11 Types of Sex Toys You Need to Consider.

Aug 4, 2023

We may not agree on much every day, but we can never disagree on orgasms. The good news is that technology is on our side. It has made it possible to reinvent the sexual wellness space. We now have different types of sex toys that we didn’t even think might exist.

If you are planning on buying such toys, there is a variety to choose from. You may assume that large retail stores such as Target and Amazon are the only ones with a variety. Fortunately, there are other great stores like V for Vibes. They have a better collection of Target sex toys than any other store in the market.

To ensure you get an idea of what they have on offer, we have compiled a list of 11 Target sex toys you can find on V for Vibes. They are:

1. Wireless Panty Sets

Are you thinking of discreetly getting off in public? Then wireless panty sets are the way to go. They are typically operated using a remote. Some have a powerful but small bullet vibrator. It’s designed to fit in places that guarantee a great orgasm.

This is a great option if you or your partner are turned on by the idea of public sex. Its design ensures you can discreetly climax without the risk of getting a ticket. After all, a public indecency ticket is costly and embarrassing.

Diana Remote Clit Vibrator V For VIbes

2. Sex Swings

What? Yes, there is something known as a sex swing. This is for people who are outgoing and looking for adventure. Take note, these sex toys are designed for partnered sex.

Sex swings give you and your partner the chance to explore a complete range of motion. For instance, the partner who is on the swing is limited. The one on the ground has more access to their partner’s body. The toy allows the partner on the ground to try moves that would be difficult on a bed or couch. If you are into BDSM, this is an excellent addition to your adult toy collection.

3. Nipple Clamps

Oh, the nipple! Did you know that the nipple is packed with nerve endings? They often get overlooked during intimate moments. They are actually quite sensitive and can offer a lot of pleasure. If you’re curious to explore this territory, V for Vibes offers clamps that can add a new dimension to your sexual experiences.

4. Clitoral Suction Toys

In the world of adult toys, there has been a growing interest in focused toys. Among them, V for Vibes and Target offer some options. These toys use suction to simulate the sensation of stimulation on the clitoris. The suction also extends its effect to the surrounding area.

What makes these toys so appealing is their ability to cater to preferences with speeds and varying suction intensities. It’s like having all the options you could want in one sex toy!

Clitoral Suction Vibrator V For Vibes

5. Finger Vibrators

They don’t necessarily look like fingers if that’s what you’re thinking. Instead, they are worn around the finger like a ring. Are you looking for ways to understand your body or your partner’s? Then this is a great sex toy for the job.

Using one will change your sexual experience in unimaginable ways. Finger vibrators can be used on any part of the body. This means there are unlimited possibilities for heightened pleasure.

Clio Ring Vibrator - Finger Vibrator V For Vibes

6. Strap-Ons

Most people who are starting out with sex toys don’t know much about them. Originally, they were considered lesbian Target sex toys. Today, they are widely used across both genders. They are a great way to enhance your partnered sex experience.

They are made to strap onto your body just like a natural penis does. It’s great for anything from exploring pegging to solutions for ED partnering. The options available at V for Vibes cater to everyone’s needs.

Nixi Strapless Strapon V For Vibes

7. Butt Plugs

When it comes to butt plugs, they are often seen as a tool for beginners. These devices are used to prepare the body for various activities. By inserting a butt plug into the anus during encounters, it can provide stimulation around the nerves in that area.

One of the advantages of using this type of sex toy is that it helps your body become accustomed to new experiences. It allows your anus to adapt and become more relaxed over time. Ultimately, this can lead to enjoyable anal sex. If you’re interested, V for Vibes offers a range of options when it comes to butt plugs.

8. Penis Rings

Also known as cock rings, penis rings are essentially silicone rings designed to fit around the shaft of a penis. They serve various purposes, including enhancing sex, masturbation, blow jobs, and hand jobs.

Couples find them particularly beneficial because they can stimulate both the clitoris and vagina during intercourse while also helping maintain an erection. By incorporating a penis ring into your activities, you and your partner can prolong pleasure and experience intense orgasms.

9. Clitoral Vibrators

These are small gadgets that pulsate at different speeds. They are designed to ensure blood flow to your clitoris is stimulated. Women who have used them have stated that they experienced mind-blowing orgasms. Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s wise to get one with varying speeds. This is because these Target sex toys directly stimulate your most sensitive areas. The options available at V for Vibes cater to people who are beginners as well as those who are accustomed to using such sex toys.

10. Rabbit Vibrators

If you want to enjoy penetration while stimulating your clitoris, then this is the adult toy for you. You must be wondering where the name came from. Well, it’s because the toy looks like the ears of a rabbit. Interesting, right?

Some women prefer penetration after clitoral stimulation. This sex toy has been designed to do exactly that. Target has several options to choose from. However, V for Vibes has the biggest collection with a plethora of options.

11. Dildos

Just like the real thing, dildos are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The good news is that some are slightly curved. The design is meant to ensure the user stimulates their prostate or G-spot.

You can get smooth ones or those with textured ridges. Originally, they were considered only as Target sex toys. However, you can easily find a collection at V for Vibes. Make sure to consider using lube with your dildo for extra pleasure.


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