How do women orgasm with vibrators and dildos?

Nov 2, 2020

There are plenty of people who haven’t used or had an orgasm with vibrators, sex toys, or dildos in their lives. Trust us, that’s totally normal! Those sex toy newbies and beginners may have found this article
while searching for a step-by-step sex guide.

Ahh, the elusive orgasm. And those with female sex organs know just how elusive it is.

But to experienced users – according to surveys, 44% of people in the US have used a sex toy,
and the most popular is a vibrator. More women have tried sex toys than men- , this blog may
sound non-essential and even funny. What is so hard to read instructions, turn on the vibrator
and press the power button?

Just think about how many times you have achieved toe-curling strong orgasms. Did it happen
during masturbation or intercourse? What were the underlying causes of those incredible
sexual experiences? What are the factors that contribute to the orgasm gap? Why does the gap
exist? Why are there women who haven’t had an orgasm in their lifetime? Why is it hard for
people with vulvas to orgasm?

Achieving orgasms is more complicated than you think. Read on for a complete sex guide on
how to orgasm with vibrators, dildos or any other sex toys.
Even if you have a couple of pleasure toys in your nightstand you might not know everything
important about them. What if you just use half of their capabilities?

Orgasms are unique, as they are uncovered through a vast array of means that is different not only for every one of us but also for ourselves on a particular day or while feeling a particular mood. So with these changes in self and mood arises the need then to adjust your sex and your sex life accordingly, whether by yourself or with a partner, to help you reach climax. 

One of the best ways for those with a vagina to reach orgasm is by incorporating the use of a sex toy into their bedroom play, and more specifically, a vibrator. Vibrators have been proven to increase the ability for a woman to reach orgasm through simple self-testing and definitive science, and even those with a penis can find it to be an invigorating tool in sex, as a vibrator orgasm is the best kind of orgasm.

But as we said before, we are each very unique, so exactly what type of vibrator you use and how you use it can have an extremely pronounced effect on your orgasms, so keep reading to see exactly how to use a vibrator to help you reach orgasm. 

Unleash your sex toys full potential to live the most fulfilling colorful sex life.

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First things first – you need to find the right toy for you.

You can trace the outcome with how you go about picking the right tools. When remodeling or building your house, without the right resources, you won’t be able to complete the project the way you want it. Orgasms are exactly the same.

Many women run into much the same issue when they’re trying to orgasm with the wrong sex toy – because the categories of sex toys, vibrators and dildos cover a wide variety of intimate products. For some vulva owners, triple stimulation may be the most suitable option, as these triple stimulation toys are easy to use, and you can apply them to all erogenous zones simultaneously. For others, an individual toy approach works the best. They can explore a temperature play with a glass sex toy, get their clitoris sucked with a clitoral stimulator, or stimulate their anus nerve endings with an anal bead vibrator.

Forget about having multiple mind-blowing orgasms unless you’re using the right vibrating toy and know the basics, fundamentals about orgasms. Remember, knowledge is power. Let’s look at the female climax’s statistics.

According to Osmo Kontula, research professor, PhD and Anneli Miettinen, researcher, MSSc, the key to a successful satisfaction journey lies in the mental and relationship factors. Women value their partners’ orgasms way more than their own, only 50% of women experience orgasms during intercourse, 38% of women don’t find intercourse pleasant. 46% of women said that they always had an orgasm while having an intercourse, one in six women have an orgasm approximately half of the time. Most young women had their first orgasm during masturbation before the age of 15. There are some women who haven’t had an orgasm until their late 40s.

There is a bigger likelihood of achieving orgasms if women have vaginal penetration (64% had an orgasm) There are only 5% of multiorgasmic women, who have more than one orgasm during intercourse. For the majority of women, it’s easier to achieve orgasms with a direct clitoral stimulation, according to National Service UK. The G spot does exist, but not all women have it. Scientists did this discovery with a help of ultrasound. For the best G-spot stimulation we recommend Victoria, a 20-Speed silicone G-spot vibrating dildo. Vaginal orgasms are easy to be achieved with Venus wand sex toy and heated dildo. For clitoral stimulation options we highly suggest Drusilla clit sucking toy and magic tongue vibrator that mimics oral sex.

