Voyeurism and Exhibitionism- The Game for Couples.

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Voyeurism and exhibitionism exist mutually – one really can’t happen without the other! As a voyeur, you need to be able to watch someone putting on a show, and as an exhibitionist, you need an audience for your performance. 

You can’t be one or the other without having your partner in crime (or in sex!) be present and willing to take on the required role for you to feel sexually fulfilled and satisfied. 

You can plan exhibitionism games with your partner or give a remote controlled vibrator a chance, and practice safe voyeurism and exhibitionism for you and your partner to explore your deepest fantasies. 

Just ensure your safety, or that of your partner’s, is not jeopardized at any point, and you should be good to go! Here’s the ultimate guide on how to play the game for couples, voyeurism and exhibitionism, in safe and promising ways.

Try it at Home

Home, and indoors, in general, are always some of the safest options to begin exploring your sexual fantasies and desires. Safe exhibitionism and voyeurism can be really fun if your safety and dignity are not actually compromised in any way. 

To do this:

  1. Talk to your partner first, and find out whether they are into either of these roles – the exhibitionist or the voyeur.
  2. Get their consent and then put on a show for them.
  3. Turn up the music and try stripping or letting your partner watch through a window or peephole to make things more interesting.
  4. Turn up the heat by experimenting with voyeurism and exhibitionism within the confines of your house so that it doesn’t put too much at risk, and you don’t feel threatened by the presence of too many outsiders or strangers.
  5. Then, up the game to new extents by doing it in public

Outdoors can be really exciting for exploring your exhibitionist or voyeur tendencies since you’re in public and can possibly involve multiple people, too. A fun way to explore the exhibitionism game with your partner can be setting up a tent in a camping spot and putting on a show for your partner. 

You can even experiment with this game when you’re on the trails during hiking sex with them or have a cute picnic date planned; just make sure you’re in a safe environment, like a car, which doesn’t involve the risk of getting arrested or being caught! If you think you’re ready to take your couple game to the next level, you can practice safe exhibitionism in public with your partner present.  

Let Your Clothing do it for You.

Another way to practice safe exhibitionism at home or in public can be to do as little as possible. Trust us when we say this; sometimes less IS more! Clothing specifically can do wonders for you and your partner’s voyeurism and exhibitionism fantasies. 

Perhaps try going on a date in a sheer top, or walking around braless at home to feel like you’re putting on a show, or watching your partner discreetly, to really set the tone right for both of you. There’s so much you can do with such little clothing! Don’t be afraid of really pushing your boundaries, especially if you’re indoors – less clothing can mean more fun for you two.

voyeurism and exhibitionism

WebCam Sex, Anyone? 

Explore the world of exhibitionism and voyeurism through the wonders of the internet and technology. Set up two different cameras or Web Cams in different rooms if you and your partner cohabitate. Enjoy watching each other as one puts on a show for the other through the webcam and really get it going with the right vibes. 

If both of you are comfortable, you can even join websites that legally allow you to explore voyeurism and exhibitionism, such as OnlyFans or other webcam sites that are meant for online video sex. This might be really good for both of you since you’ll be getting exactly what you want out of it. 

Remote Controlled Vibrators 

Giving your partner the controls to your sexual desires and what you’re feeling is on its own a great game to play! For people who want to explore safe exhibitionism or who enjoy being the voyeur, set out for a quick grocery run with a remote controlled discreet vibrator secured in place for your partner. 

Each time you receive the cue, use the remote control to allow your partner to feel various sensations as they shop through the aisles of a grocery store and really turn up the heat even in public settings. Knowing you control your partner’s feelings with their consent can be very sexy! Use various speed settings and modes for the best outcomes; watch them respond to all of your decisions, and if you’re the exhibitionist, know that your partner is watching (and possibly others are, too).

And of course, read our latest blog for more fun ways to use your remote control vibrator in public!

remote control clit vibrator

Videos and Tapes can Help. 

Set up a camera at the right angles and for an additional kick, put up a mirror, too. Let your fantasies run wild as you videotape yourselves having sex, and if you’re in the mood, really put on a show. Make sure the tape gets everything so the partner who enjoys being the voyeur can revisit the tape later, and feel great pleasure knowing that your partner is going to watch the recording at another time, too. 

Mutual Masturbation 

Mutual masturbation can be a great way of exploring exhibitionism and voyeurism. To get started, the exhibitionist can begin performing an elaborate solo sex session with you, as a voyeur, watching them. 

It can bring both of you lots of joy and pleasure to be on your own while being in each other’s company as one gets to watch and the other performs. Remember, voyeurism is not about being selfish – learn how to create that fine balance between watching and also giving your partner the joy of knowing you’re watching so that they can get off, too!

Group Sex 

This might not come as a surprise to most exhibitionists and voyeurs, but group sex and orgies can be endlessly fun for your couple’s game of displaying and watching! You can expand beyond just the two of you and delve into voyeurism and exhibitionism with multiple people. That way, you can share the fun and spread the good vibes by putting on a show for other people and your partner, or watching your partner closely while watching others, too.


Stripping can be a wonderful way of exploring your voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies since both of you can decide the pace. If you’re feeling special, take it slow and set the right mood for the show by adjusting the lighting and music according to your taste. 

You can begin with a little bit of a tease while your partner watches, and when you’re ready, put on a full-blown show, which can include masturbating as your partner watches. This can really get them going and be an extended period of foreplay for some mind-blowing sex! 

If you’re feeling risky and want to experiment in the great outdoors, you can find a lake or a pool nearby and try strip-teasing before you skinny dip with your partner. Just make sure no one else around you is made uncomfortable or offended by you and your partner enjoying your couple’s game of exhibitionism and voyeurism. 


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