Why Choose Waterproof? 10 Reasons Why Waterproof Sex Toys Take the Win.

Jan 27, 2022

Life can be stressful, so you deserve all the pleasure you can get. But before you make a rash decision in your purchase of pleasure-inducing waterproof sex toys, you should find a safe and high-quality product to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with waterproof sex toys that have both these features and more. Keep on reading to find out why they take the win and which toys should make it onto your next shopping list.  


1. They allow you to explore shower play 


Having sex or masturbating in bed can feel comfortable at first but gets boring pretty easily. If you need some privacy, a shower is another great option, especially since no one can hear what you’re up to. You can just let the water run and let yourself get loose. 


Yes, masturbation under a shower is a real treat, but it can be mind-blowing when paired with a sex toy. Picture this: as you’re stimulating your clitoris and exploring temperature play, you can enhance the sensations by adding a dildo which often comes with a vibrating function. If you purchase waterproof sex toys, this fantasy and many others can come true. Shower sex will definitely get more exciting as you’ll have the option to explore double penetration and experience blended orgasms. Consider purchasing Iris, the suction cup dildo/vibrator that offers you triple stimulation perfect for both solo and partnered play. 


2. Your bath time will be a lot more relaxing


Nothing can beat submerging yourself in a hot bubble bath, but the experience can always get better if you add a vibrator to the equation. Thanks to the waterproof feature, your bath time might be more fun than ever. If you need recommendations, check out Venus, the best waterproof vibrator on the market due to its dual-head design and intense speeds. For more inspiration, you can find more on our website. Investing in a good toy is the best way of upgrading your self-care routine. 


venus wand vibrator

3. You don’t have to worry about accidental damage


If you’re a clumsy person, getting a waterproof toy is a must. Most of us charge our sex toys on a bedside table where we also tend to leave a cup of tea. To prevent damage caused by spilling drinks near the toy, make sure to purchase one that can be immersed in water. Waterproof toys are more durable overall, so you’ll enjoy them longer whether you’re careful about where you put them or not. Masturbation and sex should be fun, so it’s worth investing in something that won’t cause unnecessary stress


4. You can use as much lube as you want


Lube can not only help you deal with vaginal dryness but also amplifies your sensations, making the experience more intense and satisfying. Waterproof sex toys are superior because they can be covered in lube without causing damage. This feature is especially helpful if your toy is made of silicone as it requires a bit of lubrication. If you want to make the insertion as smooth as possible, you can also consider getting a glass toy. For example, Ceres, our glass anal plug and dildo, is perfect for both vaginal and anal penetration. And, of course, you can use lube to enhance the cooling effect.

ceres waterproof glass dildo

5. You can take them everywhere


Waterproof sex toys are more durable than other products. You can take them everywhere with you without worrying about getting caught in the rain. The waterproof feature also means a toy can be charged with a USB cable, so you don’t have to search for a gas station to buy new batteries. Just let it fully charge before you set on your journey, and you’re guaranteed to have a stress-free vacation. If you want a toy to be extra discreet, there are plenty of waterproof toys on the smaller side that are designed for traveling. Examples include anal and clitoral vibrators or yoni eggs that you can also find on our website – we got you covered. But before you consider buying a new toy, keep reading to find out more about the advantages of water-friendly toys.


6. Cleaning has never been easier


If you want to clean a waterproof toy, you can spray it, then simply submerge it in the water and leave it to soak for a while. Another good way to make sure a toy is fully disinfected is by placing it in boiling water which can only be done if it’s waterproof. Sometimes wiping a toy with a spray or soap might not be enough, and the bacteria might still linger on its surface. To keep your vagina as healthy as possible, you should always go for a waterproof toy and try to stick to the cleaning your sex toy guidelines.


7. They’re made from safer materials 


As you might already know, porous sex toys aren’t safe because they have room for bacteria to grow that can cause unpleasant vaginal infections. Waterproof sex toys, on the other hand, are usually made from safe materials such as silicone, metal, and glass. One of the best waterproof sex toys are those made of silicone because they include various functions. For example, some are designed for dual stimulation or have extra features such as a heating option. 


8. You don’t have to worry about squirting


If you’re a squirter, you might worry that using a dildo will damage your toy or put your health at risk, which might make your masturbating sessions stressful and unfulfilling. But thanks to the waterproof feature, you can kiss those worries goodbye. Waterproof sex toys come in all shapes and sizes and often with extra functions that cater to everyone’s needs. If you’re new to using sex toys, you should try something from our signature line for a satisfying first-time experience. For example, Mania is a tongue vibrator with 17 different modes, so you don’t have to start from intense sensations straight away. You can take things slowly and gradually build-up to the highest levels. Pair it with one of our dildos, and they’ll definitely make you squirt. 


9. Higher quality of a toy


Waterproof sex toys require more testing so you can be sure no one cuts corners when producing your toy. This also means that nothing was left unsealed, so you don’t have to worry about trapped bacteria, accidentally scratching your vagina, or any other defects that can put you off while masturbating. Even the cheapest dildos are high quality and ready to spice up your sex life with amazing features. For example, Luna is a thrusting dildo that warms up to help you enjoy it even without foreplay. Additionally, it has 8 vibration modes and rabbit ears that are great for clitoral stimulation. 


10. You can explore your kinks more freely


When you’re in the heat of the moment, things can get pretty messy, and some kinks might be impossible to explore if your toys aren’t waterproof. Whether you’re into blood play or omorashi, waterproof sex toys will rise to the task and allow you to take your sexual escapades to the next level. All you have to do is make sure you learn how to clean them properly, and you can fully focus on your pleasure.  


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