“What is a Swingers Party?”

Nov 21, 2021

For those interested in learning how to become a swinger, you are probably wondering, what is a swingers party? We understand, to the uninitiated, it can be hard to imagine. For many people, swinging is a lifestyle that so many enjoy or would love to get into. Many modern-day couples are now opening up their relationship to others to have fun, promote the thrill of adventure, and simply be happy by becoming swingers. While this is not a new thing, couples are now seeking swinging parties to spice up their relationships and explore their sexuality.

A swinger’s party, which is a great answer for how to find swingers, is meant for people with a sexual desire to swap partners, watch others have sex, engage in an orgy, be cuckolded, and so much more. It is always an exciting and raw experience. Swingers are married folks or couples who enjoy sexual relationships and experiences with other married folks or couples. 

Swingers are not trying to have multiple romantic partners or be poly-amorous. They are typically looking for good sex with no strings attached. These parties are down-to-earth where no one is judged based on looks or sexual personality

Activities That Go On At Swinger Parties

Before seeing swingers party definition online, many people imagine it to be a secretive gathering where the hosts bring people together for one big orgy, and people can have sex as they like. However, it is not always like that. 

At a swinger party, there are drinks, snacks, with people ready to mingle and chat. Swinging parties can happen anywhere, so don’t expect sneaking into some dark back alley. The parties can be held at private apartments, cruise ships, clubs, and luxury hotels.

Activities can be as freaky as they can get. You meet other couples, chat, play games, and have sex. It’s a thrill for adventure seekers and those who love to get wild. Condoms are provided, and everyone is encouraged to practice safe and consensual sex.

what is a swingers party

Different Types of Swinging

Asides from what is a swinger’s party, you need to know its types too. Just like any other sexual activity, from orgies to cuckolding to anal sex, there are always different ways to try out a lifestyle. Before you start swinging, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Within the swinger’s party definition, there are also some basic terminologies you need to know, and this includes the different types of swinging. They are:

  • Soft Swap: When you are just getting started with this lifestyle, you should begin with the soft swap. Especially for couples who have been together for years, opening up your sex life to other people can be overwhelming and trigger jealousy. Soft swap is a type of swinging that involves sexual activities like kissing, fingering, hand-jobs, oral sex, but it does not include penetrative sex.
  • Hard Swap: We think you can guess what a hard swap is. Hard swap includes everything in a soft swap plus penetrative sex. This kind of swap takes patience, and that’s okay. Taking it slowly from the onset will help you and your partner figure out whether this kind of relationship will work for you. You will find both softs swaps and hard swaps occurring at a swinger party, or sometimes neither!

What to Expect At A Swinger Party

If you have never been to swinging parties, It’s fine to wonder, what’s a swingers party like? High-profile and elite soirees with mysterious masks? Sweaty orgies where people have hardcore sex as a way of saying hi? 

The idea that swinging is a chance to meet and have sex with drop-dead gorgeous people other than your partner is not accurate. Do yourself a favor and dead the idea that a swingers party is like Fifty Shades of Grey with extravagant, magical parties in a mansion filled with extremely attractive people. The party will most likely be filled with regular folks like your next-door neighbor.

Since being a swinger is all about exploring sexual adventures with your partner and improving physical intimacy, be aware that if you are the type that catches feelings quickly, then swinging may not be for you. Every party comes with its distinct vibe. A typical swingers party means people are there to play and have sex. The atmosphere is usually charged with titillation.

You are expected to let go and have the time of your life at these erotic parties. Regardless of your sexual orientation, these parties are just for you.

Many parties also have some touches of BDSM. Want to try out some spanking? Do you enjoy something kinky and exciting, or do you not mind getting tied up? All of these expectations you can fulfill at these risqué events. You can simply explore your sexuality and make some memories.

spanking whip

Where To Find A Swinger Party

In some states, you can find a swingers club, and while some parties may require membership for you to join, others are open to everyone in the public. Still, most clubs prefer to keep a low profile. Therefore most are hidden. Even after searching for ‘what is a swinger’s party’ on Google, you’ll hardly find locations that these parties are happening. You need to go off track to find them. You can join online communities for a start. Join swingers’ websites and explore some adult content. This may help you find local swingers’ events around you- and to answer your next question after finding a local club, what do I wear to a swingers club?!

The Rules of Swinger Parties

  • Consent is Vital: No means No. You and everyone at this party have a right to turn down advances and offers you’re not cool with. You don’t need to explain. You only need to politely decline if you are not interested in a sex play. Swinging parties are for people looking to have a great time, and this means doing things you are comfortable with.
  • Arrive Early: It can be awkward turning up for a swinging party only to see everyone already having sex. For hosts, nothing can be more annoying than latecomers. So be punctual at the party and if you are late, call the host ahead of time to let them know.
  • Stick With Your Partner: You need to stay close to your partner at the party. Arrive together and leave together too. This is safer and more comfortable. It also means you are obeying the rules of the party. Swinging is teamwork, no need to go solo about it.
  • Dress Nicely:  You are going to impress at a swinger party; why not stand out with your outfit. However, it has to be comfortable and easy to remove. Men can try fitted jeans and a shirt, and women can wear figure-hugging dresses. Let your jewelry be minimal and only bring the cash you need.
  • Be Clean: This is pretty straightforward. Use nice perfume, brush your teeth, chew mint gums to keep a fresh breath, shower, and groom well. That’s it! It’s like any regular party, just with some sexy and naughty stuff.

If anyone ever asks you “what is a swinger’s party”, now you know what to say after reading our swingers party definition. With swinging parties, you can now unwind with a room full of drinks and nakedness after a tough week at work. Never be afraid to explore! It was everyone’s first time once too. Have sex as much as you want, enjoy it, try out a new thing, and be happy.



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