The Rose Sex Toy: Everything You Need to Know.

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The rose sex toy- there’s never been a more aesthetically pleasing yet intrinsically powerful device crafted explicitly for female pleasure than this, and we are proud to announce Penelope and Daphne as the latest additions to our ever-growing collection of women-empowerment centered sex toys. 

This is everything you need to know about the rose sex toy, highlighting the many unique characteristics, uses, and different ways of which this lovely little flower shaped vibrator will instill within you the most sensual and erotic of blissful vibes. 

It’s Freaking Gorgeous! 

Sure, personality matters the most when looking at a human partner, but when it comes to vibrators and other toys, we can focus on the looks more than anything! Rose vibrators are absolutely stunning in their design, perfectly catering to the visual satisfaction you deserve from your new favorite pleasure device. 

Roses are an elegant symbolism of the female anatomy, the petals surrounding the center appearing much like the labia, and roses embody romance, love, beauty, and courage. When it comes to female empowerment through sexuality, what could be better than a toy that represents your internal and external beauty and your place in nature more than a toy shaped precisely like a delicate rose? 

It’s cute, it’s connecting, and it’s way different from all those phallus-shaped dildos that you might be used to, and you are guaranteed to appreciate these aesthetics when you unveil the rose sex toy from the discreet and luxurious packaging provided by V for Vibes. 

Did Someone Say Dual Action Vibrator?

Not only is the rose sex toy a wonderful sight for the eyes, but aside from acting as your latest piece of eye candy, let’s get down to what matters the most out of an adult toy- its capabilities!

Both of our rose sex toys are dual-action vibrators, meaning that they are capable of both clitoral and internal vaginal wall stimulation alike. As we know well, clitoral stimulation is a crucial aspect for many women to reach orgasm, and if that’s all you need, then Penelope and Daphne have you covered on that front. But as well as this, they also double as a G-spot stimulator as well, so that no realm of the ecosystem of your sexuality is left forgotten or ignored. 

Air Pulsation Yes, Please!

Let’s start with how these rose vibrators are the epitome of clitoral delight by first focusing on their innovative air pulse technology. Whereas some similar suction vibrators utilize sucking motions as a way to mimic cunnilingus and stimulate the many nerve endings contained within the clitoris, these are much different. Instead of using physical touch to achieve clitoral gratification, they instead employ state-of-the-art air pulses to provide sensations. 

Coming from out of the center of the rose, the flower shaped vibrator is capable of sending 10 optional and varying speeds of air pulses to create the perfect pressure against your skin. So yes, it literally uses air as the means of paving your way to the big, what was once elusive, orgasm, and you’ll be dancing in the breeze just like a rosarium on a warm summer night. 

G-spot Delight

The stem of the rose is the lifeline to the beautiful flower, strong, robust, and sprinkled with sharp thorns for protection. Just as no flower would be complete without a stem, rose vibrators are all the same, and we sure didn’t skip out on making the best of this essential part of a flower. 

Each stem of the rose sex toy is capable of yet another 10 varying speeds of vibration frequencies meant for internal sensual fulfillment, allowing the grateful user to filter up and down to increase and decrease their level of vibration intensity to perfectly match whatever mood you might be feeling. 

As if the air pulsation technology wasn’t enough, you can also achieve the most alluring of vaginal wall massages and G-spot delight by utilizing the vibrator attachment on the stem of the roses to bring your self-love sessions full circle. Now that is masturbation at its finest. 

They’re Not Intimidating!

Let’s be honest; some sex toys are simply scarier than others. Maybe it’s their size, maybe its complicated buttons- whatever the reason, we don’t plan on scaring anyone away with the rose sex toy. 

Their delivery of clitoral stimulation is effortless and calm, and because you can control the speed of air with the simple click of jus

As well as the vibrator end of the sex toy, they are the absolute perfect size. Sure, some you might love a 10-inch dildo to get the job done, but for most, these are the absolute best size to achieve G-spot gratification without hindering your relaxation due to the fear of it being ‘too much to handle’. 

the rose sex toy

Your Partner Will Love Them, Too!

Many couples have realized that incorporating sex toys into their shared pleasure has done nothing but increase the quality of their sex to never before known realms, and if you haven’t done that yet, then we surely suggest you try!

But with this, there is always the fear of a sex toy acting as a replacement to one of the partners, and they often feel the intimidation of the fact that this means they simply aren’t capable of being ‘enough’. Where this surely isn’t the case, as there should be no limit to the pleasures all of us are deserving of feeling in the bedroom, the rose sex toy is different.

Your partner won’t feel like they are being replaced by a larger, more capable phallus as they might with a classic dildo. Instead, they will absolutely relish the fact that they can use them as a way to send shivers down your spine when you pass over the air pulsation to their control, which is even better when combined with the insertion of their own genitals. 

So go ahead, give it a shot the next time you get down and dirty, or try using a rose adult toy as the next tool in an erotic session of mutual masturbation for sheer, physical pleasure that is currently unmatched. 

They are Waterproof, Of Course!

No sex toy is the best sex toy unless it is waterproof, and just as roses enjoy soaking up the rain from a passing thunderstorm, these toys are entirely 100% waterproof. 

This means that there is nothing off-limits- the shower, by the gentle lull of a little creek, or even if you have a river of ample self-lubrication, there is never such a thing as being too wet. 

That, and this makes them all too easy to clean, which is a total win-win in our books. 

They Are The Safest

When it comes to your body’s safety, longevity, and health, we don’t screw around. Whereas a plethora of sex toys in the past and present are cheaply pumped out of factories and made of some rather toxic, plastic-based materials, the rose vibrators at V for Vibes are only made of the highest quality medical-grade silicone and ABS. 

This means you can rest easy knowing that these are the quite literal best materials possible for insertion within your body, that they are non-porous (thus preventing harmful bacteria from forming within spores), and that they are as durable as it gets. 

Were all about quality, and once you hold the rose sex toy excitingly in your hands, you are guaranteed to see and feel this quality manifesting in front of your very own eyes. 


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