What is Food Play?

Aug 3, 2021

We have always been told not to play with food, but we will make an exception for this article, as food and sex are ever so intertwined. 

Although these foods might technically end up inside you, we aren’t talking about foods to eat for sex- instead, we are talking about using food as ‘toys’ or as ‘tools’ for better, more exciting, and unique lovemaking. 

Many sexual games involve food play, so let’s combine food and sex to culminate in spicy, chocolatey, and fruity evenings that leave you nice and fulfilled, hungry to do it all again and to taste the many flavors of this wild sex

What is Food Play? 

Using foods with sex. You will see that there are a whole lot of interesting things that go on behind this name… 

Games with food have always existed. Sexually speaking, it is a form of fetishism. Its history is found among the Romans and the Japanese and in many contemporary films like 9 ½ weeks. Or, in parody films such as Hot Shots: the main character cooks an egg on the hot body of his companion.

Today, however, in our modern world of sex, we have significantly innovated this area: It is no longer just a question of spreading yourself with chocolate and asking your partner to lick. Oh no, now we have complete control over our imagination. So wait no longer; here is the guide to a new generation of food play sex.

Best Foods to use in the Bedroom

Because you shouldn’t have to choose between sex and food! We’ve listed a handful of food options to have fun within the bed, so check it out and try them out! 

Whipped Cream 

Perhaps one of the foods associated with sex the most, whipped cream has two significant advantages: it spreads easily and is delicious. 

Like everything sweet and sticky, we will still avoid placing it near our vagina. On the other hand, our nipples, our navel, and our guy’s penis are perfectly suited to be eaten with a whipped cream topping. 

What is Food Play beyond the taste? It is the game and the messy, careless approach of food play itself that excites. The light and immaculate texture that stays at the corner of the lips. The sweetness that he or she can also savor in our mouth before reversing the roles. And for a little more juiciness, add strawberries that you peck at your fingertips, or lick directly on your body.

what is food play

Chocolate Syrup:

Melt (then cool!) dark or milk chocolate before applying it to your partner’s chest with your fingers. Or, run it slowly in a long line from the chest to the pubis before using the tip of your tongue to follow this improvised path smoothly. The tension is almost unbearable, but the reward is worth it: if the chocolate line stops above the penis, our mouth has no limit. 

Enjoy the gourmet taste of chocolate-covered skin, a sweet delicacy indeed.

Ice cream (and ice cubes)! 

No, your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is not just for special heartbroken nights. So what is food play that involves ice cream? 

We would stay here for hours explaining what to do with it, but let’s be clear, quick, and concise: ice cream or ice cubes, his mouth, and a hot/cold contrast that will drive you crazy. We let you try it for yourself! 

Get ready to be a little sticky and to enjoy the immense pleasure that arises with this tasty form of temperature play

Best foods to use in the bedroom

When Food Serves Penetration: 

Some lovers of food play sex go further than just the mouth by using bananas, zucchini, cucumbers, or other phallic-shaped foods to masturbate or to penetrate. 

Attention! If you want to try this, it is essential to clean them well or even to use a condom

It is sometimes also the food that is penetrated, specifically by males, as in the famous scene of “American Pie” where the hero masturbates in a warm apple pie. 

Moreover, to avoid accidents due to the misuse of carrots and other cucumbers, which tend to break where they should not, the use of sex toys such as vibrators designed especially for your pleasure is highly preferred… They are certainly less edible, but they will save you intimate indigestion and bring you ecstasy on a silver platter!

Bonus- Avocado: 

Well, the best is to consume the avocado BEFORE you go from the bedroom. Why? Simply because avocado is considered an aphrodisiac food due to its shape and nutritional value. 

There you go, you will never do your shopping as you have before when everything takes the form of eager genitals waiting to please. 

Sex Ideas with Food

Now that you know ‘what is food play?’, and the best foods to use in the bedroom, it’s time to give you some ideas of how to use them in the bedroom.

Food play sex has its rules and requirements, and they are relevant! 

Spreading, with the help of an accomplice brush, at the right time and in the form of skillful caresses and massages, such as with melted chocolate, lukewarm to perfection on the naked body of your partner; is a classic of the genre. 

So many desires of each other, so much creative spirit! Champagne bubbles, ice cubes, whipped cream, mango, strawberry. On the clitoris, breasts, neck, wherever you want, so many strategic playgrounds just waiting for your partner’s lips. 

From the cup to the lips, vforvibes has prepared the most delicious of erotic scenarios for you.

The “Nyotaimori”: 

“Nyotaimori” is a Japanese tradition that consists of placing food on a naked body that serves, in a way, as a plate. Food is not grasped directly with your tongue, but with chopsticks, as if the body were a dish (even if you decide to westernize the experience, definitely forget the fork!). This Asian practice can serve as an original basis for more classic foreplay.

Make it Hot and Cold! 

Do some of the scenes from the 9 Weeks movie seem overkill to you? Let an ice cube run over you, and we’ll talk about it. The cold chill between the sheets still has its exciting charm. 

Prepare a good cocktail accompanied by red berries in pieces, dip the ice in the glass and take it gently with your lips. And through your lips, slide it over your partner’s naked body, starting with their neck, then working over their back. In the genital area, avoid the ice cream but take advantage of the effect that will remain in your mouth to give it a pleasant sensation. And, of course, reverse the roles, thus prolonging the pleasure.

Ceres glass dildo for hot and cold food play

Wallowing in Food: 

Who has never dreamed of wallowing in a chocolate tub or getting drunk in a champagne Jacuzzi

For reasons of cost first and then moderation, you can opt for a less extreme version and start your fiery frolics in the middle of your kitchen by deliberately overflowing your bags of flour, jars of jams, fruit juice, whipped cream, and other bottles of milk. 

The idea is to momentarily ruin your kitchen for the sake of your pleasure by hugging each other in the middle of the various foods with which you are soon to be covered: a bottle of milk poured into the back of your neck, flour spread over the breasts, jam wandering off the sexes. To taste the pleasure of playing with these original caresses and form the same human paste ready to go to the pan!

The Woman Tray: 

At parties for consenting adults, attendees are sometimes invited to enjoy small bites placed on the body of a person, usually a woman. It then serves as a tray, and each bite taken from the surface reveals a part, more or less erotic, of the female body. Others will opt for more liquid foods. They will then use their mouth and tongue to clean the “tray”.


Also known as wakame sake or seaweed sake, this is a fetish of drinking alcohol from a female body. The woman brings her legs together, thighs tight, then she pours sake on her chest so that it flows into a triangle that she made with her thighs. Her partner drinks alcohol straight from there. 

Foods to Eat for Better Sex

Finally, we can also add in the “sex-food” section for you to taste before taking action; an aphrodisiac menu, if you will. 

Ginger, oysters, avocado, dark chocolate, cinnamon, pomegranate, or even celery have the power – although it has never been scientifically proven – to boost libido. And what about the famous American recipe Fuck Me Penne A La Vodka, which would be THE ultimate recipe to be sure to put anyone in their bed.

Why not take the opportunity to try to incorporate them during a one-to-one meal? 



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