Do I need a Butt Plug? We think Yes, and Here’s Why.

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Have you been sitting on that one butt plug in your cart, too afraid to purchase it? What do butt plugs do, you ask? Worry not; we’re here at V for Vibes to tell you exactly why you’re missing out if you haven’t already invested in one. Apart from the range of anal benefits a butt plug could give you, butt plugs can do so much for you and your partner, especially if you’re trying to find new and innovative ways to keep your relationship interesting! We think a butt plug could be a great solution to incorporating toys into your playtime with your partner and that it can lead to a whole world of possibilities and kinks or fetishes you haven’t explored yet. Think of all the things you and your partner can do when you find out exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Why You Should Give it a Shot

Now that you’ve made it this far into the article, we think we should tell you why a butt plug might be the best addition you can make in your sex life. So what exactly do butt plugs do? Here’s a brief introduction and manual on how to get started:

  1. Let the nerves in your anal region get stimulated as you experiment with a butt plug for the first time! It’s no surprise that this will be a feeling you might have never felt before and that you might take a few minutes warming up to the idea of well, something plugged into your butt, but take our word for it – if you enjoy it, there’s no turning back! 
  2. You can really push the boundaries of your own body and dive into your desires and sexual fantasies with a butt plug! While there are tons of benefits of a butt plug, one of the most glaring things that stands out among the rest is that this is sure to be one of the newest feelings you will ever experience. Maybe you and your partner can start testing one out and see if that feels okay and comfortable for you. If it does, there’s no other way to put it; this is the perfect sex toy for you!
  3. You’re going to need a whole lot of lube. Take our word for it, there is never a thing such as too much lube, in fact, in our opinion, there is always room for more! Get out your favorite brand of lube and slather it all over your butt plug to ensure that there is no pain or abrasion involved in the insertion process and that you aren’t too uncomfortable or distraught to actually enjoy playing with one. Again, we suggest that you take your time getting comfortable with one, especially if this is your first time with a butt plug. 
  4. Discover More about Your Body 

Did you know that oftentimes, people, regardless of their genitalia, have a really difficult time achieving an orgasm? In fact, most people can go their entire lives without really knowing what works for them or how they can help their partners figure out what they can do. A butt plug can be your point of entry into really finding out more about your own body and helping your partner understand how to pleasure you better. Even if you are not with someone and are enjoying the single life, knowing more about your desires, kinks, and your own body is always a great thing – it can help you feel more confident, boost your self-esteem and really put a fun spin on exploring and self-discovery. While you and your partner explore what can be possible in your sex life, a butt plug can help you further those possibilities and even prepare you for anal sex a lot more than you initially think you’ll be into!

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The Pleasures of Anal Play

A butt plug can be the perfect starting point for exploring anal play with your partner. Not sure if you’re ready to dive straight into anal sex or bigger anal toys yet? Don’t worry! A butt plug can help you get started on the kinds of sensations you would experience during anal play and really help you get comfortable with what you’re signing up for when it comes to anal sex. If you’re just beginning to explore, a butt plug can not only help you understand the sensations you would feel, and it can also help with stretching out your anal cavity and preparing it for larger objects such as larger anal sex toys, vibrators, or even a penis if you think you’re ready for it. This can help you avoid any discomfort or pain when you do engage in anal sex, and anal play can lead to very intensely felt, whole-body orgasms deep in your core.

There’s a Whole World of Kinks to Explore

Not sure if you have kinks and don’t know where to start with exploring whether you have any specific ones or not? A butt plus is also a great way to find out whether you’re into anal play and whether you have any kinks designed especially for the backdoor region – fisting, gaping, anal sex, you name it! You can also explore certain kinks that you may have, such as role-play and power play – try being the submissive partner when you explore what a butt plug can do for you and see whether the power dynamics add a zing to your sex life like never before. 

Butt plugs are a great way to step into the world of kinks where the possibilities are endless, and as long as you’re safe and consent is involved, you’re about to change the way you have sex for the better! Sex can be really fun with new, interesting scenarios created where you and your partner can both be fully satisfied and stay interested as you explore the limitless possibilities of each other’s bodies. Maybe this can help you uncover some for your own kinks and, in the process, help your partner discover theirs, too! Try it out a butt plug public or while you’re engaging in vaginal penetration for extra stimulation, and who knows. You might just stumble upon one of your new favorite activities during sex. There’s a ton of fun ways to use a butt plug, so check it out!

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Be Inclusive in your Play

Butt plugs are a great way to be inclusive in your play, especially if you and your partner are not the regular heteronormative couple! Even for cisgender men and women, butt plugs can be wonderful since you open up a whole new world of possibilities in your sex life and play, allowing you to be more comfortable with your own body and exploring those of others! 

We’ve even compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts of anal play for straight men, as many are discovering this to be a key to their pleasure.  

Remember to stay safe, have boundaries in place, and give butt plugs a shot for all the tremendous benefits it can have! Keep in mind that you should be experiencing pain at no point, and if you are feeling pain, you should definitely stop playing right there and try something else. Perhaps add more lube, or try a new angle, or play around with the pressure a little to really find out what works for you and, in the process, find out what butt plugs feel like and can do for you and your partner! 

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