Tatiana’s Favorite Wild Things, Sex Educators And More!

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Being a CEO in an industry filled with innovation is incredibly exciting. I love reading new blogs, trying new toys and lubes, and learning more about the sexual empowerment industry as a whole. These are what I was enjoying this year.

My favorite sex toys in 2020.

The V For Vibes Flora

It wouldn’t be a top list without including one of my own new arrivals! Flora is one of my favorite toys to date. Her dual stimulation can be extremely useful for women – wether your partner is a woman, or you want to enjoy anal and vaginal pleasure. She’s quiet, but very powerful. Flora is a toy I spent years to perfect, and I truly love her.
anal and vaginal vibrator
Tenga eggs male masturbator
Tenga Eggs
Tenga Eggs are something that look so silly, but do an amazing job. Designed to be single use, these have the ability to change your hand jobs from mediocre to incredible. Each style has a different sensation inside to create waves of pleasure for your partner. Do you have a hard time making your partner orgasm from a hand job? Give one of these a try, and I guarantee he’ll love it.
This PH balanced wash is gentle, but smells incredible and doesn’t irritate my sensitive areas. I love the foamy goodness of it, and have repurchased it many times. I also use it as a body wash sometimes because of how delicious the product smells.
What were some of your favorite products this month? Drop a comment below and let us know!
queen v ph balanced body wash
My favorite sex blogs:
Obviously, our V For Vibes sex blog is amazing. In an effort to stay unbiased, I won’t touch too much on ours, but be sure to read it!
JoEllen touches on all of our favorite topics – from sex toys, to mental health, to tips on making every night the best night in bed. One of my all time top posts of hers is this article on how to cleverly store, hide, or display your toy collection. The apothecary cabinet idea is genius, and I’m looking for a vintage one now. 
August is a versatile writer who talks about many sexual topics, as well as political and health. She’s been featured on many websites, and this article about sexual misconceptions really hits home. 
Instagram accounts I adore:
Autumn is not only beautiful, and one of our amazing ambassadors, but she’s also incredibly smart. We love her pictures on our feed, and her passion about empowering women sexually. She’s been featured on Poosh, and wears our Minerva like it was made for her. 
Jasmine is extremely down to earth, and we love her no holdback approach to sex and intimacy. She reviewed Drusilla, and loved it! One of our favorite IGTV videos to date. She’s also focused on empowering women, and we love a woman who believes in that. 
Wellness Products:
I love how Uberlube focuses on simplicity in their product. The packaging is stunning, and the multi use ability makes the price so worth it. We only recommend this for our glass toys, because silicone based lubes are not good to use with silicone toys.

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