What is a Yoni Egg?

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We can bet your first thought when you heard yoni egg was that of an egg that one could eat. In contrast, yoni eggs are not edible. “What is a yoni egg?” you’d ask. While the word ‘egg’ is used every day for edible ones which go into the mouth, yoni eggs go into a different place- the vagina. 

If you are a sex toy freak, your collection would most likely contain different gadgets. You will have at least one dildo, vibrator, a butt plug, and probably some nipple clamps. However, for some years now, one particular sex toy has got people asking questions, “what is the benefit of a yoni egg?.”

“Yoni,” a Sanskrit word, denotes source, womb, or vagina. Yoni eggs are stones made in an egg shape and inserted into the vagina. Sounds kinky right? Yes! These egg-shaped stones are made of quartz, jade, and obsidian. Some even call it jade egg, albeit not all yoni eggs are made of jade.

Although there hasn’t been any medical or scientific research to back up these claims, proponents of yoni eggs believe its benefits range from physical to spiritual. 

What are the benefits of a Yoni Egg?

We’ve answered what is a yoni egg, so what are the benefits of a yoni egg? Similar to the benefits of vaginal beads, yoni eggs:

  • Stronger Pelvic Floor: Strengthening your pelvic floor requires specific exercises that activate the muscles in this region. Yoni eggs help to bring your attention to those muscles that need contracting, which allows for more accurate efforts in strengthening them.
  • Intense Pleasure: Many yoni eggs users claim that the egg can increase their pleasure between the sheets. This is because yoni eggs strengthen the pelvic floor, and with stronger pelvic muscle, you will be experiencing pleasure more deeply.
  • Better Sex: Mind-blowing sex is one of the sweetest things ever. If not something you can use for pleasure, what is a yoni egg? Exercising your sex organs is a crucial part of enjoying and performing better in bed. With a yoni egg in your vagina, your performance and experience in bed will be different and dynamic.
  • Effortlessly Lubricates: It can be annoying when you are turned on, and yet you don’t feel wet enough. Well, good news for you! Yoni eggs can stimulate natural vagina lubrication. Once you get used to it, you can now say goodbye to vaginal dryness no matter your age.
  • Body Awareness: We get it! Not everyone buys the idea of spiritual energy or crystal healing within the body. But for those who are into it, yoni eggs are a great addition to your wellness routine. Women that use yoni eggs claim to feel more in tune with femininity and sexuality.
what is a yoni egg

Different Kinds of Yoni Eggs

Asides from what is a yoni egg, you might be looking forward to getting your own. Check out the different types of yoni eggs!

  • Jade: Everyone loves jade egg, and it is undoubtedly a famous crystal yoni egg. Some people even think all kinds of yoni eggs are jade. These stones emit beautiful and healing energy to help heal wounds faster, purify your body, and improve your state of mind. Due to its unique properties, this crystal yoni egg is for women who want to train and strengthen their pelvic muscles,
  • Black Obsidian: This crystal is also unique. Many women refer to it as a stone of truth. It reveals mysteries to you and helps you maintain clarity when making decisions. That’s not all! The black obsidian helps tap into your negative energies and let go of them. It is an ideal choice for women who are dealing with difficult emotions or are trying to recover from trauma.
  • Rose Quartz: Are you currently going through heartbreak? The rose quartz got you covered. It is known as the heart healing crystal, and it is connected to matters of love and romance. Women use rose quartz yoni eggs to help themselves recover from difficult breakups and heartbreaks. If you are about to go into a new relationship or want to give love a chance, this stone is said to do the job!

While these are the most common safe crystals for yoni eggs, there are still many options out there for you to choose from.

What a Safe Yoni Egg is

Even after searching “what is a yoni egg” on Google, you need to get a safe one. Unfortunately, there are bad ones out there. The best way to know whether your egg is safe for use is to have it tested by a scientific group. Of course, it’s not available to everybody, but if you can get a certified egg, don’t let it go!

Beyond that, you can tell a safe yoni egg by its weight. Most fake eggs are less dense, so they feel lighter. They are also somewhat permeable, allowing for bacteria growth. Ultimately, it is better to buy a yoni egg from people you trust. You are fine once you find a trusted store, but do your research and know what you want before handing over your money. If you are unsure, jade and obsidian are safe crystals for yoni eggs. 

How to Use a Yoni Egg

What is a yoni egg without a correct use? Don’t use it for long hours. Also, ensure the egg is clean using soap and warm water. Once the egg is cool, you can proceed to use it. Before inserting it, find a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy it. If you want, you can play some soft music, light candles, and spray some incense. 

A sweet breast massage is a perfect way to start. Simply caress your breast gently to warm up your body and lubricate your vagina before inserting the egg.

Once your vagina is ready, lie on your back and put the egg close to your vulva. Take a deep breath for some moments to soften your tense muscles. Are you ready now? Place the larger side of the egg near your vagina and move it in slow and gentle circles. As you continue to circle it around your vagina, gently allow the egg to move inside, and it’s done! 

yoni eggs

How to Choose Your First Yoni Egg

Choosing a yoni egg is very personal, and we believe you know what’s best for you. If this is your first introduction to yoni eggs and you’ve been asking what is a yoni egg for a long time, don’t worry, we got you! Here’s how to pick your first yoni egg:

  • Size: Yoni eggs come in three sizes: Small, medium, and large. When using a yoni egg, you should start with the large ones. Sounds counterintuitive, right? This is because the larger the egg, the better the sensation and the easier it is for your muscles to grip the egg. As your mastery grows, you can reduce the size.
  • Crystal: Yoni eggs are made from a wide range of exquisite gemstones. There are three common stones. The healing jade, the black obsidian, or the Rose Quartz, depending on your unique needs. 
  • Drilled or Undrilled: Drilled eggs have a small hole drilled through the narrow end, while undrilled eggs don’t. Drilled eggs are easy to extract with the string, while undrilled eggs don’t have the option of easy extraction. Go for the one with the string!

Since you are here to find out what is a yoni egg, yoni eggs are fantastic. It’s like giving your vagina an exquisite gift. What are you waiting for? Get one today!

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