Remember to use ONLY body safe sex toys.

Don’t play games with your health and sexual wellness!

Use a Lot of Lubricants 

It doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female or using a vibrator on your vagina, inside it, or even with anal play. The key to any proper vibrator use begins with lots of lube. 

And sure, you might be one to get plenty wet while playing, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t necessarily need lube, and regardless no matter how wet you are this will only make it more so that way. And wet is good. 

This prevents any form of discomfort from taking place at all. Nothing will stop you in your tracks of reaching orgasm as quickly as a slight jolt of pain will, and you must avoid this at all costs. Vibrators move really fast, and if you are not properly lubricated can cause friction and tiny tears that will result in serious discomfort. And it’s so easy to avoid this by simply using plenty of lube with your vibrator. 

Keep in mind your genitals sensitivity.

Clit sex toys like the classic Hitachi Magic Sex Wand, that has to be plugged into the outlet to deliver the most powerful vibes, packs a wallop. If you prefer a delicate stimulation try vibrating panties, thrusting dildos or ejaculating dildos.

Explore the sensations all over the body, play with temperature and sensation play.

Foreplay is a key ingredient in preparing our bodies for sexual intercourse by producing natural vaginal lubrication. Explore your body, touch yourself, find what gets you aroused the most, experience self-pleasure with the help of the modern highest-quality vibrators and dildos. Make sure to keep in mind different types of pleasure tools.

1. Do you want a sex toy for couple’s play?

There are a great range of marvelous sex toy options that deliver pleasure for both

partners. From dual-sided vibrators that stimulate two peoples’ erogenous zones

simultaneously, to Bluetooth-controlled toys which give one partner the ability to guide

the other’s sexual pleasure from a distance.

That’s a large amount of options. Explore the most trustworthy high-end adult brands, such as V For Vibes, Lelo, Womanizer, Unbound Babes, or Lora Di Carlo.

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Sexual desire and arousal come first, following by the orgasms.

It’s always easier to go with a boring sexual routine. Studies show that married folks or long-
term couples reveal boring sex life as one of biggest challenges in relationships.
Similar potential dangers might occur when it comes to self-love and self-pleasure sessions and
using sex toys in the bedroom. If you won’t start experimenting and trying different pleasure
products, you won’t be able to satisfy all your sexual cravings.

Research shows that women need to convince themselves they want and need to orgasm and
prioritize their own pleasure. Foreplay is an incredible way to start this self-love and sexual
exploration journey.
Women need to ask themselves what would be the most impactful and the most useful tools to
bring themselves the biggest pleasure and satisfaction. This self-analysis can help you open new
doors and start a new chapter of your life. Meantime read on a couple of sex tips to begin your
sexual self-awareness ride.

Take time to learn.

Start with reading the instructions for your new pleasure vibes, try out some settings
and speeds to discover your personal frequency, power and speed preferences, type of
lubrication that suits the best for each of your new toys.
Mental and mood stimulation
Chocolate scent, oysters, a glass of crispy champagne, chill out playlist and tickle feathers can
be a great beginning of relaxation and finding the still state of enjoying the moment. Take it
slow, dress up and put makeup on, read literotica, give yourself everything you need to fall in
love with yourself. Enjoy your self-discovery masturbation session without looking at a clock.

Have an intimate interaction with yourself.

Start with the most sensitive areas of your body. Temperature play is a highly
recommended starting point. Apply some ice cubes to your nipples, take heated glass
sex toy and play with your clitoris and vulva. Don’t forget about massage candles, lube
and soft silicone sex toys. Discover new sensations, with the help of wand massagers,
sex egg vibrators, wearable vibrators for a hands-free fun!

