The Grapefruit Technique. What is the Grapefruit Method?

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Have you ever heard of the grapefruit technique?

When I first stumbled upon this rather interesting, almost funny-sounding idea that is meant to provide what (to those who love and support the grapefruit technique) is supposed to be an incredible blowjob, I was honestly extremely intrigued.  

Sure, it’s easy to pull out some of your best sex toys and guarantee an orgasmic experience, but food play has always been known to add a kinky, messy, and fun element to sex. And if you have never messed around with food play, then the grapefruit method might just be, although a little sour, the sweetest and tastiest way to incorporate a flavor experience to a blowjob that provides newfound sensory exploration.

What is the Grapefruit Method?

Some of us (aka those with a penis) might have heard of using a grapefruit for masturbation. You cut it up, slightly warm it, and use the soft and moist inside to replicate the soft squeeze of a vaginal wall

Although that is technically a form of grapefruit technique, the one that we are talking about is actually a couple’s experience. 

The grapefruit method is when grapefruit is cut open in half and a hole is cut into it. The grapefruit is then placed around the shaft of the penis so that it can be moved back and forth (like a male masturbator or pocket pussy) while the other partner continues giving a blowjob. 

This creates a very literal two-for-one experience. Oral pleasures combined with the sensations of what feels a heck of a lot like vaginal pleasures.


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How do you Perform the Grapefruit Technique?

The grapefruit technique is honestly very simple. Because of its simplicity, you should definitely think of giving it a try if you are looking for a little added fun to your sex life. 

The grapefruit technique obviously starts with a grapefruit. That being said, other large, citrus fruits will work well, such as an orange. But grapefruits are soft, nice and big, and the best fruit of choice here if possible.

Leave your grapefruit outside of the fridge for a day so that it can reach room temperature. This way it feels more like the real thing.

Take your grapefruit, and start by gently tenderizing it, especially if it isn’t ripe yet. Lightly hit the skin of it with your fist or on the counter so that the fruit on the insides is a bit loosened and relaxed. Tight is good, but you want to be able to easily move the grapefruit up and down the shaft while being sucked, so a little bit squishy is the way to go. 

Plus, softening it will make it more realistic. 

Next, cut the grapefruit in half. What you do with the other half is totally up to you. Save it for the next blowjob? Maybe a post-sex snack?

Once in half, then cut a small hold in the middle of it, big enough for your penis to get into but tight enough to squeeze the shaft and feel incredible. Get rid of any uncomfortable fruit skin that might rub or create friction. That stuff is rough, and you only want the juicy insides! 

The truth about the grapefruit method is that, if you know what is going on beforehand, you might go into it not taking it seriously or laughing it off. The idea of something like this can seem silly, so if you want to keep things serious, then you might want to surprise the person who is getting the blowjob. 

A blindfold works great, and the surprise after realizing that a fruit helped to make them cum really hard might just be worth the suspense that comes with taking their sight away.

No matter what, unless you choose to talk about the grapefruit technique, the next step is to go into it in a way that surprises your man. 

Start with a regular blowjob, grapefruit close by on hand. This gets them into thinking that things are, although a little kinkier with the blindfold, business as usual. After a minute or two of sucking, then it’s time for the messy fun. 

Insert their penis into the hole within the grapefruit. Use the tight grip of the fruit like a pocket pussy, both jerking it up and down while making sure to give it some nice twisting motions in conjunction with your mouth and tongue. 

Suck the shaft deep while you push the fruit back, and then pull the fruit towards the tip as you bring the now very hard penis out of your mouth. Pleasure the tip and the balls while you gently twist the fruit around, and use the vagina-like feeling of the grapefruit technique to provide a threesome like sensation. 

Take advantage of the already messy nature of the grapefruit technique and be as sloppy and slippery as possible, because some of the mess here is indeed where the fun comes from. There’s no reason to hold back at this point, so go all out with spit and the grapefruit juice. It’s pretty sour, so your salivary glands will provide you plenty to work with. 

When you’re done, be ready to clean up a rather sticky mess – or finish up with sex in the shower. 


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Does the Grapefruit Method Work?

The key is to simply enjoy trying something new, especially food play, and by approaching it with the willfulness to get messy and gross and also the open-mindedness of what it means to add something kinky to what goes on behind closed doors will provide you with an experience that you will remember forever. 

The choice to experiment will bring you closer as a couple, and the grapefruit method is a great way to become more comfortable with trying new things without having to push any limits too far. 

The grapefruit technique absolutely works and it absolutely feels great, but whether it really works or not is up to you. 

If you aren’t ready for things to get a little weird, then you might not take the grapefruit technique seriously enough to enjoy it for what it really is. If that’s the case, however, nothing is lost if it makes for a laughable and funny sexual interaction.

Even if it doesn’t turn you on, just appreciate that you have someone who feels comfortable enough to try new things with you, and know that this alone allows you to find the things that actually do turn you on. 

So give the grapefruit technique a try, as that is the only way to really see if it works for you! 


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