The Kink Blog: Wetsuit Kink. The Secrets Behind this Unique Fetish.

Aug 13, 2021

If you’ve gone on a recent scuba adventure or tried out a surfing class, odds are you probably had to don a wetsuit. This thick black suit helps protect your body from pointy corals or rocks and keeps you warm, and did you know it could also go along with a wetsuit fetish? There are tons of folks out there with a specific kink for wetsuits, and it’s actually a lot more common than you might think! Let’s “dive” into what makes these a tantalizing turn-on for those with a wetsuit fetish. 

People enjoy going diving. 

The key to consistent sexual kinks is a positive feedback loop. For example, “If ____ happens, I feel good, so I keep doing ____.” In terms of a wetsuit fetish, some kinksters actually enjoy diving. The feeling of being underwater in an immersive and exciting adventure is a thrilling experience. Because they actually enjoy it, it’s easier to associate the clothing they wear through the experience with something that can be sexy. People infatuated with wetsuits frequently do dive in them or enjoy other water sports, so the fetish can evolve from just a fun hobby. 

It’s kind of a superhero thing. 

There’s been over 24 superhero movies released since just 2000- and they’re continuing to be released and do well at the box office. Superheroes are synonymous with saving the day and looking good doing it. Wetsuits can actually allow folks to enjoy that feeling of superhuman in themselves. In fact, when you think of it, wetsuit fetishists are superhero cosplaying. The thick material frequently helps people feel a touch more invincible and ready to take on the elements of the world around them. They’re literally designed to be protective suits; it makes sense they make people feel safe and powerful. And what happens when people feel safe and powerful? We’re more likely to engage in enjoyable sexual acts. So if you’re feeling like Catwoman or Superman in your wetsuit and it’s empowering, go for it! You deserve to feel like a badass. 

wetsuit fetish

Wetsuits are like a second skin. 

Think of what you typically wear in a day. Odds are fabrics are loose and flowing around your body, at least somewhere. A wetsuit fetish turns this idea of clothing upside down. If a wetsuit is what you’re wearing, it’s like your clothing has become your second skin. That sort of revealing attire can be a real turn on both for yourself and for others. Really, it’s not all that different from folks ogling a girl in a tight bodycon dress or men in tight leather pants. It can feel both protective and revealing at the same time. What you’re checking out when you look at those things isn’t so much just the outfit, but the elusive and sexy outline of all the interesting body parts you can see underneath. People with a wetsuit fetish enjoy how much they can see their own bodies and others underneath the thick protective wetsuit.

Neoprene is some really fancy stuff.

Most wetsuits are made out of neoprene, and to be frank, neoprene is some of the most dynamic fabrics on this planet. The best types of neoprene are both insulating and lightweight. They’re also stretchy and durable. And, of course, a good neoprene for a wetsuit is also hydrophobic, meaning it resists water, which can really support people who are feeling uncomfortable with the wetness or sweat associated with sex. Most modern suits also have a comfortable lining on the inside to help make wearing them comfortable for the user and to help with getting the suit on and off. Frankly, the technology that has gone into developing these sorts of fabrics is nothing short of miraculous. It makes sense that someone with a wetsuit fetish is interested in premium materials that can both make them feel good and be extra adept at handling the elements. Spending money on premium gear for your sexual kinks can make anyone feel spoiled and special. 

A body in a wetsuit is a beautiful thing. 

A lot of folks interested in a wetsuit fetish make sure to note this important fact- it looks good. Read any kink blog, and that makes sense. Sex is a vulnerable act involving your body, and having something that helps your body look good can feel empowering. In a way, the tight neoprene acts as an all-over body compression suit. Any worries one may have over wiggling loose skin or chubby arms disappears when they are fitted into a tight wetsuit. After they’re all sucked in, it’s true that there is nothing sexier than the confidence a person feels with a wetsuit kink. And while wetsuits can shrink bodies in a lot of places, it can also accentuate the curves of a body. Boobs, butts, and bulges are frequent areas of interest for those who like to check out their partner in wetsuit gear. Check out some wetsuit porn online, and you’ll even see some people stroking their bodies in these key areas, so although I haven’t tried it, it’s clear they’re feeling themselves!

wetsuit kink

It’s hard to get in and out of, and sometimes that can be fun. 

Even an amateur wetsuit wearer knows this fact- wetsuits are just not easy to put on or take off. While newer neoprenes help with the process, they are still a challenge. It’s normal to break out in a sweat and take a good chunk of time to get your body comfortably in a wetsuit. In fact, most wetsuit aficionados come with their own strategies to help them get in. But what may be inconvenient to some can also be a real turn-on. Some people enjoy the feeling of being stuck. It’s common in the BDSM world to use ropes, chains, or other restrictive measures to get just this effect. A wetsuit can integrate a lot of those feelings of restriction into a garment. This allows folks to really express their submissive side. When playing with a partner, a lot of wetsuit wearers tend to be those in more submissive roles while their partner plays the dominant in less restrictive attire.

It naturally escalates. 

This is the real truth- wetsuits are a gateway to heavier kinks. Many people who begin by just enjoying the feeling or look of a wetsuit end up finding themselves entrenched in BDSM and rubber play. Rubber play is a huge element of the heavier BDSM scene. Rubber takes what some folks love about wetsuits and turns the volume up. Rubber play integrates that feeling of restriction like wetsuits do, but it also allows users to feel more physical sensations through the material. With the high-quality neoprene in some wetsuits, it may be challenging to feel others touch through the material. Thinner latex allows for more sensation with partner play. When you can feel more, it’s easy for things to get sexier. 

So whatever stage you’re in of your wetsuit fetish, know that it is totally normal to enjoy your body however you see fit. It’s also important to let your sexual likes and dislikes evolve over time. What turns you on at one point in your life may not turn you on at another. While it may be strange to some, at the end of the day, if it makes you happy, that’s what matters most. 

With a wetsuit fetish, there arises a new meaning of wearing a rubber! If this is something that sparks an interest in your mind, then have at it, because happiness and sexual fulfillment always go hand in hand. 


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  1. RubberEthos

    Great article! As a person with a lifelong wetsuit fetish, I think this article is very accurate. Thanks for writing and sharing it.


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