The Best Vitamins For Sex Drive.

Jul 19, 2021

If you have noticed a decline in your overall sex drive, then you are immediately left with two choices:

  1. Act upon your sex drive with techniques to improve it
  2. Ignore your faltering sex drive and allow it to become even more substandard

Sex is important, and in the end, it is an essential aspect of humans happiness/well-being. With this, to bring libido back, we hope you choose the first option, and we are here to provide you with all the information (and sex toys!) you need to help you actually follow through with this choice. 

We’ve been talking a lot about how to exercise, your food, and your diet are all intertwined aspects of libido, and today we are going to focus on one of the most prominent methods of promoting the desire for sex within this related field: 

Vitamins for sex drive. 

By taking vitamins for sex drive and ensuring that you are receiving these vitamins naturally through food, you will promote the health of your entire body, and you will promote the health of your sex drive- a symbiotic relationship with lasting positive effects. 

The Relationship between Vitamins and Sex

When looking at what vitamins are good for sex, there are a few important things to note and keep in mind as you decide how you will ensure your vitamin intake is right where it needs to be.

Look Into Yourself

Vitamins and minerals are the baselines of nutrition and the relation to bodily health and happiness. 

Your body is one extensive system, and if there exists a weak spot within this system, other aspects suffer. This is particularly true regarding sex. 

For example, anxiety and stress are some of the leading causes of poor libido.

So, in a person who suffers from anxiety, instead of looking into what vitamins are good for sex, you will receive more benefit by instead asking what vitamins are best for anxiety. 

See what we mean? 

By looking into yourself, the way you feel, and other ailments you may suffer from, you can better direct what vitamins to take and, therefore, what vitamins are good for sex. Because in the end, there really isn’t a vitamin out there that isn’t good for sex, and pursuing a heightened level of health, in general, is the best way to increase your sex drive. 

The Most Effective Vitamins for Sex Drive are Derived from Food

Another critical aspect to note regarding what vitamins are good for sex lies in the importance of receiving vitamins naturally. 

Supplements are great, and we by no means are saying do not take them, but they exist to fill a gap- the gap of vitamins needed that you have otherwise not obtained from food. 

Food is, and always will be, the best place to receive vitamins in their raw, unaltered form, and therefore the best approach of how to increase libido. 

When going through our list of the best vitamins for sex drive, realize that any way you can receive these vitamins through natural food and drink is always better than a supplement. It is only when you simply cannot fill a nutrition gap with food that you should complement the lack with a supplement, and always focus on foods high in vitamins for sex drive.

vitamins for sex drive derived from food

The Best Vitamins for Sex Drive

After you’ve looked into yourself and the areas of your physical and mental health that may need attention before zooming into your sex drive, discovering what vitamins are instead better at healing particular ailments that are possible causes of poor libido, then you can begin to focus on vitamins specific to increasing sex drive. 

We’ve comprised a list of the essential vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy, happy, and most importantly of all: horny!!


Omega-3 fatty acids and sex drive go hand in hand. Omega-3s act to improve your cardiovascular and heart function, so not only will they help you have the energy to last longer and with much more respectable stamina, but they will also increase your desire for sex.

How so?

Omega-3’s increase the body’s dopamine production, which is the ‘feel good hormone’ and an integrated aspect of your mental reward system. Dopamine, happiness, and mood are all very much related. 

By making you feel overall happier and lowering the grip of depression, omega-3s are an excellent way to promote and increase libido. 

Vitamin E

Have you heard of the ‘sex vitamin’?

If so, that is a nickname to describe one of the single most beneficial vitamins for sex drive, and a great vitamin to follow up Omega-3, as both can be derived from oily fish as one of the best sources. 

The reason why vitamin E is the sex vitamin begins with your cardiovascular system. By protecting and promoting the health of your cardiovascular system through the reduction of free radicals in the blood, vitamin E directly raises energy levels and stamina- a much-needed asset in maintaining the desire to have sex. 

Vitamin E also helps to get that blood flowing, which helps to send those sexy “I want it” signals to your brain and helps to get the blood flowing to your genitalia. 

Make sure your vitamin E intake is where it needs to be, and you’ll be snagging your sex toy on the damn daily!

sex toys for increased sex drive


Nothing will lower your sex drive like being tired and worn out. When the pillow sounds better than playing with your favorite sex toy or your partner, that’s when you know you need some sleep. 

Magnesium is excellent for increasing libido as it helps to promote your sleep. The higher your energy levels and the more rested you feel, the better your entire immunity functions and the better you feel overall. And when you feel good, libido follows. 

As well as this, magnesium is a testosterone powerhouse (making it one of the best vitamins for male sex drive especially). It helps to increase testosterone, and it also helps to prevent testosterone from grabbing onto proteins. This increases free testosterone levels in the blood, which is key to unlocking the epitome of “Oh my, I am horny as hell”.  

The B Vitamins 

The B vitamins are a must-have if you feel as though your libido has been lacking. 

A lack of B12 vitamins will make you feel tired and moody, and that’s never beneficial to sex. By taking your B vitamins, you’ll realize that your body simply feels more awake, better, and ready for the good stuff.  

B12 promotes your body’s natural ability to create red blood cells. Without the suitable production, your hard-on is sure to suffer, and B12 is one of the best ways to send a little extra blood to the genitalia for a rock-solid erection, a tremendous male vitamin for sex drive.  

Although the B vitamins are essential for all genders, women might want to focus more on B6. This vitamin for sex drive is one of the most prominent regulators of your sex hormones, such as estrogen and dopamine.  

 Without enough B vitamins, men and women alike will also have less sensation when they reach climax. That doesn’t sound like fun, so if your orgasms have been lacking a little flair, perhaps you’re just missing out on this very important libido-boosting vitamin.  


Low iron levels and a lack of desire for sex are all too common. Iron deficiency anemia will take your desire for love and toss it right out the window, and will instead make you feel weak, tired, shaky, pale, and really just a mess. 

Not only does low iron make you feel like total crud, it is also a form of malnutrition. To compensate for low iron levels and ensure that your libido is boosted, you may need to eat food of higher iron content or choose to consume a daily iron supplement. 

With low iron causing anxiety and depression, two sexual mood-killers, iron won’t only help you to feel better physically, but it will promote mental clarity and happiness that is directly correlated to an increased libido.  

By ensuring that your iron levels are at healthy levels, your entire body will feel better, and you will be far more inclined to have sex, making iron simply one of the best vitamins to increase sex drive. 

supplements for sex drive

Vitamins for Sex Drive- A Summary

Taking vitamins and consuming vitamin-rich food is seriously the best asset for increasing your sex drive in any and all genders alike. 

But remember, nothing will act as an instant cure to better sex and heighten libido. You have to remain consistent in your approach, as vitamins take time to absorb and accumulate into the body fully, and you must also think to approach low libido with other strategies, such as:

And much more. Take your time as you learn what your body needs, and realize that the hard work and dedication it takes to implement libido-changing strategies will be entirely worth the reward. 

So grab the best sex toy you might have, and get busy enjoying the positive effects that vitamins for sex drive have on every other aspect of your life.

And as a final note, you always want to speak to a healthcare professional before consuming vitamins, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, so just keep that in mind!



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