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Oct 19, 2019

So you’ve got the house to yourself for a while and you’d like to create a vibe? Well, we all know that the best way to stimulate our sex drives is to stimulate our minds first. It is imperative if you wish to achieve your deepest vibe that you get yourself into the proper headspace. This is why, compared to erotic videos and images, more cerebral modes of pornographic material, such as erotic literature, free sex stories have managed to find such an important and useful place in any woman’s erotic arsenal. While there are always plenty of hot, steamy, and cheap romance novels ready for you to purchase at your local bookstore, many modern woman are finding that they are turning towards the internet more and more as both a means for publishing their own erotic content and for finding a wide arrange of fresh, new erotic content daily. While you always know what you’re getting when you buy a mass-trade paperback, always featuring the same old style and substance in a slightly different package, what you are able to find online can perhaps be something wild and unique. There are lots of personalized stories available online made to please any kink, as well as a plethora of content that is both female-driven and made specifically for female audiences. Best of all, most of it is free! Here we will take a look at seven popular sites that woman are visiting to get their fix for the best online erotica.

Possibly the most popular of all online erotica sites, and the one to which others are most often compared, is usually the most preferred for the widest general audience. When you visit this site, scroll down to find the site index, and you’ll see several site categories. The first and main category is “stories and pics”, but you will also find access to an online shop, a bulletin board for community features where you can interact with writers and readers, webcams, personal ads, a 24 hour live erotic chat, site info, story contests, videos on demand, and links to other related sites. Clicking on the “stories and pics” category will take you to a sub-menu featuring a wide array of options for finding content you like. You can look for new stories, most popular stories, and stories by author. As well, there is the option to find stories by category, with over 30 different categories, including anal, BDSM, fetish, incest/taboo, lesbian sex, erotic mind control, romance, and sci-fi and fantasy, so that any reader of any interest can easily find the perfect story for them. There are also sections for erotic poetry, erotic comics, audio erotica, and erotic images. Regardless of preference, you should have no problem finding something to awaken your sexuality in both mind and body within this vast array of free erotic literature.

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Featuring a slightly more user-friendly interface, when you visit you will be bombarded immediately with a wide range of erotic stories and articles featuring enticingly lurid thumbnails and titles that might get you going even before you get to the content itself. The main page features a large amount of recently added material for you to click on and get reading right away, but there are also sub-areas for you to further explore and find a wider range of more specific content. There are sections for sexual exploration, refined erotica, LGBTQ, short stories, podcasts, and user submissions. Whereas some sites are more free-for-alls where anyone can submit content of any kind, is more thoughtfully curated and careful about what content they place on their site, which has its pros and cons. One benefit is that you won’t find anything ridiculously amateurish on this site or content made with the intention of luring you to another site, but the downside is that you might not find as much wild and extremely personal content, or content specifically tailored to rare kinks. Overall, a very good option for free online erotica. They also accept submissions, so if you would like to take a stab at writing some erotica of your own, this would be a good avenue for you to start sharing it.

Now, is more than just stories. Touting itself as a porn brand specifically designed and curated for women by women, has lots of women-friendly videos, cams, a lifestyle blog pertaining to issues with women’s sexuality, and, finally, an erotica section. So while the erotica section may not have as much content as some other options, as it is not the focal point of the sites content, it is of a very high quality, and made with a bit more thought than some others with women’s sexuality as the main point of inspiration. Going to the main site and clicking on the “erotica” tab will lead you to a nicely designed page where you are shown featured content and top picks, including recently added content. Keep scrolling down and you will get to different specific categories such as romance, fantasy/sci-fi, boy-girl, girl-girl, group sex, first time, kink, masturbation, boy-boy, bi-sexual, BDSM, and non-binary. Featuring a modest amount of content with a high level of quality, there are plenty of options for any reader to be stimulated here. is very unique in the realm of online erotica in that it is set up as a blog, featuring posts that are predominantly personal true-life stories as well as sexual think pieces. While lushly written fictional erotica has and always will have its place, there is something to be said about reading real-life experiences, almost as if you’re sneaking them out of someone’s personal diary. There is an inherent intimacy to that is very attractive to more thoughtful and picky readers, as the content rarely ever gets too outrageous and is always very much grounded in reality and real-life situations and experiences that are both very relatable and very erotic. The main page takes you right to the blog, with over 200 pages of entries, with new content always being added. There are also tabs that lead to sections for audio porn, featuring a good amount of content being read aloud, images, featuring illustrations as well as pictures of the “girlonthenet” herself, the sites curator, as well as a link to purchase books she has written, either in whole or in part. Finally, the “about” tab takes you to a bio of the “girlonthenet”, in which she explains her sexual philosophy and her reason for creating and curating content on this blog. This site is very much one woman’s unique vision, which makes it very attractive to the right reader. is UK-based, and is all about sexual liberation from the perspective of one very well written female who loves sex.

