10 Ways to Make Masturbation Better.

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Whether you’re a self-pleasure beginner or an expert with years of experience, there are always new ways to make masturbation better for yourself. From incorporating sex toys into your play to exploring new boundaries with your partner, masturbation is fun, healthy,  relaxing, and very rewarding to partake. Keep reading on to find out new ways of spicing up your special solo time with your body and discovering things that feel euphoric for you! Because remember, we are all unique, and learning yourself is the first step to sexual liberation. 

Best Ways to Make Masturbation Better:

Setting the Mood with the Right Environment

When you plan on masturbating, make sure your environment is set up to make you feel special. After all, who’s going to make you feel this way if you don’t do it for yourself? Amateur masturbation or mutual masturbation with a partner can be much more rewarding and satisfactory when the setting is right! Light a candle and dim the lights in your room. Find a comfortable, new bedsheet to really take it up a notch. Get out your favorite lingerie and toys and pamper yourself before you jump straight into it. Don’t put a time crunch on it, and let yourself really kick back and relax as you explore your body and your senses. 

Practicing Solo Foreplay before Masturbation

Setting the mood is not the only preparation needed to make masturbation better. For a better release and more remarkable experience, try getting yourself in the mood for some fun beforehand, as foreplay is just as essential during masturbation as it is with any other form of sex! Try to really explore your erogenous zones like your ears, nipples, or inner thighs for nerve-based pleasure, and attempt to find what feels best for you. Add foreplay into the mix even when you’re on your own and work up the excitement towards orgasm for a fulfilling and remarkable time. If you’re unsure of what toy would work for you, give our Shop section a browse and find some of the best sex toys for female masturbation available at your convenience. 

Using Sex Toys

Our next tip in this list of ways to make masturbation better is none other than sex toys! With a variety for you to choose from, at V for Vibes, we have some of the best rabbit vibrators, clitoral vibrators, dual silicone vibrators, and even those for your G Spot particularly. If you’re into anal play and want to give that a shot by yourself before trying it out with a partner, we’ve got some great options like the Opis or Ceres with multiple speed settings and functions to let you feel only the best vibes for your self-care. 

best sex toys for female masturbation

Masturbating in Different Environments

Are you staying in the same spot, with the lights switched off and in bed watching a show every time you masturbate? Here’s an excellent tip for you whether you’re a beginner or a pro, switch up the setting and let loose for a new exciting journey into pleasure town. Try a different room, or the couch, or maybe even at your partner’s residence instead of your own to let the thrill of being in a new place kick in and take you on a journey you’ve never experienced before. 

Try New Positions

Did you know that there are multiple positions for you to explore depending on what kind of orgasm you hope to achieve by masturbation? For example, if you’re trying out clitoral stimulation, you might feel a less intense and sporadic orgasm that can be made better if you lie on your back. For a deeper, G Spot stimulated orgasm, try squatting or sitting on your knees to reach inside and let your body feel the sensations it will send through when you mix things up. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can also give standing up and masturbating a shot, and with a combination of clitoral and G Spot stimulation, you will experience the best orgasm of your life. 

ways to make masturbation better - using a rabbit vibrator Agrippina

Listening to Yourself and Your Body

So you have a list of new things to try, and you’re very excited about it. That’s perfect! Got a new toy that you’re looking forward to using in a solo session by yourself in hopes of finding ways to make masturbation better? Great! Just remember that you need to be focusing very carefully on what your body is trying to tell you through all of this. Note your body’s response to what you’re doing. If you’re trying something new, pay even closer attention than you did before to really listen to your body. That is your one guaranteed way of finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. Amateur or mutual masturbation can be exciting, but if your body is not responding well to it, remember that you don’t have to do anything you don’t like or anything that your body does not respond well to. 

Masturbating in the Shower

We have the perfect hack for you for those who don’t want to put in the extra effort of finding a new environment to make masturbation better. If you’re sick and tired of pleasure time in bed, you should check out what masturbating in the shower feels like. A waterproof silicone sex toy for female masturbation might just be your new best friend. If you don’t have one yet, you can get your hands on the best products out there using our Shop. If you don’t want to wait for the delivery process, and you’re excited about the shower, give your showerhead a try, and see if that makes you weak in the knees like you have been dreaming of. 

Couples Masturbation

Mutual masturbation can be intense and so much fun to participate in. You can try different positions like the Voyeur or placing a mirror in front of you and your partner as both you masturbate at the same time and let your partner’s response be the stimulus you need! Amateur or not, you and your partner can both experience this moment of learning together by paying attention to what feels good for both of you. It’s a great way to find out what you and your partner like and what steps you should take next time you two have sex. 

More Lube!

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again – there is NO such thing as too much lube! There is practically never enough, and more lube is always a good idea. If you struggle with vaginal dryness and can’t seem to get wet enough before you masturbate or have sex, lube, lube, and more lube is your only option. Lube is also great for incorporating more new toys into play – whether it’s during sex or when you’re masturbating by yourself. There are so many ways to make masturbation better, and perhaps none is as easy as just getting lubed up and letting things slide with more ease and comfort. 

glissant water-based lubricant

Engage More Senses

Masturbation is all about pleasure, and who says pleasure can’t be found in other senses and parts of your body? Sure, touch is a significant portion of engaging your senses in masturbation, but if you’re someone who is into visual stimulation, consume ethical porn or read some erotica to really get your mind stirring up images in your imagination to get off like you never have. Scented candles and essential oils can also help you relax and stimulate your olfactory senses to add a bit of a kick to your orgasm. Need some audio stimulus? Just put on a playlist with your favorite songs to have sex to, and drown out any worries or stress in your tunes!  

hemp candle to make masturbation better

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