What To Do When Sex Hurts.

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What to do when sex hurts and sex is painful? So many women and men alike, experience pain during sex (Dyspareunia) more often than you would expect. Sex is an act about passion, romance and climaxes, and it is all fun and pleasure until one of the partners starts feeling pain. Three out of four ladies go through Dyspareunia at least once in a lifetime. Mind you, this is not the bondage and fetish games, some of us love and crave, but irritating and restricting pain. Pain during sex kills the mood and leaves your desires unsatisfied.

Here, at V for Vibes sex shop, we understand that sex is meant to be pleasurable, and when it hurts, we have solutions. Our sex shop was conceived by women for women. Our array of top-of-the-line vibes are tried and tested to ensure we’re placing the power in your hands for an impeccable vibe.

You have every right on this planet to stop any sexual activities, but every woman has needs, and when they’re not met, we get cranky and moody.

If you have ever suffered from Dyspareunia, it is vital to understand that it is not a shameful thing, and there is aid set out to give you happier sex life.

If your case persists, it is advisable to seek the advice of your physician and other professional medical help. But why let it get severe while there are amazing solutions at our sex shop? We have two main answers to how to get rid of pain during sex fast.

1. Focus on a sensual foreplay session – You need to be able to set some time for proper stimulation and excitement before sex. Before penetration, try spending a more extended period than usual on foreplay. This will get you in the mood primarily if you use our sex toys for every goddess seeking pleasure. Foreplay is mostly neglected before coitus, but this is the step that prepares your body for penetration without stress.

2. Double up on Lube – The leading cause of pain, other than infections or bacteria is a dry vagina. If foreplay still doesn’t cut it for you, use some high-quality lube. You can find the best quality water-based lubricants at V For Vibes sex shop – a long-lasting and mess-free formula that keeps you slick without fuss. Here at V For Vibes we sell: K-Y UltraGel Personal Water Based Lubricant, 4.5 Ounce (Pack of 2) for 26.99, K-Y Liquid Personal Water Based Lubricant, 5 Ounce for $9.99, K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lubricant Gel With Aloe Vera for $8.99. Lube is meant to give you a push forward, and using it doesn’t compromise your sex life or confidence in bed.

If none of the above hacks come through and the pain keeps getting worse, it might be time to visit a health care provider. The location and intensity are details you will need to know.

Some reasons might be causing extreme and abnormal pain that is ruining your happiness.

1. Psychological factors – Dyspareunia can be a result of emotional stress or pressure. PTSD or any trauma can cause pain during sex, and psychotherapists are specialized in handling such cases.

2. Infection – Next, common infections can cause slight or immense pain when you are having sex. This is mostly yeast infections or STDs, and you should seek treatment ASAP.

3. Gynecologic complications – These issues are by far the most serious your reproductive system could suffer. They include fibroids, PID, endometriosis, and vaginismus. It is essential to get checked in a licensed medical facility.

It does not matter how severe the condition is, or how mild; there is no point of letting the pain come in between you and your orgasms. It is a fixable situation that does not mean anything is wrong with your body. Before you get Dyspareunia treated, don’t be shy to try our vibrators or some erotic oral sex with your lover.

What To Do When Sex Hurts

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