What the heck is a Sexologist and what do you do?

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People who study the scientific approach to human sexuality and behavior are referred to as sexologists. They are specialized in the field of sexology and studied all aspects of sex that include physiology, anatomy, sexual orientation, dynamics of sexual associations and the mechanics involving sexual contacts or acts. For a proper understanding of human sexuality, a sexologist will further research on sociology, psychology, history, gender studies and other related things of the subject in order to find the working of sex in context with cultural, social and religious environments.

A sexologist treats diseases linked with sexual disorders and dysfunctions including ordinary issues like:

Painful intercourse

Low sex drive

Difficulty in reaching orgasms

Erection dysfunction

Fast ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation

By using psychological methods and proper counseling, a sexologist empowers the couple with sex education and identifying myths and beliefs about sexuality in a diverse way. This results in developing more confidence and a better understanding of their sexuality and leaving aside sexual misinformation. This will increase the intimacy between them.

What is the need to visit a sexologist?

Visiting a clinical sexologist was something that may raise people’s eyebrows a few years back. People never felt comfortable while discussing intimate moments with a doctor. As societies are becoming more advanced, people nowadays are getting liberal on this issue. Now sexologists have more clientele than they used to have before. Modern-day stressful lives combined with egoistic nature and individualistic thinking have destroyed the couple’s ability to adore intimacy to a great extent. People back in the olden days were not accustomed to such situations and were very happy then. But there is a much-needed help of an expert these days.

Sex is linked to our emotional, psychological and physical health. It strongly regulates our happiness and relationships. For many people, sex is an essential part of a healthy relationship that gives cosmic pleasure and fulfillment. A satisfying sex life serves as a pillar of toughness and they extract trust and confidence from their relationship.

But that is a one-sided story. Many of them are still wandering for someone to answer their problems. With failed relationships, they fail to enjoy the moment. Relationships are not simple and sex is a crucial segment in it. Proper understanding and dealing with these issues will require huge sensitivity. An expert sexologist can provide help and support to find the root cause of their unhappiness and plan accordingly to generate spark between them.

There are a few reasons behind the issues of sex that needs explaining. Those issues can be treated by medical procedures while psychological issue needs proper counseling. Some of them are discussed below:

Size of the penis – A small sized penis can demoralize a man’s confidence by making him nervous which will affect his act drastically. With the help of advised medications by a doctor in the related field, it can be corrected and consulting an expert might help him to overcome fear and gain confidence.

Dysfunctional erection – It is severe distress for any man who cannot hold an erection for some time. Although it is curable in most cases.

Discomfort during intercourse – If any one of the couples experiences pain after or during intercourse that will become a traumatic experience for the whole life. Dryness, lesions or infections are the main reasons for the occurrence of such pain. It is very important to visit a doctor and get the proper treatment. It is not worthy to linger with an infection and agonize in silence.

Apart from these normal problems, an abusive experience from the past, or lost interest in sex may hinder in achieving marital bliss. An expert clinical sexologist will deal with such issues encircling intimacy and will provide guidance so as to achieve a better relationship.

Sex toys can improve sex life: A myth or truth?

The answer is true. Previously it was a solo activity but couples now use them to improve sexual relationships. Sex toys will add spice to your intimacy. The benefits of using sex toys are many including charging your libido and keeping the Kegel muscles toned.

The popularity of these toys has increased drastically over the last decade. Taboos encircling vibrators and other similar devices for individual pleasures are now dissolving as more couples are reaching for this type of intimacy. With the enhancement of physical pleasure, sexual enjoyment also increases.

The need to use a sex toy

Good sex can promote well-being and rich health by improving the mood and making you feel happy. Sex toys can juice up stagnant sex life and bring happiness in your life. These toys increase the elasticity of the inner walls of your vagina and help in releasing vaginal secretions which tend to slow down as you grow older due to ill health and side effects of medicines. Sex toys for males can improve erectile functions because they offer different sexual stimulation that is not possible sexual intercourse.

To have sexual intercourse does not define fulfilling sex. Using a toy can be useful and brings more pleasure to both individuals if penetration does not help. There are countless couples who are not capable of doing sex because of emotional or physical problems. For them using a toy might help.

Can sex toys ruin normal sex life?

These toys provide a great opportunity for couples to express themselves and increase their pleasure when using the toys to trigger a spark in their partner. The toys bring variety into the relationship by boosting sexual satisfaction which was lost long ago. Having sexual intercourse with the only person year after year may develop a stale situation but a toy can bring more fun during intercourse.

You can discover how to feel orgasms that you were missing while having penetrative sex. Arousing yourself with a sex toy will increase your sexual pleasure. As you grow old it will help your partner to get you aroused.

You don’t want to scare your partner

If your partner does not support the idea of using a vibrator, use it personally. Encouraged by discussing with them that a toy will not replace them rather it will bring more intimacy and closeness between you and your partner.

Few men think that they are not capable of performing and vibrators may replace them. This is not true. Using adult toys enhances sexual satisfaction for couples involved.

It doesn’t have to be a bigger vibrator to feel the ultimate pleasure but it is the vibrations along with the right place and time that matters most. Begin with a small one and gradually shift to bigger toys according to needs.

It is recommended to use a sexual lubricant with a balanced pH with all the toys for an ultimate experience. Do not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys. Toys made with metal, or glass or ABS plastic makes the best use of silicone lubricants.

You cannot find a single toy that will satisfy everyone. Everybody has specific sexual needs and desires. Experimenting with different kinds of toys will help you to find the perfect one. Sex toys are available for both genders that will provide immense pleasure and satisfaction. One bad experience may happen but do not give up on that and try another one. Once you have persuaded your partner using one, they will get hooked and will try more and more. Do not fear to use a toy.

Feeling uncomfortable buying from a shop

No need to rush into a shop. Nowadays it is more effective to buy from online stores and it is much easier. Keep in mind that you need to buy from a reputed company that has a valid email address, contact numbers and proper address details on the website.

Beware of cheap and fake products that are sold online. They can be harmful to your health and sexual pleasure. Remember the product you were buying is going to contact your genitals. Double-check that it is safe for skin. Rubber and jelly based products are harmful as they are porous in nature and difficult to clean. That means bacteria can grow in them and can affect you. They may even contain banned substances that are harmful to your health.

Products made with glass, metal or silicone are safe to use because they are non-porous and can be cleaned.

Make your collection

Vibrators will help you expand your sexual desires but you need more than one toy. Here are the different types of vibrators.

Wand vibrators – They have a long handle with a ball-shaped end which vibrates.

Rabbit vibrators – Comprising of dual vibrators and resembles a rabbit ear.

Bullet vibrators – Small and compact, ideal for hiding.

G-spot vibrators – Shaped in such a way to apply vibrations on your G-spot.

Clit vibrators – The best device for delivering clitoral stimulation.

Remote control vibrators – Adjust speed or patterns from a distance.

Quiet vibrators – For those who don’t want anybody to know what they are doing!

About us:

Being a company that sells sex toys it is recommended to buy products that will ensure great sexual health and ultimate satisfaction. All the products are successfully tried and tested for ensuring perfect pleasure right in your hands. It is a company formulated by women, for women.

In conclusion:

If you are an open-minded person and have a supporting partner, with a sense of interest you can instigate sex toys into the bedroom and observe the mutual benefits. Stretch your comfort zones and try something unique.


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