Where to Skinny Dip without Being Caught.

Nov 18, 2021

We all want to go skinny dipping, but we want to do it without being caught, right?! Considering there is the potential for legal consequences if caught skinny dipping, or even just the simple embarrassment, if you’re planning this naked adventure, then you want to pinpoint where to skinny dip. 

Actually, not just where to skinny dip… But where to skinny dip and not get caught!

It might be a little tricky pinpointing good places to skinny dip, but doing so ensures both the safety of your experience, as well as the vibes, are kept at an all-time high. Need a little advice? We got you covered. 

Your Own Pool

I mean, it might be obvious, but some people think that skinny dipping needs to happen out in nature, far away from the confines of our homes. And sure, being in nature or somewhere out in public adds to the risk and excitement of the overall situation, but it also adds a few entirely unique elements that are not an issue at your home. 

First of all, it is your property. In a legal sense, you should have every right to go skinny dipping in your pool without the need to fear punishment from the law. Sure, do a little research about your specific state/city’s laws, but chances are you are safe on your own property. A neighbor might see you, but they shouldn’t have been looking in the first place! 

As well as the legal safety, there’s also the water. Your pool is sanitized, clean, and free from sketchy creatures versus a lake or the ocean! This might make you feel way more comfortable jumping in with exposed skin, making the skinny dipping adventure a whole lot less intimidating. 

A Friends Pool

Don’t have a pool? Then perhaps the next answer of where to skinny dip lies with a friend! If you have a close friend with a pool, then your best bet is to bring it up during conversation. You never know until you ask, and maybe you can even persuade them to join you in your skinny dipping exploits. 

Once again, because you are on private property and your friend has given you permission, this should take care of any negative legalities. 

where to skinny dip

Rent a Pool?

If you’re totally out of luck, and neither you nor a friend owns a home with a pool, then your last resort for chlorinated skinny dipping lies in renting a house with a pool for the night! A simple AirBnB can provide you precisely what you need to skinny dip in the comforts of private property. Your only concern, however, is that you might want to check for cameras on the patio! You never know who might be ‘watching’, as this home is not your own. It is, however, a good way to check skinny dipping off the bucket list and without being caught by the public or the police. 

Private Lake/Pond

Like a private pool, utilizing a private lake or pond is another excellent answer for a skinny dip, especially if you are looking to go skinny dipping in nature. Once again, you’ll have to find a private lake or pond and get permission from the owner to use it, but if you can manage this, then you’ve found one of the best places to go skinny dipping. 

Just, umm, check for alligators and snakes (no, not that snake) before diving in, and be ready to deal with a few mosquito bites, and hopefully no leeches!!

We don’t want to scare you, but skinny dipping in nature does come with its own set of intricacies aside from the public eye, so just keep this in mind when looking for where to skinny dip. 

A Beach

Honestly, there’s really not a better place to go skinny dipping than the ocean! We love the beach, and skinny dipping in the saltwater feels absolutely incredible. What is great about the beach is the fact that, because you have a whole coastline to work with, you can usually walk far down to an uncrowded location and get skinny dipping with no one in sight. 

Or, better yet, how about a nude beach?! At a nude beach, it is fully within your rights to be entirely naked, ultimately limiting the possibility of legal consequences. In fact, isn’t skinny dipping literally, like, the whole point of a nude beach anyway?!

You might have a few ogling eyes watching you from afar as you bounce into the sea, but you know what, this is your time with yourself and your loved one/friends, so just do your best to ignore it and understand that the legal safety of a nude beach is probably worth the spectator or two. 

A Secret Swimming Hole

If you live in an area with bodies of water nearby, then there’s probably a good chance that somewhere out there is a hiking trail that leads to a secret swimming hole. But the question is, can you find it?

Do some research about hikes in your area that lead to swimming holes or waterfalls. Find a good one? Now it’s time to throw on those hiking shoes and give it a go! Prepare for your adventure as you would any other hike, but with the excitement of knowing that the end leads to a refreshing, clothesless dip in the cool water! 

Obviously, the more discreet and unknown the location, the better, and there is still the chance of being caught in a set-up such as this, but because you are far out in nature, you are at least lowering the possibility of being seen by a stranger. And besides, there won’t be police roaming the wilderness. Skinny dipping in nature is quite the thrill, and by taking the time to wander far out into the wilderness, you significantly lower the chance of consequences to follow your actions. 

where to skinny dip

If Skinny Dipping in Public

If none of these options seem to work out, then you might be left with the only choice of skinny dipping in a public location, such as a public lake, beach, or pool. If that’s the case, then at least adhere to these few tips to lower the chance of being caught while skinny dipping. 

First off, the nighttime is your best friend. The cover of darkness will do nothing but reduce the chance of being seen, and the more people fast asleep in their beds, the better. 

Next, at least try finding a public location that is generally not trafficked and doesn’t have any dead giveaways that would entice someone to come looking—a gated parking lot? Private property signs? Park closed after dark? Yeah, stay away from these locations. 

When going skinny dipping, being discreet is key. Don’t go stripping your clothes on the shore; instead, get in the water first to undress. Kneel into the depths of the water to take off your clothes totally incognito. This keeps it subtle, and you’ll at least have your suit in hand just in case someone does happen to catch you in the act. 

You also want to be a bit quiet during your adventure. Unless you are literally way out in nature, you probably don’t want to go splashing or screaming. Of course, you want to have some fun, but don’t allow your loud vocals to be the downfall of the entire situation by waking someone up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Just be mature about the situation as a whole, approach it carefully, and this will allow you to have the most amount of fun possible while skinny dipping. 


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