Sexy, Sensual & Sweet: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from VforVibes

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Cancel the dinner & drinks! You’re spending this Valentine’s Day under the sheets. No other Valentine’s day gift ideas compare to the life-altering, relationship-enhancing effects of a luxurious new sex toy. 


So stop your search, as we think you’ve found your place. If you wish to make this V-day a unique, sensual, and memorable experience for your loved one, hear us out. 


A Sex Toy for Valentine’s Day? 


Yes, a million times!


Take the plunge into exciting new territories within your sex life while prioritizing your partner’s fulfillment by surprising them with a gorgeous new pleasure device. Sex toys are more than just a material item; your Valentine’s Day gift is synonymous with a lifetime of sexual exploration, an increased rate of climax, and newfound manifestations of intimacy. 


These sexy Valentine’s Day gift ideas create physical, emotional, and personal connections spanning far beyond bedroom doors. You’ll feel it in the moment, goosebumps riddled across your clothless skin. And you’ll feel it day to day, an uplifting happiness derived solely from a thriving sex life and the many benefits of orgasm-induced fulfillment


Tell Your Partner to Masturbate!


Although there’s much to gain in using your sensual Valentine’s Day gift together, if you want to earn some serious brownie points, you might like this route, too. 


Give your partner a sex toy you believe they’d enjoy or one that presents a sensation not yet explored. You can express your thoughts, speak on your understanding of their body and mind, and tell them you’ve listened intently to their likes by expanding on your choice of the toy in a letter/card. 


The point? This is THEIR toy. It’s meant for them and them only. 


It’s for the enhancement of their masturbation and personal exploration necessary for every human. This Valentine’s Day gift idea is the superlative way to speak without speaking at all, and you’re telling them to find this pleasure on every front, including those without you. 


For this Valentine’s Day, you’re giving the gift of sexual empowerment. It’s a big deal, but masturbation in a relationship is entirely okay. Being a beacon of support in such is the most thoughtful, beautiful gift to exist. 


The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023


We’ve done the dirty work for you. Here’s our curated collection of gorgeous, innovative products to promote sex positivity and pleasure:


Clio- The Radiant Wearable Vibrating Ring 


Clio is a gorgeous jewelry piece and vibrator, a two-for-one Valentine’s gift sure to entrance the eyes and seduce the senses. Who knew you could wear a key to climax so fashionably on the finger?!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. Sexy Gift Ideas in 2023 | V For Vibes Clio Ring Vibrator

Lua: The Lavish C-Shaped Vibrator


With remote control capabilities, this C-shape vibrator defines dual-stimulation perfection. Clitoral stimulation met with internal gratification is the gift that keeps on giving. 

C Shaped Vibrator - Hands-Free Vibrator Lua | V FOR VIBES

Cura: The Classy Clitoral Vibrator


Pretty-in-pink, our newest clitoral vibrator is the culmination of luxury and functionality, 10 vibrating tongue frequencies paving the way to eye-rolling pleasure. This toy represents an elegance surrounding sexuality that your partner will lust over. 

Clitoral Vibrator - Clitoral Stimulation Toy Cura | V FOR VIBES

Aion: The Vital Vibrating Penis Sleeve


For partners with a penis, Aion’s ribbed interior and 10 unique vibration frequencies are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

Vibrating Penis Sleeve - Penis Sleeve Vibrator Aion | V FOR VIBES

Vulcan: The Badass Blowjob Simulator


There’s nothing quite like Vulcan. This blowjob simulator flaunts 5 alluring rotation modes complimented with 10 vibration patterns. You can imagine what happens next…

best blowjob simulator Vulcan by V For Vibes

Bellona: The Clit Sucking Toy & G-Spot Vibrator


Bellona caters to the entire ecosystem of sexuality, ensuring both external and internal stimulation are the night’s focus. 10 clitoral sucking frequencies & 10 vibration frequencies will have your partner squirming for hours. 

Bellona: The Clit Sucking Toy & G-Spot Vibrator V FOR VIBES

Drusilla – The Majestic Clitoral Sucking Vibrator


This master of cunnilingus is masurbation’s best friend and a helpful companion during intercourse, allowing you to create an experience of oral-based sensation in addition to your partner’s touch. 

Drusilla Clit Sucking Vibrator -

Aura: Dual Clit and G-Spot Vibrator


In this case, two is definitely better than one, the combination of clitoral + G-spot pleasure capable of climactic things. 7 pulsing and 7 vibration frequencies? You can’t go wrong.

