Let’s Get Creative: Different Things to Masturbate With.

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When it comes to masturbating, two options usually come to mind: hands or sex toys. 

Fine, your hands are always there when you need them, and they’ll never let you down. But masturbating with your hands alone can get dull and mundane. Plus, your hands can’t get deep into those sensitive and euphoric parts that make you cum fast.

There are toys, too! In fact, toys are one of the most effective means to reach that elusive Big O. But not everyone will have a toy. 

Maybe you don’t know which toy to buy or the one you have ran out of batteries (on that note, all of V for Vibes sex toys are USB rechargeable), or it might be as simple as the desire to change things up from the norm. 

Whatever the reason, don’t conclude that you are stuck. You just have to be creative when there’s no vibrator or dildo in sight. 

If you have ever wondered if there are other things to masturbate with, you might be surprised at all the options, as there are many different items/things to use during masturbation that greatly help increase pleasure. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What are they? Drum rolls! You are about to find out. Here are the best things to masturbate with to achieve that intense orgasm you’ve been dying for. Let’s go!


You’re lying in bed, feeling horny, and you don’t know how to get a quick release without using your hands. Grinding against a pillow is among the creative things to masturbate with. Your pillow can’t vibrate but can get the job done when you just want to grind and get off. It is soft, and you are not going to hurt yourself. All you have to do is to hump it. Read how you can have an erotic masturbation session with your pillow:

  • The Corner of your bed: Do you know your mattress edge can make it more fun? Place your pillow at the corner of your mattress. Grind against it while crouching for more friction and pleasure.
  • Ride it: Fold the pillow to make it firm. Now squat on the folded pillow and ride it like a pro. Just imagine yourself being on top of your partner while having sex, but you are using a pillow instead.
  • Stack Pillows. Place about three pillows on top of one another and mount them. Grind back and forth until you find a rhythm that suits you. The stacked pillows will increase firmness and pleasure. 
  • Wear Silky Panties: When aroused, grinding can feel incredible without clothes. But before you climax, the pressure may hurt your clit. Grind with silky panties. This allows you to slide and move better against the pillow and is gentler on your sensitive parts.

Want more tips on how to masturbate with a pillow? Check out the linked article for all you need to know!

things to masturbate with

Shower Head

Let’s take some time to appreciate the humble showerhead. When you think about this, shower masturbation makes perfect sense. You are naked and ready to have your bath in the bathroom, so why not get off and get clean too? Go for it, girl! Your showerhead can serve as a fantastic clitoral vibrator. While it does not give you the same sensation as oral sex toys, it is one of the different things to masturbate with that mimics a vibrator. To make the experience worth it, play with your shower pressure and experiment with different temperatures and speeds. Temperature play might be what you’ve been missing out on this whole time! Get comfortable under the shower and have a great time. To be safe, wash the showerhead before and after using it.

Electric Toothbrush

The vibrating effect of an electric toothbrush is spectacular. It provides a consistent and easy vibration that you can’t achieve with your hands. It stimulates your body and brings you intense pleasure during your solo session. However, you have to be careful when using an electric toothbrush. Don’t use the bristle side. The bristles on your toothbrush can bruise the delicate areas of your vagina. Instead, use the shaft. I will also advise you not to use the brush you use for your teeth to masturbate for hygiene’s sake.


Are you into spanking and BDSM? Go into your kitchen now for a spatula. Self-spanking is also a popular thing. For the best sensations, use spatulas made from rubber or silicone. If you don’t have any of them, wooden spoons can serve as one of the many things to use to masturbate. 

Washing Machine

If you derive pleasure even from mundane things, your washing machine may be your new buddy. Whenever you want to do your laundry, turn your machine on to the spin cycle, hop on it, and ride on! Allow your machine to do the job – both on you and your laundry. The machine doesn’t discriminate. It is one of the super unique things to masturbate with, and you’ll never know if you like it until you try. The vibration is strong enough to stimulate your body and muscles and give you dynamic sensations as you masturbate. Did laundry actually just become fun?!

Ice Cubes

Temperature play can be profoundly arousing, as it sets fire on your nerve endings. Temperature play is not only warmth, but coolness can be incredibly (and ironically) hot. You can incorporate ice cubes into your solo session by running a cube over your erogenous zones. Tease yourself and explore your body with the cubes. You can also press the ice cubes to your nipples for a more heated sensation.

things to masturbate with

Back Massager

Have you ever bought a back massager, and you mistook it for a vibrator? You are not alone. Back massagers are known for their tension relieving abilities. They are also perfect for solo sessions. Most of them have multiple settings and vibrating effects that can deliver mind-blowing orgasms when you use the right one. Besides being ideal for total body stimulation, you can use your back massager to stimulate your clitoris and anus. But be careful, and always start with the absolute lowest possible setting. 

venus wand vibrator

Vegetables and Fruits

Food play and sex have a history. You can use anything similar to a penis for penetration. Cucumber, banana, and carrots are all great things to masturbate with. All you need to do is find a well-endowed cucumber or carrot that can help you reach climax. You will need some lube and a healthy oil like coconut oil. Once the surface is smooth, slowly guide it into your vagina. Fruit toys are the norm now. They are one of the best things to masturbate with aside from sex toys or your hands. You are in control, and they can satisfy you just like a dildo. However, use a condom before you insert a vegetable into your vagina. Fruits and vegetables often have fungus on the body, leading to an infection.


Many women use their hairbrushes as an alternative sex toy. The sturdy handle of your hairbrush can stimulate your senses and your genitals. If you wrap the grip of that favorite brush with a condom, your dildo is set! But seriously, cover it with a condom. You don’t want hairs sticking into your vagina. Guide it gently and let your body get used to it before inserting it fully. Make sure you start with a smaller brush to avoid injuries. Channel your mind into the imaginations of real sex and let your brush do the work.

Bathtub Faucet

While your showerhead may be a popular toy for masturbation, your bathtub faucet can give you the same feeling. Simply lay on your back in the tub with your legs in different directions and allow the water to stimulate your clit. Make sure you keep the water cold so you don’t burn something. Yeah, it can be pretty awkward explaining this during an emergency.

If you decide to try out these things to masturbate with, you must be cautious. Make sure they are clean before using them and use proper hygiene and protection practices. These creative items can give you immense pleasure, so have fun with them!

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