remote egg vibrator is a trove of erotic vignettes primarily written by a single author going by the name “Remittance Girl”. Head to the site and you will find a large amount of content in three main categories, being blog posts, new fiction entries, and series entries. The blog posts are not always specifically sexual, but often are. The real meat of the sites erotic content is in the fiction and series categories, featuring vast amounts of erotic stories written by Remittance Girl on a variety of topics and themes including fetishes, threesomes, BDSM, and submission. Given that it’s largely the work of one woman, the site might be most attractive to those who share in some of her specific kinks. For those who are like-minded, has a lot of steadily growing content that will reward the reader to keep coming back for more. There are also some podcasts, though they are not uploaded very often, and links to published works by Remittance Girl that you can purchase to help support her on her mission to keep providing unique content. is set up more like a social media site in which anyone can log on and start creating their own content. As soon as the site comes up, you are treated to a wide range of user-generated content spanning all sorts of kinks and sub-categories. Unlike a lot of other sites on this list, the free-for-all approach of allows for a lot of a variety in both content and perspective, and, if you search hard enough, you are guaranteed to find the right content for you that is both titillating and unique. Given the set-up, what we get here are a lot of honest stories and testimonials from like-minded users, as well as more specific fantasies that can be made to appeal to any variety of niche readers. If you are open to an adventure and would like to see many different types and forms of content from a never-ending library of writers, would be a good fit for you. The site features dozens of new entries uploaded daily, making it one of the biggest libraries of adult online content there is. The main page features all the latest content that users can vote on and rate. There is a sidebar listing off dozens of side-categories that the reader can click on to find more specifically curated content relating to any kink and fetish imaginable. You are sure to find enough content to keep you reading for many nights to come. The site touts more than 400,000 members who have uploaded over 50,000 stories. It also has an active forum where users can interact with other members on a more personal level and share stories and experiences that way. There are also chat rooms, live cams, and groups for like-minded individuals to increase the chances of finding people with common interests in the vast user database. For any reader that would like to be more involved with the content they are reading and have more personal and community-driven features available to them, possibly even writing some content of their own, is a great alternative to the other online erotic databases. is different than a lot of other options because it is focused solely on LGBT content. Readers can be assured they will find content here that they won’t find on any other site, and readers with unique tastes may find that this is the best option for them when it comes to online erotica. has a vast archive spanning 250,000 stories focused specifically on gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual content. Its user-interface is a lot plainer and a lot less flashy than some of the other sites, but it makes up for this lack of flair with a range of unique content that can’t be found anywhere else, tailored to a specific demographic. Even though the content is curated for the LGBT crowd, anyone and everyone can find something they enjoy here if they keep an open mind. The content is user-generated, but not a free-for-all, so you know that you will be getting quality content. The site claims to have over 15,000 authors that have contributed, so by exploring its content you will be accessing an incredible amount of unique perspectives and experiences that are all coming from some place in the LGBT spectrum. is a great alternative website to add to your bookmarks when you are searching for online erotica.

So there you have seven of the best online options for free erotic literature, each individually curated for all specific tastes and preferences. There are many others as well, but these seven sites stand out as some of the best and most consistent for all audiences. One of these would certainly be a great first try when going out into the very large and intimidating world of online professional and user-generated erotica. Throughout all seven, there is a ridiculously large amount of content already there for you to start reading now, and they are all being updated constantly with new stories that will undoubtedly keep you invested for years to come. Next time you are at home alone and looking to set the stage for a powerful and ecstatic self-love experience, grab your favorite vibrator, fire up your Internet browser, and choose from any of these seven sites for a guaranteed trip into some spicy, steamy erotic landscapes. Whether you are looking for something professional, akin to the romance novels at the store, or something more amateurish and personal, such as testimonials from real-life people writing about real-life sexual encounters so profound they must be remembered forever and shared, you will have no problem finding the proper material to titillate you and your unique spirit within any one of these seven unique sites offering days and days of erotic literature for all readers.

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