V for Vibes: Your Wholesale Sex Toys Connoisseur.

Feb 19, 2022

V for Vibes is more than just a store – it’s a mission whose aim is to help you unleash sexual empowerment and freedom and give our customers the best experience they have ever had with high-quality products. Our collection of wholesale sex toys includes:


– Wholesale Vibrating Toys

– Wholesale Anal Toys

– Wholesale Dual Stimulation Toys

– Wholesale Remote Control Toys

– Wholesale Glass Dildos & Butt Plugs

– Wholesale Sex Toy Kits


All sex toys in our store are selected with women in mind. When you become our partner, you also contribute to promoting women’s sexuality and helping us end any negative stigmas surrounding such.


We believe that everyone has the right to experience pleasure and should do so without judgment. Here are other reasons why we are ahead of the competition and why you’ll find our wholesale sex toys the perfect match for your own adult store


1. Affordability


One of the mistakes a lot of beginners make when shopping for sex toys is prioritizing the price instead of other features that guarantee safety and a great experience. But while cheaper nearly always equals worse conditions, V for Vibes successfully combines affordable prices with excellent quality. 


You can be sure that our sex toys will meet your expectations and won’t lighten your wallet, giving you the highest quality sex toys with the greatest profit potential. 


And if you aren’t quite ready to begin stocking your shop, we sell wholesale adult sex toys for women regardless of their background or circumstances, so even if you can’t afford our prices just yet, we offer you an option to pay in 4 installments. Just because you might be struggling now, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve pleasure. Additionally, our orders are shipped free of charge (as long as they meet the required criteria). 

triple stimulation vibrator

2. Versatility


While the main goal of using sex toys is to help our customers discover what they like in bed and improve their orgasms, they’re also great tools to help fulfill any existing fantasies. If your customers have a specific kink that they might like to explore, our wholesale sex toys will help them achieve that. 


One of the main goals of V for Vibes is to help women get to know their bodies. So even if they have a partner, they are still in for quite the tasty treat: our vibrating toys will give more intense orgasms as they allow your customers to explore exciting activities such as double penetration. 


Additionally, to cater to customers with a possible breeding fetish, we have an ejaculating dildo on the offer that will make them realize that going solo is fun, too, if not better. This allows for effortless marketing in this kink niche and the ability to build a community around the products in your store. 


Suppose your customers are into the dominant/submissive dynamic that they want to try out with their partner. In that case, they can make the fantasy become a reality with our leather whip that doesn’t just do the job but also looks extremely pretty. Other kinks that your customers can experiment with are anal play; our store offers a variety of anal toys such as butt plugs or butt vibrators perfect for experiencing a blended orgasm. They can also try out a sensory play with

anal training kit

 Even if you’re not after exploring any kinks but still need a toy that will spice up your relationship, you’ll appreciate our remote control vibrators that are designed for couple play. All of our toys come with several vibrating modes and are quiet enough to be used to discreetly play outside. 


Additionally, our wholesale sex toys can guarantee your customers a fun time regardless of their favorite type of stimulation. Thanks to our products, there are no limits to what they can experience: vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, blended orgasm, nipple orgasm, and a lot more. 


3. Beginner’s friendly


Even if they have just started their journey of sexual exploration, your shoppers don’t have to worry about spending hours comparing various products in the hope of finding the one that’s the whole package: affordable, high-quality, and beginner’s friendly. All our wholesale sex toys are made with beginners in mind as they feature a variety of vibration levels and different sizes ready to cater to anyone’s needs. 


For example, our signature butt plugs are either small, medium, or large, and vibrating toys have as many as 12 modes that can give you an amazing orgasm regardless of your experience. Additionally, the products are made from skin-safe materials such as glass or silicone and are non-porous, which means your customers don’t have to worry about trapped bacteria and developing an infection. This makes them easy to clean and very durable as well. We value your consumer’s health as much as their pleasure and want their first experience to be nothing but unforgettable. 


 4. Sex toys connoisseurs friendly


If your customers are not new to the world of sex toys, they won’t be disappointed either. Our wholesale adult sex toys come with multiple functions that can take any sexual exploration to the next level. For example, some of our products have a warming feature that can intensify sensations and make foreplay a lot more pleasant. Additionally, our toys have a quality design with waterproof features and long battery life, so they can expect an upgrade to their self-care routine


Think how much better bath time can get if you pair hot water with an orgasm. And if they’re more of a shower person, they can always invest in our suction cup dildo that allows them to experiment with various positions both with a partner and solo. 


And if you happen to be an adult creator looking for a new toy that will upgrade your content, you can be sure that our team is women-owned with women’s empowerment in mind. We want you to succeed and access your power through pleasure, and we aim to do so by selling sex toys that will rise to any task. For example, you might appreciate one of our recent additions – a sex machine that has 7 thrusting and vibrating modes ready to satisfy even the most experienced player. It also comes with a temperature feature that can heighten your sensations even more.

sex machine

 6. Comfort of use


Our toys are all about convenience. Your shoppers don’t have to worry about buying new batteries because all our products are rechargeable and come with chargers. The toys are also designed to be taken with them anywhere they want as they’re lightweight and compact. Additionally, all toys come with instructions on how to use them to ensure they’re safe to use and last long. 


7. Top customer service


Our store is women-centered, and our mission is to empower women and help them experience pleasure, which is why customer service is our strong suit. Whether you need a toy recommendation or face issues with an existing order, you can message us via the chatbox on the website, where we typically reply within a few minutes. No judgment and no hassle is our motto. 


8. Fast and discreet shipment


All wholesale sex toy orders are shipped quickly to ensure you can transform your sex shop as soon as possible. Additionally, the packaging is discreet for your customer’s incognito preference.


9. All genders friendly


Even though our wholesale sex toys are dedicated to women, they can be enjoyed by men as well. In fact, we also sell male condoms and lubricants. 


Our store offers sex toys for women who want to connect with their sexuality and become empowered in the process. Choose V for Vibes to be happy, healthy, and in charge.


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