WAP. Vaginal Wetness.

Dec 28, 2020

Wet Ass Pussy and vaginal wetness … We’ve heard those phrases often the last few months. What are those phrases? Why are they so popular? What is WAP? Well, we’re here to define this for you. The WAP definition is literally wet ass pussy, and it’s used in a popular song to talk about how wet their vagina’s are. This is also how they apparently secured their husbands without needing to clean or cook.

How do you make your vagina wet?

This leads to the question – how do you make your vagina wet? Well, vaginal wetness is usually caused by arousal. If you’re turned on and ready to go, typically your vagina will be wet. So, if you’re with your partner, and you’re about to have sex, you’ll probably be experiencing some wetness. This wet discharge is nothing to be worried about. If you aren’t experiencing vaginal wetness when you’re aroused, you can use lubricant to add to this! You may also experience wetness after sex and during your regular day to day life. This is also nothing to be concerned about usually. Vaginal secretions are also what help keep your vagina clean and running smoothly.

Vaginal Wetness Levels.

Everyone’s arousal and vaginal wetness levels are different and varied, so it’s nothing to be worried about if you are not as wet as you hear others are. It’s normal to be different, as bodies are different and physically things aren’t the same for everyone. Lubricants are well known sexual tools for women that aren’t as wet as they may want to be. Another way to try becoming more wet is to have some clitoral and erogenous play before going for sex. You can’t just hop in to the act and expect to be ready to go! Foreplay is always a good idea to make sure you achieve the optimum arousal level to get your body excited and ready for sex. 


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What does cause WAP?

Your vaginal wetness can also be affected by your hormone levels, birth control and other medications, and your mental health! So to prepare, make sure your headspace is clear. Are you ready and wanting to have sex, or is this something you’re doing because you feel obligated? Different times of the month can affect your hormone levels, which can make you more or less lubricated. Keep track of your arousal levels throughout the month, and see if you notice changes in wetness. This can be a key to find the best times to have sex, and feel the most pleasure and satisfaction.

What does cause excessive vaginal wetness?

Some women also experience being too wet! This too can be caused by hormonal changes. However, studies have shown that semen changes the PH and fluid excretion levels of vaginas. If you are having sex without a condom, try using a condom to see if you still experience this extra wetness during the day following. If not, the solution may be that easy! Additionally, wearing cotton underwear allows for your vagina to “breathe” and helps to wick away moisture.  

So, with all of this knowledge about vaginal wetness and the different things that can affect it, go out and conquer the day! Your body is made to do incredible things, and the vagina is no exception.



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