A Comprehensive List of Common Weird Fetishes.

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When it comes to kinks and fetishes, the list is endless. You’ve probably heard about the common fetishes out there like role play, feet, and the famous dominant and submissive play. But have you heard of weird fetishes of men who love to lick eyeballs? What about women who get aroused by the smell of farts? Sounds disgusting right? When it comes to sexual arousal, everyone has their thing. For some people, it’s primal sex and bondage. To others, it’s neck kisses, foot rubs, and candlelit dinners. Whatever it is, something specific gets you aroused quickly – and yes, it could be anything!


That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fetishes, both weird and common. Let’s take a look at who’s getting off the weirdest things out there! 


Armpit Fetish


When you hear armpits, what comes to mind? While most people see it as a sweaty and hairy crevice that ruins their favorite shirts with sweat stains, to others, they find armpits sexy AF. From loving the texture to the smell to just everything about armpits, some people love armpits so much that they even want to have armpit sex. An armpit fetish is when you get turned on by the distinct odor and physical look of underarms, or you find a resemblance between the armpit and the female vagina. This sexual fetish includes licking, sucking, kissing, smelling, and armpit sex.


Foot Fetish


The foot fetish is a classic as far as kinks and weird fetishes are concerned. A foot fetish means you get sexually aroused by feet. You can’t just get enough of them. You’re turned on by touching, licking, rubbing, and kissing any part of a foot – from the soles to the toes to the nails. This is a common fetish that doesn’t seem complicated to practice with your partner. It feels great to have your toes massaged and sucked. If you think this is your thing, watch some foot-focused porn to get creative ideas.


Cum Fetish


Spunk, load, seed, splooge –call it any name you want. Many people love the cum fetish. They love the look of cum, the feel of it, and even the taste of it. It’s a delicious dessert after you have finished the main course. Cum fetish means you get turned on by the sight of seeing someone cum, and the cum itself. There are many ways to enjoy it. Cum fetish is also linked to women who have the breeding fetish because what turns them on the most is the idea of someone ejaculating inside them.

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Breeding Fetish


Yes, a breeding fetish is a thing. It is when people have sex and climax on the chances of getting pregnant or impregnating someone. It’s not because you love pregnancies, but you find the risk of unprotected sex and engaging in weird fetishes sexually arousing, playing with the risk, and enjoying sex on the edge of it. Women get turned on by the unknown element of conceiving during sex. It means you love the idea of your partner pounding into your vagina till they come deep inside you. Knees pushed up, penis in as deep as possible so they can breed you deeply.

While for men, they get aroused by the idea of dominating their partner through impregnation. There’s just something about breeding that makes you squirm, the joy of rebelling against safe sex practices, and the powerful eroticism of doing something so risky: to satisfy the mindless desire of having raw sex. 


If the real deal is enticing but too risky, just use an ejaculating dildo with sex toy cum to safely fulfill your desires!


Fur Fetish


Fur fetish refers to a sexual fetish that revolves around people wearing fur or, in most cases, to the garment itself. To them, fur provides a super stimulus that is very intense than the normal response with real skin.




Common and weird fetishes come in different shapes and sizes (I mean not literal shapes, but you get, they vary from person to person.) Have you ever heard of voyeurism? Here’s the other side of exhibitionism. 


While some people enjoy being watched during sex, others prefer to be an audience. Talk about a match made in heaven! Voyeurism is getting sexually excited from watching other people naked or having sex. The pleasure is mainly derived from watching others, but it can include hearing other people have sex or even being told about their sexcapades. 

To bring it into your bedroom, you can watch your partner masturbate or bring in another person and watch your partner have sex with them. 


However, consent is important.


I know you might be thinking it’s one of the weird fetishes out there, but wait, this is not the creepy and nonconsensual peeping tom kind of thing. It is a different way to experience sex. I mean, you are not in the sex, but you can see it, noticing what makes someone squirm in pleasure, seeing when someone moans out loud in a particular position. It’s exhilarating!

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Erotic Humiliation


Picture this. You’re out with your partner or even a crush, and they intentionally tug down your pants so that your underwear is out for everyone to see while pointing and laughing. Sounds like a horrible dream, right? 


While most people get angry, hurt, or shocked by someone humiliating or degrading them, there are some people out there who find this scenario as a total wet dream. They get sexually aroused or excited from being humiliated. Erotic humiliation includes verbal degradation or humiliating acts.


If you thought the above common fetishes are weird fetishes, wait until you read the rest of the list. Here are some fetishes, from the funny to the disgusting and the completely unthinkable.




Also known as the Bonnie and Clyde syndrome, hybristophilia means sexual interest and attraction to criminals, which explains why many women are attracted to serial killers.




It gets even more interesting. It’s normal for you to see insects and walk in another direction or stomp the insect to its death. However, a few people are sexually aroused by seeing insects. They love allowing bugs to crawl on their genitals.




Here’s a strange name from the list of fetishes out there: the love for amputees. Yes, there are people like this. Some people want a lover who is missing a limb or two. What would make anyone have this kind of sexual fetish? I’m as surprised as you!




Most of us get irritated and disgusted at the smell and sight of fecal matter. But remember that most do not mean everyone. Fecal matter is a turn-off for most of us. But do you know that those into the coprophilia fetish get aroused by fecal matter? I’m confused about how anyone will introduce poop into sex, but to each their own.


Unbelievable right? The list of weird fetishes that people indulge in is endless. Do you match up with anyone from our list of fetishes?. The idea is not to determine what is normal and what is unusual. There is no one that is not weird in one way or another, whether they love to admit it or not. So far, you are not hurting anyone, breaking the laws, or practicing unsafe things; we say next time you feel the urge to explore something new, don’t push it down. Embrace it, welcome it, give it a trial and trust me, you will feel better for it.


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