Different Ways to Flirt.

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You just finished reading my previous article, “How to Flirt with a Guy”… if you haven’t, you better google search it right now, or just click the title above if you’re not trying to go into FBI mode. Anyways, you just finished reading the previous article, and now you’re curious about all the different ways to flirt. Believe me; there’s a million different ways and levels of flirting you can get into, so you’re going to want to finish this article. You might as well just read them all and buy a sex toy to pleasure yourself while you’re at it, wink wink. 

Subtle Ways to Flirt

Whether you’re getting back into the dating scene, new to the whole idea, or just need some fresh new approaches on ways to flirt, we’re going to get into a few subtle ways to flirt. 

Let’s be honest; not everyone is all gungho with the flirting thing. I mean, it can be totally weird and awkward. We’ve all been there, and if you say you haven’t, you’re lying. 

Subtle flirting is being lowkey with it. So you’re really just being genuine with liking the other person and not coming off too strong, right. You might be thinking, “Well, how do you do that!?”. 

It’s super simple. Start by keeping the conversation light and uplifting. It’s great to laugh and joke around with one another at first because it tends to break that awkward ice that’s lodged in your refrigerator. Occasionally, throwing a joke in shows that you’re enjoying the conversation with them, funny, and laid-back. All of which are very attractive, in my opinion. 

The next step consists of two words…body language. Body language is HUGE in the flirting/dating game. It basically says it all, even when your words might not be enough. Not only does it work, but it’s a fantastic action to throw in your subtle flirting handbook. 

Always face your body towards them when you’re in a conversation. A little hip and shoulder action shows your interest in being there in the moment with them. If you want to add in an arm or shoulder touch, you totally should. A light touch here and there separates the idea that you’re not just friendly and that you are looking to be out of their friend zone. 

Make sure you’re making eye contact with them as well. Eye contact shows that you’re actively paying attention and listening to their words. It’s also a secret way to be extra flirty, like casually looking from their eyes to their lips. Make it known that you’re totally into more than just the conversation. One of the last obvious tips to add to subtle ways to flirt is to SMILE. Show your gorgeous smile off no matter what it looks like. People love a friendly face in a world of antsy beings, and it shows them that you’re happy to be there with them. 

ways to flirt

Flirting over Text

Flirting over text… how the hell do you manage that? Luckily we have emojis to insinuate more, but not everyone is an emoji user, and some people like emojis a little too much. 

So if you’re not an emoji user or you’re trying to detox from them, here are some great tips to keep in mind when you’re flirting over text. To start off, it’s always a good idea to keep it simple. Short and sweet messages are much more of a turn-on than a paragraph with 12 emojis at the end. 

Sending quick little messages like, “I miss your face right now,” to show they’re clearly on your mind. You could send a message with a guaranteed response, such as, “I had a crazy dream about you last night…”. That will definitely spark their interest and show yours. 

Maybe you want to be a bit different and send them a song that reminds you of them… that’s always a fantastic way to flirt. Just make sure the song isn’t complete trash and that you actually listened to the lyrics before sending it their way. 

Be playful and complimentary with your texts. Everyone loves a good compliment, and you have the perfect opening since you just went on your date last night. Try texts like, “I’ve been distracted all day because my mind keeps wandering to our date last night.” 

This opens up the conversation and makes them feel confident with how the date went and that you’re definitely looking for a second… or engagement. Too soon? Okay, well, you get the point. 

Let’s just keep in mind that flirting over text can be MUCH easier than in person. That’s why it’s important to do both. Make sure you’re meeting face to face and showcasing the same feelings, even if you’re hesitant at first. You got this!

flirting over text

Aggressive Flirting

Alright, all you confident, direct, “That’s my man/woman,” even though you just started talking yesterday kind of people… lol kidding. 

It’s so good to have an array of personalities out there, as that’s what allows us to make connections with like-minded individuals. Here are some ways to approach aggressive flirting, which could also just mean being super obvious that you’re totally into more than what their coffee order was. 

In order to aggressively flirt, you need to make yourself available to your person of interest. When you do agree to hang out or go on that sexy date they asked you out on… because you’re the hottest thing on the block, remember… You need to put all those subtle ways to flirt on high volume. 

If you want to make it obvious, it’s pretty simple to do so. Give them multiple compliments on their personality or physical appearance. Make sure to give them the flirty eyes while also paying close attention to their lips. Let’s not forget about the arm and hand touches. You definitely need to do that! Stand up straight, tall and confident in your body and with what you’re saying. Maybe throw in a little arched back to highlight your nice booty you’ve been working on. Knowing what you want and going after it is found to be highly attractive in individuals. So be that person- who cares if you have never been, do it now! Play the part. Act confident and see what happens, even if it is hard. Like I said before, if anyone’s got this, it’s you.

Now that you know some of the different ways to flirt, I hope you’re getting spiced up and picked out your hottest outfit to strut your stuff in. It’s time to put the tips to work and try them out on your next victim… or whoever you’re already talking to. Just remember, subtle flirting and aggressive flirty are both totally viable ways to get the job done. It’s completely up to your comfort, and whichever way makes you feel like your best self. Just be you, with a bit of spice. Show them you’re into them; little touches, eye contact, and compliments will all do the trick. Good luck, and never forget that you should be treated like the queen/king you are.

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