Sex Toy Review: Ge, the Vibrating Anal Toy.

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Let’s get straight to it and address the elephant in the room – anal play and a vibrating anal toy. I’m sure you’ve wondered whether you and your partner would enjoy experimenting with the backdoor region, and to be honest, it is quite common to have these thoughts every now and then, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. 

So when I talk about anal play, I mean really pushing the boundaries of what you know and diving headfirst into the world of anal sex toys with us. At V for Vibes, we keep your comfort and sexual needs at the top of our priority list and carefully create and design the wonderful toys we have for you in our Shop section. 

I will not lie; I was really taken aback (and I mean this in all the best of ways!) by what I received in the mail when I ordered Ge, the vibrating anal toy I’d been waiting for my whole life. I didn’t even know I needed this toy until I ordered it, and it blew me away with how powerful and unique it is – not just in design and beauty, but also in functionality and what it can do for me. And for you, I’m sure!

It’s all about the little details that the team at V for Vibes puts all their care and attention towards to ensure the perfect experience for us – the satin-lined box, the beautiful black pouch which allows me to carry Ge around, and the toy itself, all add to the experience of feeling like royalty and truly special even when you’re single. Here are a few things that really stood out for me and make me want to recommend Ge, the vibrating anal toy, to every woman I meet – seriously, you are missing out if you haven’t gotten your hands on here yet!

Vibrating Anal Toy review


Ge’s sleek and beautiful exterior is only the beginning. Her beautiful black exterior, in addition to the silky soft touch guaranteed by medical-grade silicone that’s used for her body, makes you want more and more of her during playtime, whether you’re going to pleasure town solo or with a partner during mutual masturbation or intercourse. Ge’s inclusive design allows people of all genders to comfortably interact with the toy and get started, especially if you haven’t ventured to the backdoor region yet.

I know it might sound scary, but trust us on this, when done right, anal play can lead to a world of fantasies and kinks that you have yet to explore. Not only that, anal play can allow you to have an orgasm like never before – you might even reach the Big O much quicker than you ever have before. Allowing you to free up space and hands to keep other erogenous zones occupied, Ge comes with an easy-to-grip exterior that makes the perfect replacement for the best large butt plugs. So if you’ve been meaning to explore with anal play and anal toys, we can’t recommend this enough, Ge is the way to go! 

The design is created and carefully crafted with you in mind, particularly making gripping it the easiest yet – the slight bend, the subtle curve, and the handle allow for an extended time of play without discomfort or unease in your wrists. Making Ge easy on the wrist has been the priority for the team at V for Vibes. Weighing only 0.3 lbs, Ge is lightweight and easy to maneuver and work with no matter where you are! All you really need is enough lube and time, and you’re in for the ride of a lifetime with how Ge is going to make you feel once you’re through with her. You’re sure to enjoy an orgasm like never before with Ge. 


Ge promises up to two total hours of playtime on one round of charging – what more could we ask for? Whether you’re just getting started with anal play and venturing into the backdoor region with all your hesitation, two full hours of playtime is more than you will need both as a beginner and an experienced sex toy user. Ge is equipped to handle all of your fantasies and kinks and will have you enjoying the time you spend with her a few minutes into playtime. Not only that, but you can also truly feel the empowerment with which the team has created and crafted Ge for you when you realize that you are, in fact, in control of the speed and vibration frequencies settings. You can take it down a notch or crank it up when you want, where you want, at the click of a button! 

Suppose you’re new to experimenting with anal sex. In that case, we recommend you begin with the lowest setting available for vibration frequencies to get you comfortable with the powerful motor built into Ge, and crank it up whenever you’re ready to take playtime to the next level with this incredible toy meant to knock your socks off. 

Ge promises a fun and exciting time wherever you are – so if you’re tired of sitting in bed and not getting the full experience out of masturbation or sex with a partner, consider adding Ge to your playtime to elevate the experience. Set the mood, light a few candles, or if you’re feeling adventurous, take Ge into the shower with your partner and really give it a go while you enjoy a hot and steamy shower sex. Ge’s medical-grade silicone body is meant to excite your senses by fulfilling the craving for a soft, velvety, almost silk-like touch while also giving it the advantage of being waterproof and easy to grip even in the steamiest of showers, making sure it doesn’t slip or cause any accidents. This allows you to kick back, relax and fully enjoy the time you’ve set out to play with Ge fulfilling all your sexual fantasies, desires, and needs.

vibrating anal toy

What makes Ge unique 

Ge is truly unique, not just in her design and beauty but also in the functions built into the body! The multispeed settings and the option to choose the vibration frequencies from a wide range allows you to truly indulge all your senses – you can start off by using it as a massager on your erogenous zones to get aroused before you take it to pleasure town and venture into anal play with Ge. 

Another fascinating quality Ge has, which personally was the best part about this purchase, is how quiet Ge can be! Discreet, beautiful, and whisper-silent, Ge has it all to make sure you don’t disturb your neighbors while you and your partner venture into uncharted waters with Ge late at night, either in bed or in the shower. With only 40 decibels worth of noise, Ge is sure to be one of the quietest anal toys out there, allowing you to experiment with it in multiple different locations, and even in the public if you’re feeling adventurous! 

Take it out with you in its beautiful packaging, which is so discreet no one will ever know what’s inside, whether you’re headed out to a nude beach or a bar, or even when you’re on a hike and plan on spending a night in the Great Outdoors with some lustful hiking sex. Ge’s got your back, and the team at V for Vibes has created this toy for you specifically – what are you waiting for?

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