Sex Machine 101: Everything You Should Know.

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We all love sensational orgasms! But do you know the most alluring part? It is being able to get that kind of toe-curling orgasm from a genius device that does all the work for you while you just relax and enjoy the sweet ride. 


That’s precisely what you get from a sex machine.


This device is equipped with valuable capabilities when looking for a way to climax without putting in any extra effort. You get to enjoy intense clitoral, G-spot, anal, or prostate stimulation without having to bother about fumbling with your vibrator settings.


If you feel a little daring and want to stop worrying about running out of juice during sex, you should get a sex machine for women. But before you do, here’s everything you need to know about this powerful and erotic device.


What is a Sex Machine?


You’ve probably seen people ask “what is a sex machine” on Reddit and Quora pages. Sometimes called a fucking machine, a sex machine may sound like a robotic sex doll. Don’t worry! 


It is not as scary as it sounds. Fucking machines are devices designed to deliver you the physical and intense sensations of partnered sex. Yes, I’m talking about the pleasures of penetrative sex. It allows you or your partner to effortlessly experiment with different and endless variations of thrust and vibration. 


The best part, this machine is not gender-specific. Anyone with a body can enjoy the pleasures of a fucking machine. With it, you can make your solo sessions more intense, you can explore your body to find out what rocks your boat and what is not your thing, and you can also use it to spice up your bedroom sessions with your partner for exciting, sensual sensations. Some sex machines are for penetrating and throbbing, while some are heated, and others are designed with instruments that give electrical shocks to the genitals. So yeah, they are also the perfect choice if you’re into some kinky play.

sex machine

Why Sex Machines are a Great Addition to your Pleasure and Sex Toy Collection


There are so many reasons why a sex machine for women should be in your sex toy collection. But those reasons still come back to one unique thing: Pleasure! Bigger than other sex toys for women in the market, they offer the relentless power that smaller sex toys can’t deliver. That’s why they are great additions to your sex routine if you want strong vibrations and intensity to your sex life.


Usually designed to be mounted rider-on-top style, it offers you an incredible amount of control over speed, angle, and intensity that makes it super easy to find your G-spot. In fact, many women credit sex machines for their first orgasm through penetrative sex.


Don’t get me wrong, fucking machines are not only for single folks. They can help you recreate the sensation of an orgy with your lover. They perfectly replicate threesomes and cuckolding. Instead of having just one body to ride and grind, you have your partner’s body and a machine.


They Improve Your Sex Life


With a sex machine, you can now lengthen your bedroom time with your partner. It’s clear that our bodies have limits for sex, and using sex toys can change that. You can use the machine during foreplay, during sex, or as a helping hand for a climax if your partner tires out too soon or orgasms too early. Allow your partner or tease your clit with the machine for some preliminary action. You can alternate between the device and your partner’s pulsing cock so you can both have fun and reach climax together.


Boost your Sexual Confidence


Exploring your body with toys and machines is not for orgasms alone! They help in building your sexual confidence. You get to appreciate your body better when you know the ins and outs of it. Dear woman, your body is a work of art, and fucking machines are like paintbrushes that enhance your body experience. You get the chance to explore your body in ways you’ve never imagined and also experiment with different sensations while learning more about your pleasure zones.


Improve Intimacy


After being with your partner for a long time, the sexual tension may fade. Things get boring, and you’re out there looking for how to bring back the spark in bed. Sex can start to look like a routine instead of something fun and adventurous to do with your partner. Using a sex machine can improve things between you and your partner. It will restore the spark, novelty, and passion in your relationship and make sex something to look forward to again.

what is a sex machine

Boost Your Libido


Do you always long for more thrilling and intense orgasms with your partner? You just need a little help. Fucking machines increase your libido. While they might seem intimidating at first, you will enjoy an unforgettable sexual experience that you can’t possibly enjoy when you use hands, tongue, penis, or even smaller sex toys. You’ll be dying to go back and play again in no time. 


Can Anyone Use A Sex Machine?


It is easy to assume that fucking machines are only for women. After all, most of these sex machines involve some kind of penis attachment going into the vagina, and women have always used handheld dildos the same way since inception. However, it doesn’t mean sex machines are only for women. 


It can also be used by men looking for a bit anal stimulation. These machines depending on their circumference, are perfect for anal and prostate stimulation too. With just slight adjustments, you can turn these devices into perfect unisex machines.


How to Use Sex Machine With Yourself or Your Partner


It will take some time to get used to a sex machine. However, they can deliver incredible sensations that make your bedroom play more fun and exciting. Yes, fucking machines are always ready to pound you for as long as you want, and they are unwavering in their quest for your orgasm while giving you the pleasure you probably can’t forget anytime soon.


While this machine can be responsible for the most intense orgasm of your life, here’s how to use a sex machine:


Get Familiar With the Settings


Go through the settings to know what each button does. And after learning, use it alone before bringing your partner into it. Doing so ensures you understand what movements are the most pleasurable for you. Just like sex, relax your mind before using it, take a warm bath, put on a soothing playlist, or light scented candles.


Use Stable Surfaces


Many manufacturers of fucking machines always provide users with different accessories with the device; therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem finding supporting items to make your experience more beautiful. Before using it, make sure you position the fucking machine on a stable surface. Find the best position you want and say goodbye to monotony. 


Use Your Imagination


Sex machines can take your masturbation to another level, and you can enjoy them with your partner. If you have always wanted to experiment with double penetration and you don’t know how to start, a fucking machine can do the job. The device won’t stop until you are totally satisfied. Don’t be shy! Allow your imaginations to run wild. Feel free to try new depths and sensations.


Don’t forget Lube


The wetter, the better! Use lube to make penetration easier and to prevent scratching your vaginal walls. Water-based lube is the best choice.


Having a fucking machine is worth it. They are there for your pleasure, and the possibilities are endless. I hope you have fun and get a fucking machine that sets fire on your insides.

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