Weird Sex Facts.

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There are a lot of weird sex facts out there. We are constantly learning new things about sex. Whether you are an absolute sexpert, or a newbie to the game, sex is constantly evolving, as is the information that we have about it and what it does to our body. Sex can improve your health, along with your mood, but there are also some fun and weird things that engaging in the act can also do. 

Are you ready to learn some fun and weird sex facts? Keep reading!


  1. Sex is super beneficial for reducing stress.

Research has shown that not only do you physically benefit from having sex, but you also benefit mentally by your blood pressure being lowered and your nerves are calmed. You also may experience reduced stress as a big plus. Many studies (and personal experiences) have shown us that having sex before a big project or meeting can help reduce your stress and allow for higher performance! This may not be the weirdest sex fact, but it’s definitely, a good one to know. 


  1. Sex can boost your immune system and allow for you to be healthier. 

Arousal and orgasm have been proven time and time again to boost your immune system. Sex can definitely be good when you’re feeling under the weather because of the rush of endorphins and blood flow. However, remember that sometimes, staying in bed with some chicken noodle soup and sleep is better than sex, so pick and choose the right time!


  1. Don’t underestimate the ability of adding in a lubricant.

Having trouble reaching orgasm? If you are experiencing a hard time getting off, lubricant might fix exactly that issue. Almost 50 percent of men and women who add in lubricant to their sex lives make it easier to have an orgasm. 


  1. Lesbians have more orgasms than straight couples.

If you’re a straight-identifying person, that’s totally fine! However, lesbians have been shown to orgasm first with their partners. Multiple studies have shown that heterosexual women orgasm around 61 percent of the time, while homosexual women climax closer to 75 percent of the time, and bisexual women climax around 58 percent of the time. 


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  1. The best time to have sex is right after a workout!

After you workout, blood flow to your genitals is much higher and this makes it easier to not only get an erection or get aroused, but also easier to orgasm. In addition to that, your testosterone levels skyrocket when you choose to exercise, which will also make sure that you are in the mood! 

  1. Speaking of working out… some people get off when they workout! 

Even though orgasms can be extremely hard for some, quite a few people out there can actually experience orgasms from working out! Oftentimes, these orgasms are experienced from intense and repetitive core movements, and sometimes even running workouts.

  1. Sex is a great addition on top of your regular workout.

Yes, we know that working out can make orgasming easier, and can even cause you to orgasm, but sex itself is also a workout! Sure, it isn’t necessarily going to make you lose weight, but sex can definitely supplement your usual workout. It gets the blood flowing and releases tension and stress. Why not add an extra romp in the sheets into your daily routine?

  1. There are definitely some states that are much more kink curious than others.

According to PornHub searches, Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia, and Oregon are the kinkiest and curious states. Though some of us may not be surprised by those states, some of the more open states like California are actually much lower on the list – probably because they actually get to experience these kinks easier.


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  1. Men fake orgasms too.

As odd as it may sound, about 31% of men have also faked orgasms. It seems unrealistic as we typically can see when men orgasm, based on the reaction of their bodies, but in fact, some men have learned how to do it.

  1. Being in love with your partner makes the experience even better.

Mind-blowing sex is always a huge plus, but getting to that mind-blowing part comes easier when you are actually in love with your partner. That unique bond intimately, physically, and emotionally is heightened and strengthened by that feeling of love and mutual affection.

  1. One-night stands happen even more frequently when traveling. 

Maybe it’s the allure of not having to clean up later, or not having to bring someone to your actual home, but one-night stands are definitely more common for travelers.

  1. Your pain threshold increases during sex.

Have you ever considered those people who enjoy BDSM or hardcore spanking and slapping and hair pulling during sex? These bad pains switch to good pains in the bedroom because when you are aroused, your pain threshold is much higher.  

  1. There are actually people who use their phones during sex…

One in five people will use their smartphone during sex if they are between the ages of 18 to 34 years old. Now, this may sound absolutely unacceptable, and in our opinion, it totally is. However, as we all know, sometimes work follows us home. Hopefully, this isn’t a constant thing! 

  1. Apparently, if you are a female struggling to orgasm, try putting on a pair of socks.

According to a study conducted by Dutch researchers, female participants often struggled to orgasm because their feet were cold! Yes, it is an odd thing to notice, but that uncomfortable feeling can easily be solved, and after giving the female participants socks, the orgasm achievement percentage went from 50 percent to 80 percent.

  1. Sex can actually help with both migraines and headache relief.

Instead of grabbing Tylenol, try having a quick romp! According to some studies, up to 60 percent of migraine sufferers have reported having sex easing their pain. Some of these facts may not be as weird as they are uncommon or unknown, but they are super interesting! Did you learn anything knew from these weird sex facts?


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