V For Vibes Aura clit and g spot vibrator

Eris- The Black Heating Bunny Vibrator of your Most Erotic Dreams


This rabbit vibrator will warm more than your partner’s heart this Valentine’s Day. A rabbit vibrator is a staple satisfaction, and this one has 16 vibration frequencies + warming capabilities. Must we say more? 

bunny vibrator

Cupid: The Playful Prostate Massager


This is the Valentine’s Day present that will introduce your partner to the sensational pleasures of the prostate. If prostate play hasn’t yet introduced itself, it’s time to say hello.

prostate massager

Apollo: Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads


Anal play for Valentine’s Day?! Discover the tantalizing sensations of anal stimulation with 10 vibrating modes, all controlled by a remote. 

Vibrating anal beads

Mars, The Heated Male Masturbator


The verdict is out. This is the sexiest male masturbator that money can buy. It’s heated, it’s modern & sleek, and it will hypnotize your partner with 6 vibrations + 5 sucking modes. 

Male masturbator

Janus, The Charming Masturbation Sleeve


Charming, modern, and meant to enhance any variation of penile play, Janus is idolized for its innovative yet simple approach to pleasure. Give your partner this penis sleeve as a sexy Valentine’s Day gift, and if you really want to up the ante, compliment it with a lustful session of cock worship

Masturbation sleeve

Bona Dea: The Blossoming Vibrating Rose


Bona Dea is the rose that never wilts, giving a new definition to ‘flowers on Valentine’s Day.’ Its midnight black exterior, luxurious and mysterious, is met with 10 tantalizing air-pulse frequencies for endless hours of external stimulation. 

Rose Toy For Women

Nyx- The Luxurious Remote Control Butt Plug


This toy is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any gender, as every human will benefit from the joys of anal exploration. Featuring remote controlled vibrating technology, there are no limits to what said exploration entails. For those eager to engage in adventure, Nyx will show you the ways.

remote control vibrating anal plug  Nyx Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. Sexy Gift Ideas in 2023 | V For Vibes

Chloe- The Erotically Enticing Cock Ring


Chloe is certain to alter phallus fulfillment, helping your partner to uncover the endless joys of vibrating sensation. This modern and sleek cock ring is a tasteful treat to any self-love session, or you can use it to enhance clitoral-based sensation as it presses against the vulva for a combined, simultaneous feeling.

cock ring V FOR VIBES chloe

Phoebe- The Compelling Heated Sex Machine


Life will never be the same when you surprise your partner with Phoebe, the elite sex machine featuring heating capabilities. This powerful sex toy allows you to explore a plethora of naughty desires, a wildly riveting experience for all involved. If your partner is passionate about masturbation or showcases any dirty desire, this is your ticket to the show. 

sex machine V FOR VIBES

Maia- The Potently Powerful Rose Flower Sex Toy


There’s a spiritual-like symbolism between the female genitalia and a blooming, beautiful flower. Pass along a toy that is sure to breathe new life into your partner’s meaning of sexual empowerment; Maia’s air-pulse technology is a trusted friend to any journey towards the big O. 

maia rose flower vibrator V FOR VIBES

MANIA- The Enchanting Sex Rose Tongue Vibrator


There’s no need for twelve roses when you can have just one! Doubling as an air-pulse vibrator with a combined vibrating tongue, knuckles will soon turn white from gripping the sheets as this toy achieves the epitome of an oral-like sensation. Trust us; there’s no better gift for Valentine’s Day, and your partner will fall in love with their new orgasm-ally. 


HARMONIA- The Enlightenment Rose Quartz Egg Set and Clear Quartz Yoni Eggs


Amplify sexual energy with this gorgeous set of crystal yoni eggs. With no motors, this toy curates a pure path to increased stimulation as the pelvic muscles tighten and blood flows more freely to pleasure points. 


Levana: The Dual Rosebud Vibrator


Levana is the first of its kind, a delightful pink exterior disguising a powerful ability to send climactic shivers running down the spine. This toy caters to both internal and external stimulation, everything you love about clitoral tongue rose vibrators but with the addition of a helpful thrusting dildo for dual stimulation. 

Daphne- The Blooming Rose Dual Vibrator


Here is a toy that will honor and embody feminine beauty and pleasure. With Daphne, you plant the seeds of a flourishing garden of sexual satisfaction, roses dancing in a spring sun. And don’t worry if it rains; Daphne is 100% waterproof. 


