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Traveling with Sex Toys.

With vacation season upon us, it’s time to travel! Going somewhere warm to get away from the chilly weather? Don’t forget to pack your sex toys. It’s gotta be hot inside and out to make it worth it! You might be thinking that it isn’t a big deal, but that sweet payoff later will have you thanking us. We all know that those happy feelings on a romantic vacation can lead to a spicy time behind closed doors. Vacation sex is already amazing, but we’re looking to enhance it. 

We at V For Vibes know all the fun stuff that makes intimacy so much more fun and better. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips on what to do (and not to do!) if you’re planning to take some of your favorite vibrators and dildos along for the escape.

DO pack your lingerie, handcuffs, and favorite sex toys for an exciting weekend away. Being in a new spot can make you feel more sexually charged than usual, so take advantage of that beauty sleep and relaxed schedule! Whether it’s with yourself or your significant other, having those exciting things with you can really amp up the pleasure.

DO take a travel sized lube with you. Forgetting that key item can limit what you’re able to do, and no one wants to be looking up sex supply shops in a new city or even country! However, we can’t stress the “travel sized” part of that. The TSA guidelines are very strict, and no one wants their luggage opened in front of others and their lubricants confiscated! You can also hide your bottles in case you do get selected for additional screening – wrap it in a plastic bag, tuck it under your shoes or clothes. Plus, keeping it in a bag is helpful for preventing any unwanted spills.

DO make use of that “Do Not Disturb” sign if you’re staying in a hotel room. No one wants anyone to walk in during the middle of a fun time with yourself (or your partner!). Room service is great, but only when it’s expected. Also, remember to keep your noises down! A hotel is like an apartment – others can hear you too. Be courteous, but still have fun.

DO be cautious of size and quantity of vibrators that you bring with you. If you’re planning to buy things while you’re out, you don’t want to have to pick and choose what to leave and what to take – and we all know vibrators and dildos can be quite pricey. 

One of our favorite small vibrators is our Diana. She’s portable and great for clitoral stimulation. This wearable vibrator also has a remote control, and nestles perfectly in your panties for a DIY vibrating panty set. Your significant other will enjoy surprising you with the remote control, and you’ll love the portability. Hera is another great option. She has an ultra quiet yet powerful original motor, which is a huge benefit when you’re staying somewhere with thin walls. 

DO remember to take your toy chargers! Batteries? Plugs and cords? If you’re going out of the country, be sure to take a power adapter as well. It’s not that fun if you don’t have any juice to play with them.

Now it’s time for you to weigh in – have you brought sex toys with you when you’ve travelled before?

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