The best ways to cohabit peacefully with your partner.

Nov 5, 2019

Cohabitation partner is regarded as a perfect way to express and show your commitment towards each other and to the world. However, you need to remember that living together comes with its own set of challenges.

At times, people tend to get frustrated owing to the spending habit of each other, household chores, finance, to name a few. Some people fear that the spark may go away as they continue to see their partner daily.

If you are planning to move in together, it is recommended to follow some tips to make sure that the spark continues to stay alive, and that the relationship remains strong.

You will be capable of enjoying your cohabitation to the fullest as you continue to follow the below-mentioned tips:

Specifying each other’s boundaries

You have to be true to your partner and let him/her know about all the things, that do and do not make you uncomfortable. Whether it is about the household products which you are sharing, the amount of time you are spending together, having guests for a sleepover, you need to express your thoughts to each other.

If you keep it inside you, the resentment will keep growing over time. If the issues keep piling up, it may even cost your relationship.

You may want to do things differently and this is not going to be any problem. The solution to the problem lies in how you are dealing with the differences and how constructively, you are communicating with them.

Drop the idea of displaying landscapes as artwork

The art, you hang on the walls of your home is not any filter. It is the reflection of the personal taste of yours as well as your partner. Choosing the right art plays a vital role in adding a sense of excitement to your relationship and home.

You need to keep in mind that the selected artwork should be a collaborative effort throughout your home. Your bond will grow stronger as you opt for artwork, you both love. Do not force your partner to hang a piece of artwork just because you like it. To make your relationship a success, you need to give priority to the likes and dislikes of one another.

Start redecorating the place together

Whether either of you is going to move into the house of the other partner or you have decided to move to a different place, redecorating the place together is considered to be an ideal option to express the shared ownership of the space.

If you choose everything on the walls, floors, hall, bedroom on your own, the other might start to feel like a guest after some time. Hence, it is a good idea to talk about the type of things, which you should or should not have in your home. It is advisable to reach a point of fair compromise in case of any disagreement.

Give each other their spac

You love each other to the moon and back and love to spend a lot of time together. But, every person wants a little bit of personal space for themselves. It is mandatory to rule out a personal zone for one another.

It is a prerequisite that your home should possess a comfortable personal space for each one of you, where you can retreat yourself. It might be a certain section of your bedroom, an office, or a study place where you can watch TV, read or relax. Remember that the “me time” is very much essential to make your relationship a grand success.

Dividing the household chores

You will be surprised to know that household chores contribute to being one of the major reasons why couples in living relationship fight mostly about. To avoid a situation like this, it is better to adopt a non-emotive and neutral approach. You can make a list of what each one of you is going to do and the deadline, by which you will complete it.

Make sure to check in regularly to ensure that you are doing your share of work. Your home is going to look clean, hygienic and beautiful as you show your commitment towards the household chores just like you do to each other. Apart from boosting the aesthetic appeal of your home, it will also keep both of you happy and content.

Keep each other’s interest in mind

Cohabitating couples love to appreciate as well as celebrate the hobbies of their partners. However, you need to keep in mind that you are living in the other partner’s space as well. Do not keep your collections or personal hobbies out in the open and all over the place.

You might love playing guitar and your partner, of course, loves that. But that does not mean, that you should hang a photo of your guitar in all the rooms, or spread the collections in the entire living room. To ensure a successful live-in relationship, it is necessary to balance the space with the activities and hobbies of both the partners.

Talk about your financial expenses

The decision of moving in with the love of your life is exciting and thrilling at the same time. Also, your finances are going to be more aligned than ever. Hence, it is recommended to take certain decisions at the beginning to avoid any hassles later on.

For example, are you going to live financially independent or you want to share accounts? How are you going to divide the spending on things such as household products or food?

It is mandatory, to be honest with each other on this part. Do not agree upon anything, you are not sure about. It is a must to keep emotions out of the conversation to avoid any hassles at a later off stage.

Keep the dining space clean

The dining room table is known to be a common site for the messes and can be the major cause of a fight if you leave it cluttered. You can avoid the chances of fight, stress, and anxiety as you keep the dining space clean and organized.

The sex life


cohabitation, marriage, marriage tips, sex toys for couples

Sex toys can be a great addition to spice your sex life. They are regarded as an ideal element for exploration, playfulness, fun, and excitement in your home. Here is a list of some of the accessories that can provide a boost and excitement to your conjugal life:

Pocket vibrator

These pocket-sized vibrators are considered to be an ideal choice to get low vibration levels around and on the anus and stimulate the genitals at the same time.

There is a wide array of adjustable speed and waterproof good vibrators for women which can enhance the stimuli around your genital areas. You can use them for female clitoral stimulation as well as the stimulation around anus, testicles or any other part of the body, you want.


Condoms are regarded as the best option to avoid unplanned pregnancy. They are also known to be an effective choice against the risks of STD such as HIV which might lead to AIDs. As you wear condoms every time you are having sex, you can avoid pregnancy by almost 98%.

Couple’s vibrator

A couple’s vibrator is another type of popular sex toy, available in the market which can improve your mood and bring excitement to your sex life. These products stand out of the ordinary in ensuring clitoral stimulation that helps in achieving a satisfactory orgasm.


Also referred to as thrusters, pulsators are recognized to be the latest sex toys available in the market. They have a similar appearance like the classic vibrators. They comprise of magnets that are known to repel against one another while producing the thrusting option.

Massage candles

Choosing the right massager is useful in setting a romantic scene for the ultimate date night. You can give an erotic massage to your partner by choosing these candles. They are used to provide relaxation and removing stress from the body, thereby setting the right mood for great sex.


Extra lubrication is produced by the body as an individual gets sexually aroused. The natural feeling lubricants are worth mentioning in this regard for getting enhanced comfort during sex and reducing the friction in the vagina. You can opt for intimate personal lubricant to make sex a pleasurable experience.

G-spot toys

G-spot vibrators have turned out to be the ultimate pleasurable sex toys, available for women in the market. These toys are used on a wide scale for stimulating the G-spot. It is also used for having the best clitoral stimulation and a pleasurable orgasm at the same time.

Clean up wipes

Do not forget to get clean up wipes to prevent any awkward lumps and enjoy a great time with your partner after sex. It is recommended to choose the cleanup wipes that do not use any artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals.

Buying sex toys have become mainstream for couples to enjoy a more pleasurable orgasm. In addition to stimulating the genital parts, they also play a vital role in achieving the utmost pleasurable orgasmic experience. You can make your living relationship a dream come true by choosing the above-mentioned sex toys.


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