Iris- The Suction Cup Vibrator of your Wildest Dreams


The iris of your partner’s eyes will surely expand when they unwrap this wildly invigorating, triple-stimulation vibrator. As if the eye-rolling combination of clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation wasn’t enough, the suction cup capabilities allow for unparalleled masturbation and joyous shower play


Luna – Heated Thrusting Dildo, Sex Toy & Massager For Women


This toy feels soft and warm, a step high above the cold and clammy sex toys of the past. With self-thrusting capabilities and the attached clitoral stimulator, your partner will adore their ability to customize their sexual experience with the simple click of a button, filtering through the 7 thrusting and 8 vibration modes. 


Nature’s Green Hemp Candle

A candle is a way to enhance the sensuality of any date night or sexual endeavor. The soft flicker of light and the enticing aromas create the ideal atmosphere for a Valentine’s Day spent kissing under the sheets. 


Hemp Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser


Invigorate the senses and stimulate sexuality with the attractive scents of amber, lush sandalwood, and calming Appalachian cedar. This reed diffuser makes it all too easy to get in the mood, if you know what we mean. 


Terra- The Ultimate BDSM Pinwheel and Wartenberg Wheel


How about, in addition to a sex toy, a sexual accessory that will further expand the boundaries of sexual discovery? A BDSM Wartenberg Wheel is the ideal introduction to sensation and impact play. Have a night of pure eroticism as you run it against your partner’s goosebump riddled skin, practice temperature play, and create dominant control with this shiny BDSM pinwheel. 


Agrippina – Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator


This sleek and simple design is the true paragon of women’s pleasure. Agrippina has long been a bestseller, and once your partner discovers a newfound ease in reaching orgasm thanks to dual pleasure, it’s easy to see why. 


Vesta – Dual-Head Magic Wand Vibrator, Dildo


You asked for sexy Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and Vesta will manifest carnal magic that screams sexy, sensual, and sweet. Wand vibrators are an excellent choice in clitoral sensation, but we didn’t stop there, for Vesta doubles as a vibrating dildo to ensure the satisfaction of internal stimulation. 


Gaea – The Vibrating Black Dildo


Make this the most erotic V-day possible when you surprise your partner with Gaea. Vibrating technology allows for a hands-free approach to pleasure, and when the remote is held in your hand, you maintain full control of their experience as you filter through the 10 vibration modes.


Athena – Remote Control Dildo & Pulsating Vibrator


Athena is a testament to sexual empowerment and the ability to explore. You won’t just explore the distinct sensations of a pulsing vibrator, but you can do so anywhere you please, fulfilling your desires via remote control. Where will climax take you?


Cybele -The Triple Stimulation Vibrator


Triple stimulation, all controlled by a remote? Cybele rests softly against the clitoris as vaginal + anal stimulation shows your partner the endless capabilities of physical sensation, the threesome of your wildest dreams. 


Hestia – Lightweight U-Shaped Vibrator – G-Spot Clitoral Vibrator


Like waves crashing on the sands of a sunny beach, sensation will rise and fall as you filter through various intensities of clitoral and G-spot pleasure, hands-free via remote control. The special shape of this stylish toy, designed with the science of sexuality, is engineered to deliver the best orgasm possible. 


Proserpina – The Remote Controlled Black Bullet Egg Vibrator & Ben Wa Balls


Here is a Valentine’s Day gift idea to etch a permanent smile above your partner’s chin. Vibrating ben wa balls will shake up any form of intimacy, and for the daring, they are discreet enough to explore the thrill of public play!


Trivia – The Erotic Silicone Remote Egg Vibrator


Hopefully, your partner didn’t make dinner plans for Valentine’s Day. You’ll be far too busy floating along waves of pleasure, sensation rushing through the body, and fulfillment sure to follow, thanks to Trivia. 


Drusilla – The Majestic Clitoral Sucking Vibrator


Drusilla is a master of cunnilingus. This sucking vibrator presents 10 sucking frequencies with an astonishing 20 vibration modes! Give your partner the ability to enjoy masturbation to new extents as doors to superlative pleasure open, or use this toy to enhance your loving touch during your intimacy. 


Ceres – Glass Anal Plug & Dildo


There’s a lot to be said for simplicity, and Ceres is a testament to this ideology. Ultra-attractive glass and a curvy design equate to straightforward enhancements of pleasure. Run Ceres under warm or cool water to venture into the thrills of temperature play.


