A Beginners Guide to Temperature Play.

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By clicking on this article, my beautiful reader, you have indeed just made the best choice of your day, as today we are going on a fabulous and mysterious journey to the world of temperature play. 

The little kisses on the neck, the tender and delicate hugs, the very soft sex, and looking at each other straight in the eyes like two innocent lovers- let’s be honest, as intimate and lovely as that sounds, I think it’s high time for you to take it to the next level with sex sessions that are as steamy as they are unforgettable! 

For this, I see only one solution: to start playing around with temperature play. Here are some tips for getting off to a good start on your newfound journey to hot and cold.

What is Temperature Play?

Did you know that playing with different temperatures on and in your body will really increase your pleasure?

Whether you choose to heat up or cool down, temperature play can quickly turn your partner on. “The goal of temperature play is to use the elements of heat and cold to heighten the senses” explains sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard.

Essentially, you will use these elements to increase the sensory response associated with sex, creating a more definitive ‘feeling’ through this stimulation and through the unique sensations provided by hot and cold- and there’s a hell of a lot of ways that you can do this fun and safely!

Temperature Play Examples

You want to discover the world of temperature play, but you are too afraid of the unknown.

Rest assured, anxious but curious young people, we have what you need: Fahrenheit pleasures. Hot and cold on the body are indeed a first step in exploring BDSM

How to Pleasure yourself with Ice

What is better than mixing ice and sex? Imagine the sensations that the contrast of cold ice will cause with the skin heated by excitement and passion during sexual relations. If you want to enjoy moments of eroticism and extraordinary pleasure as a couple, try ice and sex by adding ice cubes into your foreplay and increasing your sexual desire.

If you want erotic games with ice cubes to last, your best bet is to bring a container full of ice cubes to renew them each time they melt. Start by upping your partner’s excitement with delicious cold kisses. Put an ice cube in your mouth for a few seconds to keep your lips moist. Then kiss him tenderly and lightly, licking him as it travels down his neck and up to his mouth. When you notice that the passion is on, take another ice cube and play with it, passing it over your partner’s mouth. Those cold kisses will cause more than a thrill and will be the perfect prelude to what will come next.

Then take a new ice cube and use it to cover his whole body little by little. You can make him lie on his stomach and pass the ice cube on his back down to the thighs. Then have him turn around and do the same to yourself by sliding the ice cube over areas such as your chest, nipples, torso, and hips…

temperature play - ice and sex

Some like it Hot

Wax and candle play are an integral part of temperature play. It is essential to know your partner’s pain tolerance threshold to play, although the heat given off by a drop of wax is harmless to the human body. Hairy parts should be avoided, as well as the face. The most receptive parts for sensations are, of course, the genitals and the nipples. But it can vary from person to person.

The density of heat depends on the composition of the candle and the height from which the wax falls. To avoid making a mistake, do a test on yourself by dropping wax on your forearm. You will be able to measure the right height: about 10 centimeters on average.

I strongly advise against using beeswax as it is hotter than natural wax containing paraffin because of the honey residue it contains. The black candles (which contain metal particles) and the fancy candles (beware of colored candles in general) which could irritate your partner’s skin should also be avoided. Instead, make sure to use candles specific to BDSM.

Using BDSM Pinwheel to Remove Wax

The temperature play session does not end once the candles are extinguished: you must then remove the wax. You could very well send your submissive home with their body still covered in wax. But you would miss out on a very pleasant and complementary time to the wax session.

So now you need to remove the wax. 

There are several methods for this, but our favorite is the BDSM Pinwheel. Combining sadism and aftercare, it sometimes takes a long time. But this is a special moment when you “take care” of your partner by removing the wax from him while passing the BDSM pinwheel over the most intimate areas of his anatomy … a potent emotional effect is guaranteed !!!

You can also run the BDSM pinwheel under hot and cold water to use it as a device for temperature play as well, a wondrous way to increase neurotransmitter sensation from this enjoyable toy. 

BDSM Pinwheel Terra for temperature play

A Hot Sex Toy

If you are part of the chilly areas of the world, you may have already experienced that unpleasant moment when your frozen sex toy touches your skin. It’s enough to take down the excitement in a second. But don’t panic, our store has a solution for you, a heated sex toy named Luna– a dildo that quickly takes to and matches warm body temperature… The mixture of vibrations and thermal warmth will further enhance your pleasure to incredible realms of newfound sensation. 

heated thrusting dildo

Water to Drown in Pleasure. 

In this modern era where most showers are equipped with mixer taps capable of giving the exact temperature that benefits our body, the knob becomes very effective for temperature play: you can choose to raise the temperature by transforming your bathroom into a sauna for heat sex, or on the contrary to put the water at its coldest to excite your skin and frolic between pleasures and chills. 

What kind of excitement are you feeling for today?

What Parts of the Body?

At first, it is better to start with the stomach and back where the pain is more bearable. This is an excellent way to check if the game can continue. Afterward, you will discover your favorite areas, which may vary from day to day, depending on your mood. 

Once you are more comfortable, you can “attack” on more sensitive areas such as the buttocks or breasts … It is not recommended to run hot wax or ice on the genitals, which are much more sensitive, and the pain can be unbearable. This is reserved for those highly experienced in BDSM. 

If you decide to tackle it anyway, make sure that the temperature isn’t too high or too low, and always start with moderate levels of heat and cold before progressing. 

Also, when using wax, avoid areas where there is hair, as the wax will be tough to remove.

Precautions to Take with Temperature Play.

In temperature play, we can transmit STBBIs or other infections only if the skin is cracked, if there are open blisters, or if the skin is significantly burned after being exposed to high temperatures. We must not go beyond when the skin is red. Avoid sudden changes in body temperature and allow the person to acclimatize to changes in room temperatures. Avoid dropping cigar or cigarette ashes on the skin, which can stick to the skin and burn it.

For wax games, choose paraffin or soy candles because they burn at a lower temperature. The greater the distance between the candle and the skin, the less hot the wax is when it reaches the skin. Do not use candles colored, scented, or made of beeswax because they all burn at higher temperatures.

Always carry a damp cloth with you to soothe any burns and a sufficient quantity of water should the candle slip out of your hands. Also, have a tray, a candle holder, and support to put your candle on after use. 

Finally, if you wear a few pieces of clothing, make sure they are not nylon or acrylic because these materials could melt and become embedded in the skin if a high source of heat comes into contact with them.

And remember, Erotic games play with the boundaries of risk without ever crossing them: ecstasy is on the line, never beyond!


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