Urethral Sounding- Everything you Need to Know.

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In the kinky, erotically charged realms of sexual pleasures, the term “urethral sounding” may be new to some and deviously old to others. So whether you are friend or foe, let me mean explain to you the captivating delight of shoving a toy into your urethra.

A Lesson in History. What is Urethral Sounding?

Urethral sounding started out as a medical procedure way back when we didn’t know any better for men with enlarged prostates. It was first primarily used as a way to cleanse the urethra so that a person could pee without hindrance or worry.

The procedure originally employed a medical device. The device was a long, smooth rod made from either metal or silicone, which came in either a straight design or a curved one depending on the shape of your penis. The medical procedure may have worked well on paper but in practice, it forgot to factor in nerves.

The human anatomy is amazing and the male and female genitals doubly so. The human genitals are packed with nerves and the urethra passes by a very localized, and sensitive area in the penis head(glans), the clitoris, and the G-spot.

Sounding stimulates these sensitive areas to send you into the fabled kingdom of ecstasy and you don’t have to travel far to visit that kingdom.

Urethral sounding may have been a bust as a medical procedure, but people soon found out that the procedure could make their penis/vagina very sensitive and responsive to external stimulus. The greater the sensitivity and the response the greater the wave of pleasures.

Those early wondrous people were pioneers. They experimented much in the domain of sounding to figure out what worked and what didn’t. They passed on the secrets that they had learned to one another than to future generations before finally coming to the year 2021. 

The procedure hasn’t changed much but it has gone through a few name changes. 

Today the procedure is mostly known as penis/cock stuffing/sounding, and along the way sounding as also seen a few toys been invented for the express purpose of shoving it up one’s urethra. 

Sounding toys are readily available and can directly stimulate the prostate if the toy is inserted deep enough. The Taboo of the activity can also be exciting for you and your partner. Sounding is new, hip, and different. It has gone from being a medical procedure to a sexual act, but throughout the years it has remained a largely safe and risk-free act.

Before you begin, just shoving things up your urethra, let me get into a little more detail about the actual physical dimensions of the act:

The Toy

 The toy that most people use for urethral sounding can be distilled into three categories.

  1. Plugs: basic ball or hoop-like objects. Plugs usually go an inch or so into the urethra.
  2. Sounders: are long, thin, and cylinder-shaped objects. They usually go deep into a urethra.
  3. Catheters: are medical equipment designed to go up into the urethra and make your life a little easier.

Most of your everyday plugs and sounders are made using surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium, silicone, and plastic. The titanium ones are easier to use but rather inflexible. The plastic and the silicon ones are harder to use but offer a lot more flexibility.


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There is no normal length for a sounder. They start at half an inch and go all the way up to a foot. The more average one starts at 3-6 inches. Those inexperienced with sounding should start with a smaller sounder before moving on.


Sounders’ girth usually measures a few millimeters by design. Your urethra is a small and sensitive part of your body. You don’t want to shove something big up there and be sore for days.


Long and smooth or curved.

Now that you have gotten the what down, let us move to the how:

Your personal step-by-step guide to sounding safety.


I can’t stress this enough. WASH EVERYTHING. Always sterilize the toys in boiling water or a betadine solution before you start. It is also a good idea to wash your hands and outer genital areas.

You should first get comfortable. It is totally up to you whether you want to sit, stand or lie down.

Next, you will need to apply a lot of lube near your urethral opening. You should use a water-based, chemical-free lube.

For the females, it is advisable to spread your labia and for the male, the penis should be partially erect.


You will need two hands for the next bit. Use one of your hands to spread the urethral opening and the other hand to guide the toy in.

Never force the toy. Let the toy go in slowly. Steel or titanium plugs slide in on their own.

If the toy stops moving then you should shake your genital or pelvic area a little. If the toy still refuses to budge, remove it gently and apply a lot more lube.

Manual stimulation

This is the fun part. After you are comfortable with how far the toy is in, you should move the toy a little to see what feels best for you. You can also massage your genital area for some pleasure. Your partner can also put his/her lips around the sounding device and hum for extra pleasure.


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Removal and clean-up

Once you are done with the activity, you should gently and slowly remove the toy from your urethra. This is a dangerous task and you should stop immediately if you start to feel pain. In case of pain, you should try to add more lube and then try to remove the toy slowly or seek medical attention if so needed. 

Once the toy is out you should pee right away. You may feel a little burning for a day or two.

It is also a good idea to wash everything, especially the toys, your hands, and your genital area when finished. 


Peeing may seem like an easy process but a lot of muscles go into the expel of your waste out of the bladder. All these muscles mean a greater chance of something going wrong, so be sure to use plenty of lube so that the toy can get in and out easily.

You should also be very careful about what kind of lube you use. Don’t use lube with a numbing agent. You need to let your body tell you if it hurts.

You should also be on the lookout for pain, numbness, your genitals feeling cold, your genitals becoming pale or bluish, swelling, redness, bleeding, or unusual discharge. If anything feels or looks out of the ordinary you should get yourself checked out by a doctor. Once you have gained experience, only then will you be able to diagnose yourself, but anytime before that go see a doctor.

Sounding is a safe and risk-free sexual activity. It is highly sexual to some, somewhat sexual to others, and highly uncomfortable to the rest. If you fit into the first two categories then you may want to try sounding regularly with the right toy, but the latter should stay away from sounding and aim to discover different sexual kinks.

Remember there is no right way to have an orgasm. Some things will work for you while others won’t. Millions of people try sounding and enjoy it. You don’t have to be a part of that million and if you are a part of that million then you should always take precautions. Keep yourself as safe as possible, otherwise, you may end up paying for those pleasures later in life.



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