Terra- The Ultimate Wartenberg Wheel.

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While the term BDSM can be intimidating or confusing to some, there are a plethora of sex toys and objects designed to get your inquisitive juices flowing! Whether it’s your first step towards a riskier sex life or you’re just curious about experimenting with new toys, VforVibes have the tools to get you going… or coming either way! 

What is a Wartenberg Wheel?

The Wartenberg wheel, often known as a Wartenberg pinwheel or Wartenberg neuro-wheel, is a medical device created to test the nerve reactions and sensitivity of parts of the human body. The device is rolled across the skin where the small sharp pins are designed to awaken bodily nerves, but it has also gained popularity as a BDSM toy over the years. 

So what exactly is BSDM? BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission for those with no idea about the term. What falls under these categories is subjective and varied. Is smelling feet sex? Sure, if it gets you off! For some people, it’s more subdued play, whilst others find pleasure in the more extreme aspects of BDSM. 

Sexual self-discovery is growing in popularity, and we are seeing a more positive mainstream attitude towards fetishism and sexual variety. The Terra Wartenberg Wheel from VforVibes.com is a perfect tool to use when experimenting with sensation play. The 7.4-inch handle gives the user complete control on their journey towards sexual gratification and can be a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. The sensations that this toy produces are mind-blowing! But first, we are going to look at some of the things to get you started. 

Set the Mood. 

Like the real thing, solo pleasure requires some preliminary work to set the mood. Once you and your Wartenberg Wheel are acquainted, it’s time to get relaxed! Light up some candles, play some sensual music, and clear your mind. This is your time- a time to discover what your body wants, desires, and deserves. 

Start Slowly. 

It’s not a race! Slow down and take the time to get to know your body. The Wartenberg Wheel is designed to be used in accordance with your body’s reactive sensations, whether alone or with a partner (or three or four!). Take your time when exploring different regions of your body as the idea is to find as many new and exciting erogenous zones that make you giggle, tingle, bite your lip or moan with pleasure. You’ll be surprised at the number of sensations you like but also discover those that you do not- and that’s perfectly fine. Solo play is all about getting to know yourself and learning what works for you. 

wartenberg wheel

Set Boundaries 

It’s important to set boundaries when experimenting with others and even with yourself. Make sure not to push yourself too far. If something hurts, stop. If something doesn’t feel right… then it’s probably not for you. Slow and steady wins the race, and it’s essential to listen to your mind and body when experimenting with new sex toys

Be Safe 

Safety is key. Do not be so rough on yourself that it hurts. Instead, take your time in understanding what a particular sex toy does and how it works. The Terra Wartenberg Wheel is intended for experimental use. Experiment with different pressures and feelings, but also, with this magnificent t object, you can experiment with temperature sensations too. Being stainless steel, you can run it under the hot or cold faucet to produce a naughty sensation all over your body. Remember, be safe and know your sensory limits. 


What works for you might not work for others. If you’re experimenting alone, the stage is yours. You are the protagonist, director, and casting agent! It’s all about you! If you’re with others, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty. With your Terra Wartenberg Wheel, you will have the ability to venture into the unknown. Try rolling the device up and down your inner thigh or gently up and down the penis… you only know if you like something if you give it a try! 

BDSM for Beginners

BDSM is a term used to describe the particular aspects of sex that can be split into these groups: bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. Although most people think that BDSM is kinky, in some cases, it doesn’t involve sex at all! 

What’s great about the umbrella term is that you do not have to label exactly what it is you like to do sexually. The mental aspects of these kinks are more of a turn-on than the actual act of physical, sexual intercourse. Some examples of BDSM are tying your lover up, using dog leads or chains to make your partner crawl around as your sex slave, or mental or emotional domination- all within a controlled environment. The use of safewords is an example of the informed consent between individuals embarking on such activity and is a word that is used as an indication if someone is not happy in a particular situation. Be sure to establish safe words with your partner if things get a little bit too much. Whether you’re submissive or dominant, the Terra Wartenberg Wheel is an ideal toy to bring into your newfound love for all things kinky.  

best wartenberg wheel Terra

Why the Wartenberg Wheel? 

The Terra Wartenberg Wheel is the perfect instrument to get you started on your BDSM journey. Not only on your BDSM voyage, but also on your quest for sexual variety and personal fulfillment. The sleek, stainless steel wand is perfect for rolling around areas of your body (or your partners) to achieve what can only be described as a sensory overload! The Terra Wartenberg Wheel is a must for building your kinky collection if you’re just starting out on your kink journey. 

The object of the game is not to pierce the skin, but to use enough pressure on various parts of your body to create your desired sensation. Why not experiment with blindfolds when using the wheel, or even place it in the freezer 30 minutes before using it for a little temperature play? Spicing up your sensation play can really help you on your kink expedition. Toying with different temperature methods or BDSM tricks such as tying up or blindfolding can lead to some exhilarating sensations.  

Why not pair up your Terra Wartenberg Wheel with other toys from V For Vibes extensive range? The wheel works perfectly in harmony with the Luna Heated Thrusting Dildo for the most amazing contrast in pleasure. By playing with these different sensations, you open up a world of excitement, pleasure, and sexual discovery. 

BDSM doesn’t have to be a scary phrase as there is so much more to this umbrella term than you think. Whatever your kink, style, passion, or desire, VforVibes have you covered! For anyone starting out in the world of kink or BDSM, the Terra Wartenberg Wheel is a crucial tool to have in your kinky set, ready to whip out whenever it’s time to get experimenting. Remember to always be careful, know your boundaries and make sure there is clear communication between you and others that you’re playing with. 

For those starting off as a BDSM beginner, we cannot recommend the Terra wheel enough. It’s a fundamental tool that will open the door to other areas of sensuality. Kissing, touching, licking, and pulling can all be entwined with the use of the Terra Wartenberg Wheel, and gives its users a chance to truly unleash those inner sexual cravings or desires. This toy will help you reconnect with a partner sexually and sensually and with the most important person… yourself. Give yourself the pleasure you deserve by visiting our Shop to order your Terra Wartenberg Wheel today!



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