple are notably soothing, making them excellent colors for sensual sex toys. Purple is naturally intense and authentic, making it stand out in the crowd. The energy and calmness it exudes are why many sex toys manufacturers use this color.


It is easy on the eyes. Purple calms and stimulates our bodies. It fosters creativity and awakens your senses. With a purple aura, your kink level is super high. If you have a purple aura, it means you enjoy sex that strays from the norm, and you love sex that leaves you feeling breathless yet wanting more. 

purple wand vibrator

Other Colors of Sex


Have you ever thought of why you are attracted to certain sex toys or why are so many sex toys purple, and how you feel when you choose a specific color? Here are some of the most popular colors of sex.




Bold and daring, anything red screams hot and dangerous. Red symbolizes passion, attraction, energy, excitement, physical strength, and stimulation. It is lively and attention-grabbing. But there is also an aura of warning about the color red. Think about the traffic light on your street. Red tells you to stop, it warns you, so there is that hint of danger there. The excitement and stimulation this color represents make it perfect for BDSM play, hence why it is so popular. 

rose vibrator



Pink is a color that symbolizes warmth, love, and femininity. It is soothing and also a compelling color. It psychologically represents the female principle; this is why we are so attracted to pink sex toys.  

pink egg vibrator



Male sex toys feature black more than any other color. Instead of that love, fun, excitement, and spiritual vibe that women get from their purple, pink, and red sex toys, men crave sophistication, substance, glamor, and efficiency. This is what the color black depicts. 


Black creates barriers and emotional safety – so that you are free without anyone’s interference. 


Black promotes emotional safety. That’s is why the question “why are so many sex toys purple?” is not limited to purple sex toys alone. People also ask why male sex toys are mostly black.


This is what men want in their sensual sex toys –no fuss, no shenanigans; they want it to do exactly what they want. 


For balance, black and white create an uncompromising blend of luxury and excellence – a beautiful yet elegant combination.

Interested? Check out our sleek black cock ring.

black penis ring

Why Color is Important


The link between color and sex is powerful. How much do you consider color when dressing to go out on a date with your partner or when choosing something that turns on your partner? White color can depict innocence, while red lingerie might give off an experienced and seductive vibe. Color impacts your sex life because it is also an aphrodisiac that appeals to your sense of sight.


When you think “aphrodisiac,” what comes to mind? I’m sure you’ll likely picture a libido booster or a bar of dark chocolate. But that’s not the only thing that can get you in the mood. Great colors appeal to your sense of sight. It taps into your sensuality, inspires you, and helps you feel alive during sex. 

why are so many sex toys purple

Purple Sex Toys from V for Vibes


Persephone – The Purple Suction Vibrator


If you are interested in a purple vibrator on steroids, look no further than Persephone. With this lovely toy, you’ll be a wet, screaming, writhing mess. If you and your partner find it hard to keep things interesting in the bedroom despite your best efforts, you can’t go wrong with this sex toy. 


With up to 12 different vibration frequencies, this sex toy is all you need to get your senses tingling again. It can knock you off your socks and transport you to a new level of playtime. The best part, the color really adds a kick of vibrancy to your sex play. It is pleasant to look at and a queen of sensual discovery.


Cybele – Triple Stimulation Vibrator


Why are so many sex toys purple? When you look at Cybele, you’ll understand why. A toy that is beautiful and functional; yes, please! This is one of the best adult toys for women and will help you set the mood like never before. Tell me; what’s a more sensual color than purple. It works perfectly well when you need visual stimulation to get aroused.


Even better, it is a triple stimulation sex toy designed to meet all your needs. You are sure to feel all the right sensations and vibes that you’ve never felt before. It is equipped with nine different settings and vibration modes to give you a whole-body orgasm so intense you’ll be left craving the experience repeatedly.


Athena – The Remote Control Dildo


Her rich purple color screams royalty. It looks like a modern art piece that you’ll always love to see by your bedside. When you want your dildo powerful and pretty, Athena is the way to go. The unique design and quiet motor could be your undoing in the best possible way. Athena will drive you crazy in the right spots so you can use your hands on other erogenous zones on your body. 


It is a perfect vibe for any woman that wants to experience the benefits of a dual-head pulsating dildo. With ten vibration speeds, you can now take the most erotic pleasures into your own hands as tantalizing delights are just one click away.


Why are so many sex toys purple? I’m sure you’ve got that answered.

If you need a small excuse to add one of the best adult toys for women to your collection, here’s one. Look at your sex toy collection. If it lacks indigo, violet, or other shades of purple, you should get one. There is a purple sex toy out there that will bring you pleasure either when you use it or when you look at it.



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