The Perfect Sex Toy for Each Zodiac Sign

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There are some horoscopes that go CRAAAAAAZY when it comes to having sex. Do you know which ones are the craziest ones?

We’re going to discover that by looking at what sex toys they like the best

Aries (The Go-Getter)

The go-getter of the zodiac, the Aries woman not only gets the job done but she does it well, both in work and in pleasure. V for Vibes offers the perfect toy for the hard-working Aries to treat themselves enjoy a bit of a break. The Rhea is a 10-speed magic wand that offers a variety of speeds and over an hour of play time – lay back and relax Aries, you earned it.

Taurus (Determined)

The glam girl of the zodiac, Tauruses live for the all things that glitter. The Taurus woman can indulge her sensual side with the Juno transparent glass dildo and anal plug. Embrace the finer things in life with this elegantly handcrafted design that will both delight and pleasure all of Taurus’s senses.

Gemini (Talkative)

When it comes to pleasuring the indecisive twins of the zodiac, you have to offer diversity and functionality with dual pleasure design. V for Vibes has you covered with the Persephone. This vibe offers clitoral suction and g spot vibrations for double the sensations. With 12 vibration modes for a versatility of pleasure, Gemini ladies can change their mind mid-play and still experience just what they desire.

Cancer (Precious)

The Cancer woman is controlled by her emotions. She is always concerned about the needs of her loved ones – and rarely takes time to worry about herself. When it comes to taking care of herself and her desires, the Cancer woman is best served by the sleek and beautifully crafted Ceres. This elegantly designed glass massager will allow her worries to float away in waves of pleasure.

Leo (Fierce)

Our Leo woman is the queen of the zodiac. Although she is sweet natured in life, you should avoid angering her or you will see the lioness’s claws. These vivacious women are full of life and delight in freedom and excitement. To keep her purring, V for Vibes offers up the Eros. This strong and powerful vibrating anal plug offers 10 vibration settings to explore another side of Leo’s pleasure while remaining elegant and beautiful to meet her regal demands.

Virgo (Independent)

The virgin of the zodiac, our Virgo woman is anything but. She is practical and hardworking in her day to day but loves to blur the lines between naughty and nice in the bedroom. While she is all business in the boardroom, our Virgo woman wants to keep her sex life exciting yet discreet. Diana from V for Vibes is the perfect toy for our discerning Virgo. This fun toy can slip into her panties, allowing her to hand the remote over and let someone else be in charge. Minimal and lightweight, this still packs the vibes with 10 speeds to enjoy solo or with a partner of her choosing.

Libra (Fun)

Wild and playful, Libras are always up for an adventure both in and out of the bedroom. Sometimes impulsive, but always versatile and ready for anything, V for Vibes recommends the Minerva for our Libra ladies. This powerful vibrator doubles as a discreet and elegant necklace with 8 speeds of clitoral stimulation. Around her neck, the Minerva is available for impulsive on-demand pleasure for our fearless Libra.

Scorpio (Witty)

The most magical of all the signs, our witchy Scorpios don’t shy away from the mysterious or misunderstood. Often understated, she is always looking to encourage creativity both in love and in pleasure. One of the most sexually adventurous signs in the zodiac, V for Vibes knows the Cybele will provide the venturesome Scorpio with something exciting. This triple stimulation vibrator offers more pleasure and more features to let our Scorpio’s creativity really run wild.

Sagittarius (Crazy)

The free-spirited bohemian of the zodiac, Sagittarius is known for their nonconformist and easy-going nature. This go with the flow attitude extends to their sex life where they are always up and ready for anything. Sagittarius woman can embrace this love of new adventures with the Athena from V for Vibes. This U-shape toy has two powerful motors to allow for intense pleasure and is waterproof so the fun can go with her anywhere.

Capricorn (Intelligent)

Don’t be fooled by their stoic exterior, Capricorns are sensitive and emotional deep down. She is dedicated, hardworking and has the highest of expectations, for both herself and her sex toys. The Victoria from V for Vibes is a classic vibrator with 20 speeds to meet even the most selective of Capricorns desires. Take a break, and let this vibrator do the hard work for you.

Aquarius (Spacey)

Our brilliant and passionate Aquarius woman is the most independent of the zodiac. She loves to accomplish things on her own, and this extends into her pleasure. Not wanting to depend on anyone else, the Aquarius woman will adore the options given to her with the Agrippina. The most powerful of vibes available from V for Vibes, this rabbit vibrator offers 4 speeds and 10 vibration modes. The Aquarius woman will love indulging her independent streak without compromising on her pleasure.

Pisces (Kind)

Having her head in the clouds is a way of life for the day-dreaming Pisces woman. Always one to conjure up a detailed fantasy, she is also deeply emotional, and sensitive – often desiring satisfaction without having to work too hard for it. The Artemis

from V for Vibes is the perfect complement for our Pisces woman. Offering double the pleasure with clitoral and g spot stimulation along with a hands free, long range remote allowing our Pisces woman to lay back and daydream while enjoying the vibes.


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