Victoria – 20-Speed Female Personal Vibrator, Body-Safe Sex Toy


20 speeds?! We didn’t stutter. This is an adorable sex toy that’s non-intimidating, perfect for those newly introducing themselves to vibrating pleasure. Use this vibrator on your pleasure points and as a personal massager against erogenous zones to cater to your partner’s entire body during any sexual escapade.


Rhea – The Luxurious and Rechargeable Multi Speed Wand Vibrator


Disguised beneath the splendid matte black finish of this vibrating sex wand lies a wide range of vibration frequencies, offering the lucky user the option to filter through 10+10 speeds of vibration to match any mood and fulfill any desire. A wand vibrator is a Valentine’s Day gift for her translating to infinite hours of clitoral play. Plus, Rhea’s shaft doubles as a G-spot stimulator!


Aurora- The Sensational Two-Headed Dildo


Two heads are better than one, and Aurora will surely agree! This bright pink toy with 10 lovely vibration speeds is a gift for the sexually empowered woman in your life. They’ll close their eyes, intoxicated by the pleasures, returning with a happiness derived solely from pure fulfillment. 


Diana – The Sensational Remote Control Clit Vibrator


Where will Diana take you? Sitting softly and discreetly against the clitoris, enjoy Diana with the clothes either on or off, in or out of bedroom doors! This remote control clit vibrator & 10 enticing vibration patterns equates to endless variations of pleasure. 


Hera – Remote Control Egg Vibrator


Hera is the goddess of women, inspiring our name choice for this cute little love egg. Made by women, for women, you can’t go wrong with a remote control egg vibrator, the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift idea for sex toy beginners and connoisseurs alike. 


Venus – Dual-Head Wand Vibrator/ Soft, Warming Dildo


With intelligent heating capabilities and a dual head design, Venus is a first choice for those seeking increased sensation within their sex life. This lavish toy is available in pink and purple, is USB rechargeable, and 100% waterproof. 


Juno – Glass Anal Plug & Dildo


Is it an art piece or a sex toy? Juno is a bit of both, this attractive glass dildo and anal plug catering to aesthetics and pleasure. 


Eros – Black Anal Bead Vibrator


You’ve heard of anal beads, but what about ones that vibrate?! That’s right; Eros is a new take on anal stimulation for 2023, a discrete motor with 10 built-in vibration modes the orgasmic introduction to what anal has to offer. 


Minerva – Stainless Steel Wearable Vibrator


If a sexy necklace doubling as a personal vibrator doesn’t sound like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we’re not sure what does! This wearable vibrator is a testament to empowerment, a bullet vibrator worn proudly around the neck & disguised as nothing less than a dazzling jewelry piece.


Tyche – Black Vegan Leather Sex Whip, Spanking Toy


One of you is taking control tonight. Which one will it be? If your partner has been a little naughty, this is the perfect gift to spank them back in place! Allow Tyche to dictate a dominant and submissive construct to your love life. 


Flora – Anal and Vaginal Rechargeable Sex Toy


Flora is both an anal and vaginal vibrating sex toy, with seven pulsing frequencies crafting the culmination of dual stimulation. Don’t let the small size fool you; your partner is in for quite the erotic treat. 


Opis – 3-piece luxury gem butt plug & anal training kit by V For Vibes


Has your partner expressed an interest in anal sex? There’s no better way to approach anal exploration than with an anal training kit. These luxurious anal beads walk you hand-in-hand towards anal fulfillment, the brilliant & dazzling gems a gorgeous addition to an already special set of toys. 


Eos – Extremely Powerful, Small, Warming Bullet Vibrator


Are you intimidated by the idea of giving your partner a sex toy for Valentine’s Day? Regardless of your reason why Eos is here to help. A bullet vibrator is the most simple, approachable sex toy and the perfect introduction for your partner. Feel good about giving them the gift of sexual empowerment with such a thoughtful gift that is easy to experiment with and unintimidating.


Bia – The Best Ejaculating Dildo and Vibrator

Ejaculating dildos are synonymous with the fulfillment of many desires and kinks. This Valentine’s Day gift idea allows you to safely experiment with the imagination, fulfilling desires like a breeding fetish/creampie, facials, or multiple partners! There’s not much you can’t do with Bia.


bia ejaculating dildo V FOR VIBES


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