Things to do in a Long Distance Relationship.

Oct 1, 2021

The distance can really cause relationships to be shaken up, immersed in confusion, and lead to much pain, hurt, and often heartbreak. 

If you’re struggling with your long distance relationship, we recommend you read our article here on how to gain trust in your long distance relationship. It can also be very easy to run out of things to do in a long distance relationship – after all, you and your partner have been separated by a physical distance which limits the very nature of your interaction to mostly digital and virtual. 

While it may be difficult to keep things interesting given such a limited scope of the things you can do, to begin with, we at V for Vibes are here to facilitate all the good vibes in your relationship – even if you’re a mile apart! 

From video calling to watching shows and setting up a sexy date night that can be managed online, we’ve got it all in this guide of fun things to do in a long distance relationship. Here is a list of things you and your partner can possibly do in a long distance relationship, to keep things interesting, spice up your relationship, and reaffirm your love and commitment to each other even though you cannot meet in the flesh. 

Set Aside Time to Talk – Everyday 

You move to a new city or town or country, or even to a new continent altogether, and suddenly find yourself swamped with work, overwhelmed with all the newness, and a little bit out of your depth? Sounds familiar? 

Well, if you’re anything like me, I know it can get really stressful trying to manage everything all of the time. Setting aside time in your day – and we mean, every single day – to talk to your partner can help with all of the negative emotions you’re feeling! Sex talk and open communication are essential. Here’s why. 

Not only will talking to your partner help ground you in ways you didn’t even know existed, but also, it can be very comforting to talk to someone familiar in the face of all of the new experiences you’re having. It can be a reminder of home or of the things you cherish and hold dear. It can also help with boosting your motivation in a new place when your partner reminds you of how much they love and value you and how much faith they have in you! 

Talking to your partner at the end of a long day can be relaxing and calming and help you gather your bearings for the next day. More than anything else, it can be a positive, light note to end your day on, and who doesn’t want to drift off to sleep feeling reassured and reaffirmed in their relationship? 

It can help you two stay updated on each other’s lives and jobs and friends, and it can help you let go of some of your doubts or suspicions, which are commonly seen in long distance relationships. Just hearing your partner’s voice at the end of the day, even if you physically cannot be together in times like this global pandemic that we are living through, can be very helpful in terms of soothing anxieties and stresses. 

things to do in a long distance relationship

Video Call Every Now and Then! 

Take out some extra time over the weekend, or maybe during your lunch breaks, to actually see each other (virtually and over the phone!) This can be a bit frustrating as you can see and hear your partner but can’t feel or touch their presence, but a little is better than absolutely nothing at all. 

Seeing your partner over video calls can help you feel more in the same place as them. Maybe they can take you through the new place they’ve rented in the new town they have moved into. A virtual tour of the new apartment, flat, or house can help you feel more involved in your partner’s life even though you are physically far away. It can also help your partner set up with more ease, knowing that they are not doing this on their own and are not alone; in fact, they have you present over a video call, so it’s almost like you’re already there! 

Take them to your favorite new café in the area, or pick out flowers with them over video call to remind you of them in your new apartment – video calling can help you feel like the distance isn’t actually that vast, and that with technology, the world keeps getting closer and closer. 

Plan Date Nights 

Things can begin to get a little repetitive, mundane, and quite frankly boring if you stick to the same routine for weeks on end. If there’s one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, in terms of technology, it is that practically anything can be done online. 

From classes in school to lectures, concerts, music festivals, and screenings, nothing is untouched by the powers of video calls and social media platforms that allow you to stay connected to your partner from several thousands of miles away. If everything else is being done online, why can’t date nights take place in the same manner? 

Of course, it won’t be the same as physically getting to kiss your partner goodbye at the front door at the end of your date, but hey, it’s something, and with fun things to do in a long distance relationship, you take what you can get. 

Plan a date night with your partner – think of cooking the same thing even though you’re in separate kitchens, follow the same recipe, and pick out your fanciest dress and maybe some new lingerie. Set up a corner with fairy lights and pour yourself a glass of wine to share with your partner over video call or while you’re talking to each other over the phone to really get that quality time with your beau. 

Trust us; it’s these little things that can make your long distance relationship much easier than the horror stories you have heard and can help you and your partner feel intimate and close even while you’re physically apart. Who knows, this date night might just end in happy endings for both of you. Were all about kinky things to do in a long distance relationship, so keep the sex flame on through sexting at the end of your date night! 

things to do in a long distance relationship

Watch Shows Together

Watching TV shows or movies together can become an integral part of your relationship, especially if you and your partner like to stay updated on the hot new production that everyone’s talking about. 

With technology advancing so fast to keep up with more and more people being physically distant from each other, but emotionally very intimate, things like Netflix Party or other websites have emerged that allow you to watch TV shows or movies together, at the same pace, even while you’re apart.

Not only that, but features like the chatbox allow you to keep sharing your thoughts and feelings about the TV show or movie you’re watching, just like you would in a regular relationship where you are both physically in the same room and can spend quality time together. 

If you two can’t make a schedule work for both of you, that’s completely okay, too! Decide how many episodes you want to get through by the end of the week and catch up with your partner when you can as you both share your thoughts on what you’re watching – much like you would in a relationship that isn’t long distance in nature. It’s really one of the more fun things to do in a long distance relationship, and it’s super simple, so why wouldn’t you?


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