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U spot.

We’ve talked about the G spot often. Did you know there are other spots as well on your body that are extremely sensitive and can lead to orgasm? From your nipples, your anus, and even the little known U spot, your body is full of surprises. Today we want to talk about the U spot, and it may be something you haven’t heard of before. It’s extremely easy to stimulate, and an exciting spot to incorporate into your sex life. 

Where is this elusive U spot?

It’s pretty simple to find your U pleasure point if you’re familiar with your anatomy. The U Spot can be found around your urethra, which is the hole that you urinate and ehaculate from. It’s a specific area, and upside down U shape above and on both sides of your urethra. Similar to the G Spot, it’s believed to be connected to the anatomy of your clitoris. The clitoris consists of a lot of parts that you can and can’t see, and is a very sensitive spot on your body. 

How do you stimulate your U zone?

The U pleasure point is different from the G spot in stimulation. The G spot often needs intense stimulation, and can be hard to locate. The U sweet spot is very sensitive, easier to locate, and easily stimulated. In fact, stimulating it directly may be uncomfortable for some women. You may want to opt for stimulating it just using a toy, finger, or your partner’s body and gently moving over the spot. 

Try to graze the surface, and make sure to use a good lubricant.

Since the U pleasure point is known to be more sensitive, tongue stimulation or the head of your partner’s penis may be the perfect way to enjoy this unique pleasure.  Gently touch and rub the U zone from left to right. 

While this spot is being stimulated, definitely let your partner know what you do and don’t like, and be vocal! If your partner is typically aggressive in bed, this is a time you may want more gentleness, and you have to let them know to receive that pleasure. The U spot is typically not stimulated during penis in vagina intercourse, so it’s phenomenal to integrate into foreplay

Key things to note:

Because your U pleasure point is so close to the urethra, it’s important to have clean hands and toys when playing with it. UTI’s (urinary tract infections) are easily gotten from introducing bacteria to the urethra, which can be done in this case.  You can prevent this by washing your toys and hands, making sure that your partner’s hands are washed, and even using finger condoms if necessary.


U spot, what is the u spot, the u spot location, the u spot orgasm, u spot woman, the u spot , how to stimulate u spot, women's pleasure points

What If You Can’t Find It?

The U spot may be a source of pleasure for some, but that doesn’t mean everyone will enjoy it. If you don’t, focus on your clitoris! If you enjoy clitoral stimulation, try to have a non-penetrative orgasm from clitoral foreplay. Every woman’s body is different, and it’s ok to like different things.

Many women experience intense pleasure and orgasms from stimulating the clitoris, which, similarly to the U spot, is often not achieved from penetrative sex. There’s a reason rabbit vibrators were created. Oral sex is also amazing for clitoral stimulation. If you do enjoy U spot stimulation, you can enjoy dual pleasure of the U spot and clitoris with oral, as your partner can focus his or her mouth on your clitoris and use their fingers to stimulate your U spot. This dual stimulation will also increase the chances of a mind-blowing, leg-shaking orgasm.

Now that you know about another potentially pleasurable spot on your body, you can head into your bedroom and focus on finding the U spot. Remember that sex is all about enjoying your body and letting go of stress.