Nothing is going to set you off on the right track to orgasm more than arousal inducing foreplay if you are with a partner. 

Never jump straight into things, and always make sure to begin with some light kissing and touches to set the mood right. Vibrators can be intense and things are about to get crazy and wet, so for a vibrator to effectively help you reach orgasm it is best to begin nice and mellow to get you really craving more! 

The art of exploring yourself.

Ask yourself first, why do you explore your body? What answers are you trying to find
during this intimate time? We have to fight to be ourselves and prove our worth to
nobody, but ourselves. We might be looking for different answers, but by the end of the
day we are all humans and have so much in common. Sometimes, this supposedly

simple thing is hard to achieve and takes additional time. Sexual self-discovery journey
really consists of three steps:

  • examining your present erotic life
  • discovering what you are looking for
  • working on fulfillment of your sexual desires
    Think about your ideal sexual self. Many women and men end up defining themselves by
    judgements and conclusions made by other people. Without listening to your inner voice and
    having a clear idea of your sexual preferences it’s impossible to transition to a new level of
    pleasure.Vibrators come in a seemingly endless array of shapes and sizes, each with a different function aimed at pleasing a particular part of your body. Because of the variety in choice, discovering what kind of vibrator that is best for you is a keystone to reaching a vibrator orgasm. 

    To decide what kind of vibrator to use, considering you probably won’t buy every single one to discover this, is to really think within yourself the feelings that shake your legs the most. 

    If you are one that absolutely must have clitoral stimulation to orgasm, then wait until your clit feels what a wand vibrator can do to you. Wand vibrators are one of the best choices in clitoral stimulation as they feature a large, rounded head that is not meant for insertion. This means that it will cover a lot of surface area on your vagina, hitting all your favorite nerves, and the ball has been specifically designed for vibrations, so trust that it will be extremely effective in its job.

    If you are someone that knows clitoral stimulation helps you cum, but someone that at the same time really enjoys the feeling of insertion, a rabbit vibrator is one of the best ways of treating both. The extended ‘rabbit ears’ of this kind of vibrator will rest against your clitoris as the shaft pleasures you from inside, lending for an incredible two in one experience. 

    And then of course for those whose orgasms are derived from pure penetration, a G-spot vibrator will transport you to new planets of sensuality. Your clitoris spans far beyond just the outside surface of your skin, and a G-spot vibrator will make sure to please all of these nerve endings that lend for amazing sensation from far within you for penetration enhanced with the joys of vibration. 

    Choose a Vibrator with Multiple Speed Options. 

    It’s never good to submit yourself to a single-speed vibrator. Some of us are a lot more sensitive than others, thus requiring a different level of invigoration from the speed at which a vibrator vibrates. Because of this, to get to know yourself well, a vibrator with multiple speed options will really help you reach orgasm as you can adjust up and down accordingly until you really hit that sweet spot!  

    Communication is Key 

    If you are using a vibrator in a partner based setting, keeping constant communication along the way will very much help you reach climax. Your partner can only tell what feels good based on clues, so if you really want to get a message across the best way to do so is to speak it out loud!

    Your partner either has no idea what a vagina feels like or they personally enjoy certain feelings on their own vagina that may be different than yourself, so both parties must understand that talking someone through what does (and more importantly does not) feel good is an intimate way to provide the epitome of pleasure and not a way of talking down on performance whatsoever. 

Your safety comes first.

Make sure you use only body-safe sex toys, made of skin-friendly materials, such as silicone,
stainless steel, borosilicate glass, hard plastic (ABS), wood. There are a plenty of jelly or soft
plastic sex toys available in the market. Paying a few dollars less is not worth sacrificing your
health. Those cheaply made pleasure devices are linked directly to cancer and other diseases.
So, don’t take a chance. Invest in great quality vibrators and dildos by the top-rated adult shops only.


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