V For Vibes – Our Top Sex Toys For Women.

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Whether you’re looking to strenghten your sexual desire, increase sex drive, on the hunt for the best vibrator possible or trying to find out where you can find the best sex toys for women to buy, we’ve put together this list of the best sex toys for your complete pleasure experience.

One of the best ways you can boost your sexual wellness and wellbeing is to be prepared with a range of sex toys for women to help you reach orgasm each time, whether alone or with a partner. 

We’ve come a long way from the days of the classic Magic Wand. Sex toys have had a serious makeover throughout the years! No longer clunky and noisy, and no longer a taboo, sex toys today are stylish, sleek and fit your modern lifestyle.

At V for Vibes, we pride ourselves in creating toys that are tailored to the needs and wants of women. Here are the sex toys that our customers love the most –  we’re excited to tell you all about them.


  1. Rhea – Multi Speed Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

Made of smooth medical-grade silicone, with a high quality build, Rhea’s matte black finish is smooth and silky to the touch. Rhea is the perfect size – not too large or too small. Rhea can be used internally with penetration, or externally for just vibrational pleasure. With 10 speeds, Rhea is perfect as a vibrator, dildo, or massager! Can deliver pleasure via vibrations and insertion. With 10 speeds, it has the power of a wand and the right size for a dildo.


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  1. Venus – Incredible Dual-Head Wand Vibrator/Soft Dildo

Venus offers full-strength size, incredible power, and the freedom of going cordless. Made of high-grade medical silicone material, she is easy to clean. The dual end vibrating dildo and massaging head make the most powerful orgasms attainable for everyone. Venus also features intelligent heating –  so you can mix vibration and insertion with temperature play.


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  1. Drusilla – Clitoral Sucking Tongue Vibrator

    Drusilla is perfect for those looking to orgasm with or without internal stimulation. This sucking, clitoral stimulating toy can help you achieve an incredibly mind blowing orgasm every single time. Drusilla features 10 sucking functions and 20 frequency modes for you to try so you can decide how fast you want to get there. 


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  1. Cybele -Triple Stimulation Vibrator

Cybele is a body-safe, triple stimulation vibrator. Crafted with medical-grade silicone, the soft, silky smooth touch of the toy is comfortable and easy for everyone. Cybele works as a g-spot, clitoris, and anal stimulator, and comes equipped with a wireless remote control. Perfect for solo and couples play!  Its unique shape adheres to the curves of different body types, paired with its powerful motors with 9 vibrating frequencies!


Best sex toys for women, best high-end female vibrators
  1. Hera – Remote Control Egg Vibrator

Hera is perfect for those looking for more concentrated power. Her powerful motor offers ten toe-curling vibration settings. The remote control allows for extra comfort, and is perfect for fun times with a partner, perhaps at a restaurant?


Best sex toys for women, best high-end female vibrators, sex egg
  1. Diana – Wearable Remote Control Clit Vibrator

Looking for powerful clit orgasms for anywhere you may be? This petite clit vibrator is wearable and can deliver pleasure whenever, wherever. Perfect for travel, sexy date nights, and just at home, Diana is amazing for anything and everything you could want.

Diana has many massage features, but also will stimulate a G-spot with internal insertion. 

Diana is tiny, but so powerful with 10 speeds to cycle through using the remote control, so you can find your perfect vibe while relaxing and enjoying.


Best sex toys for women, best high-end female vibrators
  1. Opis – luxury butt plug & anal training kit 

This erotic butt plug set comes in a package with three different sizes for beginners, intermediate players, and anal experts. Opis is made of a light weight aluminium alloy and has beautiful gemstone details. Opis is also perfect for temperature play, and can be warmed or cooled easily.


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  1. Eros – Vibrating Anal Beads 

Eros is the best anal vibrator for those seeking pleasure and bountiful vibes inside and outside of the bedroom at an affordable price. Eros is uniquely shaped, allowing first time users in to anal play to feel comfortable knowing they wont lose the anal beads inside of them. Eros is made of medical grade silicone, and also offers 10 vibration modes, making it perfect for clit play as well.


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  1. Tyche Sex Pleasure Leather Whip

Tyche will allow you to unleash your kinkiest desires and fantasies. This 24 inch leather whip is ideal for giving your partner an intense, mind-blowing spanking. The diamond handle adds a boost of luxury and sensuality to this whip. You can use the leather strips to tease other parts of the body as well. Did you know that on average, it takes women 30 minutes of stimulation and arousal to have an orgasm? Tyche may be the perfect addition to arouse and stimulate. Tyche is also amazing for those who want to add a touch of BDSM to their current routine or a BDSM veteran looking for new toys for their pleasure chest.


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  1. Eos – bullet vibrator with temperature play 

This small but powerful bullet vibrator will amaze you! Her sleek, modern design is a tremendous upgrade to the classic bullet. Eos is defined by modernity and tradition. This high-speed bullet vibrator is the best for the temperature of your body and reflects it with a smart  warming feature. The more you use it, the hotter it gets! With 10 speed settings, it adapts to your vibe preferences. Since introducing Eos, she’s been selling like wildfire! She can be used internally, for clitoral stimulation, or as a nipple massager if you like.


Best sex toys for women, best high-end female vibrators

At V For Vibes, we pride ourselves in all of the incredible toys for women we design and carry. From bullet vibes to wands, to anal beads and whips, there’s sure to be something out there for you. We offer consultations via phone call, Instagram, and text, and are always available. Go ahead, get your vibe on.


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