Swingers Advice: What to Wear to a Swingers Club.

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So you want to go to a swingers club? You’ve found a club to go to, and all you need to do now is decide what to wear. But wait, what do you wear to a swingers club? This depends on the type of club you are going to and of course what kind of event. 

Your first port of call to find out what to wear to a swingers club should be to check the club website because they’ll typically have a ‘what to wear’ section telling you what is acceptable and what is not. Some clubs might have no-sex areas, so you can bet on needing a ‘normal’ outfit and a sexy outfit. Other clubs might not have no-sex areas, in which case you will just need to pick one sexy outfit and throw your coat on over the top for the taxi ride there.

Most clubs also organize different events, which might require different outfits. BDSM night? Think dog collars and latex. Ladies night? Think luxury lace and sexy satin. Look at the event you’re going to and go from there!

What to wear for your first time at a swingers club

If you don’t want to go all out on your first visit to a swingers club, think simple. What makes you feel good? What does your partner always say looks so sexy on you? That’s your answer. The great thing about a swingers club is that you can be as enthusiastic as you want; go for a full-on corset, crotchless panties, and stockings, or just pick your favorite bra and panties. As long as you follow the swinger club wear rules of the establishment you’re going to, nobody’s going to complain if you’re only wearing a bra and panties. Trust us; nobody is going to complain about that!

If everyday clothes are part of your night, choose something glamorous

For women, wear something that you would wear to a nightclub or a cocktail bar. For men, trousers and a shirt would do just fine. If you feel sexy, you’ll want to have sex. And others will want to have sex with you …

Want to wear something more daring than your bra and panties? 

There’s no shortage of outfits you can wear if you want to push the boat out. You could go for a basque, suspenders, and stockings. Or perhaps a babydoll or chemise set in your favorite color? Visit a local sex shop or your favorite online sex toy store and browse through their lingerie. Both online and in stores, you will also find bodystockings which are a great option for first-timers. A bodystocking is one piece of stretchy material available in many different designs and colors. They’re also super comfortable, so give a body stocking a try if that’s one of your priorities.

what to wear to a swingers club

What about men?

Unfortunately, most of the outfit recommendations are aimed at women. So for men, it’s a lot simpler, and they more often than not just end up walking around in their underwear. If permitted by the club, you could wear your jeans or trousers and go topless. If you feel self-conscious about going topless, cover up with an unbuttoned shirt. Read the rules of the club you’re going to and see what is permitted. And if you do opt for boxers-only, make sure they’re good quality. Nobody wants to get frisky with a guy in old, grey-white, has-seen-better-days boxers. If you are wearing everyday clothes to the club for the initial socializing, choose a crisp shirt and trousers with a nice pair of shoes. If you look sexy with clothes on, people are more likely to want to see you in your boxers.

What shoes to wear

For ladies, the obvious choice for most sexy outfits is high heels. How high your shoes are is up to you! If you’re not a fan of heels, opt for a nice pair of ballerina flats that match your outfit. For guys, you can either go barefoot or wear flip flops. Do bare feet sound boring? Um, Christian Grey didn’t look ugly in his topless-jean-bare-feet ensemble, did he?

What about makeup and accessories?

In most swingers clubs, it is forbidden to carry any kind of bag or phone – for obvious reasons. But you can still carry other sexier items. Like a vibrator being used on you? Take it with you! Into BDSM? Bring your favorite flogger. Generally, it’s a good idea to just pick one accessory. You don’t want to be dropping stuff everywhere. 

As for makeup, ladies, wear what feels good! Are you vibing with a red lip and eyeliner? Go for it! Prefer to just wear a bit of foundation and some mascara. Sure! The key thing is to wear makeup that you would normally wear anyway. Choose products that you have tried and tested, especially lipstick. Lipstick is one of those pieces of makeup that looks so sexy, but it can also be a nightmare for both you and whoever you’re getting frisky with. Choose the most robust, non-smudge lipstick you can find and bring it with you because you will need to reapply throughout the night. Pro tip: bring makeup wipes with you and leave them in the locker just in case you have a makeup malfunction. 

While we’re on the topic of makeup, don’t forget about perfume. Your scent is one of the main turn-ons or turn-offs for your prospective playmates at the club. Obviously, it goes without saying that you should thoroughly shower before you go to the swingers club. But to really make yourself alluring to other people, choose your favorite, sexy scent and spritz it all over your body. Pro tip: dispense some of your perfume into a mini atomizer and store it in your bag for touch-ups throughout the night.

What else should you bring?

One sexy accessory that has not yet been mentioned is crucial if you want to double-ensure you have a good night. Although swingers clubs should provide condoms, it’s always a good idea to bring your own. If you prefer a certain brand or size of condom, guys, you’ll feel much better bringing your own and stashing them in your pocket. Ladies, if your outfit allows, why not take a condom or two with you? A few hours into the night, you might just find yourself in an area where all of the condoms have been used up, so having one of your own will save you from the awkward hunt for a condom in the dark.

So there you have it. Now you know what to wear to a swingers club. Going to a swingers party or club can be overwhelming, so it’s easy to think too hard about your outfit. But don’t! Go with your gut. If you have your eye on an outfit you think will look hot, go for it. Go with what fits you, and you feel comfortable in – the last thing you want to be doing at a swingers club is rearranging your outfit all the time. And remember: if you feel sexy in something, it’s probably what you should be wearing to a swingers club.

Have fun!

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