Different Ways to Say I Love You.

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The healthiest of sex lives within a relationship is driven by passion, intimacy, and love. With the existence of different kinds of intimacy, each of us might require unique forms of catering to our personal definitions of what it means to feel loved by a partner. Aside from the simple, verbal means of emphasizing your love, there are many ways to say I love you that require absolutely no words at all. 

There are other ways to say I love you, methods of which showcase love through experiences together, time spent in one another’s company, and through solidification of your love based on your ability to express the entirety of how you feel about your partner. Love is a broad term and a powerful one, to say the least, so if you want to work on expressing this internally fiery emotion in new ways, stick around for a comprehensive and applicable list of different ways to say I love you. 

The Allure of Inspiration

Want to know what will make your partner relish the fact that you truly love them from every corner of your very existence? Show them that they make you feel inspired!  

When you are in love, life takes on an entirely new meaning. You become passionate, happier, and when the love is genuine and strong, you feel inspired. They bring out the artistic side in you; they make you want to work hard for your goals. They instill the idea that life is a game of which you will now win together. Through this very inspiration manifested from your love of another, showcase this desire to do all you can and more with anything life throws your way by showing them how inspired they make you feel. 

To show your partner you are inspired by them:

  1. Try working on and completing a project that has long been on your to-do list.
  2. When completed, tell them that they were the reason you pursued this project with such enthusiasm and that your love for them inspired its completion.
  3. Try making an art piece or writing a love letter/poem, and express the sole fact that your newfound artistic approach is inspired by their ability to make you feel alive and creative. 

Or, for the simple approach, different ways to say I love you can still be expressed verbally, so simply tell them with words that they are a beacon of your inspiration by saying, “you inspire me every day”, “your love inspires me to be the best version of myself”, or “you inspire me to seek success” as you head out the door for another day of work. 

ways to say i love you

The Sexy Date Night

Of all the ways to say I love you, creating an experience with your partner that you share together is one of the best ways to do so. This is a form of experiential intimacy, a type of intimacy that is driven by the idea of creating memories together that bring you closer as a couple. Creating a cute, fun, romantic, and/or sexy date night will have you smiling ear to ear, and by showcasing your desire to go above and beyond for the singular purpose of making sure that your relationship is at the top of your priority list, you are simultaneously saying “I love you” without saying anything at all.

You don’t have to try too hard, as sometimes keeping it simple is the way, and as the cliche saying goes, it’s the thought that counts!

The key is to set aside the time to share with your partner, and with a sexy date night, the experience in itself is a unique, yet also required, way to say I love you. 

Positive Affirmation

If you need different ways to say I love you, then positive affirmations through using your words are an excellent means to do so. This is still a verbal form of expressing your love, just as telling them “I love you,” but by changing up the context, you showcase that your love is special, complex, and that your partner holds the throne to your kingdom of love. 

Saying I love you every time can be a little repetitive, even if you mean it with sincerity every time, and you have to change up your approach to better express this love. 

So instead of going straight for the “L” word, try utilizing the approach of providing consistent and highly thoughtful positive affirmations throughout the day. 

Don’t just say I love you, and instead, try expressing your gratitude for them by telling them how much they mean to you and how much they have positively affected your life. Remind them of their beauty by telling them how gorgeous they look as they head out the door for work, tell them of how sexually attracted you are to them. 

Perhaps a positive affirmation of the inspiration they provide you on a daily basis, of the endless ways that they have changed your life for the better. Think of it this way- saying I love you is saying I love you, but expressing positive affirmations about your partner says why you love them, which is what matters the most to some. 

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Gifts From the Heart

Trust us when we say this- just because surprise flowers have been done a million times and are one of the most common cliches around does not mean that your partner won’t be absolutely thrilled to receive them. Again, it’s the simple things that mean so much, the things that tell your partner that you were thinking of them even when they aren’t around, and gifts from the heart (yes, even those cliche flowers and chocolates!) will always act as one of the loveliest of different ways to say I love you. 

But, to really stand out, try digging even deeper. Gifts like creating something from scratch that requires thought and effort, gifts that relate to your partner’s passion (are they an artist? Get them some new paints!), and gifts that show you care will truly show them a manifestation of your love. 

If you really want to score some serious brownie points, and if you and your partner remain open about sex, try gifting them with a beautiful sex toy for women. By gifting them a sex toy, you are literally passing the keys to their sexual fulfillment and pleasure right into their own hands. You are showing them that, although you love to be their primary pleasure provider, you are entirely open about the idea that we are also individuals, as individuality is essential for healthy love. 

You are telling them that masturbation is entirely okay (which duh, it always should be, but for some couples, the idea of masturbating sparks jealousy), and that you love them so much you want only the best for their pleasure. 

They will be ecstatic with euphoric joy, and they will think about you every time they get to use their erotic and enticing new toy, which will remind them of your love even during their most intimate of personal moments. And hey, maybe if you are lucky, things will result in a bit of mutual masturbation for a sexual practice that will bring you even closer as a couple, and that in itself is one of the different ways to say I love you. 

Remind them of your Trust

Love and trust go hand in hand, and there’s never getting around that fact. The most passionate of loves are those that are combined with sheer trust for your partner, and this confidence often creates the baseline of love. 

Anytime you have the opportunity, take the time to remind them of your genuine trust as one of the cute ways to say I love you. 

Is your partner going out for the night with their friends? Don’t say “be good” or “have fun without me”- that is a hostile and negative take on something that they are looking forward to, and you are already dampening the fun of their time by getting that into their head. 

Instead, be excited for them and be trusting of their actions, because in the end, if your love is true, you would never for a second question their evening out. Instead, tell them to have the best time ever, to go all out and enjoy every moment, to live up the night to the fullest. They will feel your excitement radiating from within, and they will relish the fact that they have a partner who trusts them from the very soul outwards, and sure enough, they’ll probably be dying to get home to you anyways!

And this goes for anything in life. If you are looking for different ways to say I love you, then proving that you trust your partner at any given moment is truly the most sincere way of doing so. 

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