A Guide to Your Triple Stimulation Sex Toy.

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Sex toy manufacturers take women’s pleasure seriously (well, at least the good ones do), and a triple stimulation sex toy is the most significant proof. In this article, you’ll find out what triple stimulation toys are, why you should use them, and how to do it. Trust us; your climax will thank you. 


What are Triple Stimulation Toys?


Triple stimulation sex toys are 3-in-1 toys that allow you to achieve anal, G-spot, and clitoral stimulation, all at the same time. They might come off as intimidating, but they’re actually pretty easy to use: the shaft part is inserted into your vagina, the smaller dildo goes in your anus, and the clitoral massager is positioned on your clitoris. 


A lot of toys are hands-free and allow you to entirely focus on sensations by mimicking thrusting. Forget wrist pain – triple stimulation toys are designed to make your life easier and more pleasurable. They’re easily rechargeable, and you can take them with you everywhere – whether you want to make your time away more exciting or simply less stressful, triple stimulation will fulfill your expectations. 

triple stimulation vibrator

Is Using a Triple Stimulation Toy Beneficial?


In short, hell yeah! All orgasms (as in anal, vaginal, and clitoral) are amazing on their own, but they can significantly heighten your sensations if combined together. I can’t guarantee you’ll get there straight away, but it’s certainly a possibility. While you might be doing just fine with a dildo and a vibrator, you’re missing out on making your play a more intense experience. Plus, don’t forget that your body releases feel-good hormones upon orgasm that can boost your mood and improve relaxation, so triple stimulation should help you reap all the benefits you can get. 


If you want to access your sexual energy and become a happier and more satisfied version of yourself, you should definitely give triple stimulation a chance.



How Do You Use Triple Stimulation Toys for Maximum Pleasure?


A triple stimulation toy is a triple vibrator that will typically have two dildos attached to it and a base that stimulates your clitoris – I’m sure you’ll figure out how to insert it in all the right places. But then what? 


 1. Learn about your body first


Master all the basics before you move on to the greater things. That means that you should experiment with vaginal, clitoral, and anal orgasms independently and then try to blend them to reach a blended orgasm


Starting your sexual journey from triple stimulation might cause you to become dependent on it and might make you struggle with achieving orgasm during partnered sex later down the line. If you already have a vibrator, spend some time playing with a clitoral orgasm and its intensity. You can try bringing yourself close to orgasm and then stopping to prolong the pleasure – this is known as edging


 2. Start small


As most toys come with a few different vibration levels, you don’t have to go for the most powerful setting straight away. Take your time to play with the toy and start from the lowest mode possible. Then focus on what you’re experiencing and enjoy building up to a more intense orgasm. 


 3. Move your hips 


Instead of sliding the toy in and out as you’d do with a regular dildo, try to engage your hips and let them do all the work. For example, you can move your pelvis up and down to get the most out of the vaginal and anal stimulation or move back and forth to pay more attention to your clitoris. Switch between these two approaches for stronger sensations. 


 4. Try to make masturbation more interesting


Don’t hesitate to go above and beyond to give yourself pleasure. Make sure your triple vibrator is waterproof and take it to a bath with you where you can have a go at temperature play. You can also watch a porn video at the same time and imagine you’re experiencing the same scenario. 


 5. Incorporate the triple stimulator into partnered sex


If you think a triple stimulation sex toy already does all the work, you’re wrong. There are many things your partner can help with: stroking your back, rubbing your nipples, pulling your hair, hyping you up with dirty talk. And even if you don’t want any more physical stimulation, you can always have him watch you please yourself to increase your arousal even more. 

triple stimulation suction cup vibrator

Who Are Triple Stimulation Toys For?


You might be wondering whether a triple stimulation toy is for you, especially if you already own a vibrator and a dildo. The short answer is yes, you can’t go wrong with a bit of extra fun, especially since it comes with additional benefits. 


 1. Couples who want to learn more about their bodies


Just because you’re content with your sex life doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. If you skipped taking time to get to know each other’s bodies, a triple stimulation vibrator would help you fill the gaps. You can teach your partner more about your orgasm and the way you like being touched and maybe even encourage him to try using sex toys himself. 


 2. Couples who want to experiment in public


Most of the newest sex toys on the market come with a remote control which is designed for couples who want to move things from the bedroom to a public space. From now on, all the boring family meetings can get a lot more interesting. All your partner has to do is press a button and overwhelm you with three intense sensations. And don’t worry about the toy falling out. Cybele, our triple stimulation sex toy, is a small but mighty device that will stay in place. 


 3. Women who want to fulfill their fantasies


Have you ever watched porn and imagined yourself in those scenarios? I’m sure you have. And if you happen to like the idea of having sex with multiple people, triple stimulation can help you explore that concept without pushing you out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to fantasize and watch porn as you’re masturbating to make the fantasy closer to reality.


 4. Anyone who wants to improve their sex life


I’m sure your hand or your partner are doing a great job, but what if you could have a lot more? What if I told you that trying a triple stimulation sex toy will never make you look back? And no, just because you experiment with a sex toy won’t make you wonder if there’s any point to having a relationship or having casual sex. You can always invite your partner to play and show him how to use the toy on you. Just because your lovemaking session involves something extra doesn’t mean you’re lacking as a couple – see it as a little upgrade that will make both of you happier in the long run. 


 5. Women who want to be empowered 


If you’ve been guilty of neglecting your sexual exploration, now you can give up your excuses and allow your body to experience the pleasure it deserves. A triple stimulation sex toy is a women-focused design as it will enable one to achieve 3 different orgasms simultaneously. The more you explore sensations and how your body responds to them, the more you get to know your needs and fulfill them. 

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