Tantric Sex Positions.

Nov 12, 2021

Are you tired of having unaffectionate intercourse? Do you want to take your sex life and relationship to the next level? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you came to the right place. Today, we will introduce you to the best tantric sex positions and give you some tips on making this experience rewarding, sensational, and fulfilling. 

For those who don’t know, tantric sex is a practice that aims to create and deepen the intimate connection between the partners. Before you start, you have to make sure both you and your partner are equally committed and focused on pursuing this spiritual journey through sex. 

1. Mutual masturbation

Tantric sex is about being in tune with your partner’s body. If you want to achieve that level of connection, you should get to know your body first. An excellent place to start is solo masturbation which can then progress into mutual masturbation with your partner. Since prolonged foreplay is the hallmark of tantric sex, mutual masturbation can help you get out what you need from the experience without penetration. 

Sit in front of your partner and begin the session by staring into his eyes, then focus on exploring his body just with your gaze. It might feel awkward at first, especially if you’re still in the honeymoon phase and all you want is to rip each other’s clothes off, but slowing down will heighten the intimacy and allow you to explore sex from a different angle. Don’t be afraid to make sounds; according to specialists, it can help unlock some of the sexual energy points in your body, also known as chakras. 

All tantric sex positions can also be combined with a tantric massage that involves stimulating your partner’s body according to tantra principles. When performing the massage, pay attention to your partner’s whole body, gradually moving onto his/her erogenous zones

tantric sex positions mutual masturbation

2. Classic missionary

Missionary doesn’t have a great reputation among sex enthusiasts because it’s considered ‘boring’ and ‘mundane’. This view couldn’t be more outdated, especially since tantra isn’t as much about positions as it’s about the way you have sex. 

The key to a successful tantric experience is learning how to be in the present. 

While missionary isn’t as exciting as other positions, it’s still one of the most spiritual sex positions as it gives you space to explore your partner’s body and savor every sensation. Keep eye contact the entire time and make sure your partner’s hip movement is slow and deliberate. If it doesn’t feel natural, you can practice being mindful in an everyday context first; when you’re on a walk or washing the dishes, simply focus on the task at hand, the way your muscles work, and what you can feel and see instead of letting your mind wander. 

Another good way to nurture the connection in this position is by placing hands on each other’s hearts, then synchronizing your breathing. Think of it as a nonverbal form of communication; let the sexual energy flow through your bodies and become immersed in the experience. Take deep but natural breaths while holding eye contact. To minimize distractions, you can put on relaxing music and dim the lighting. 

3. Yab Yum

Yab Yum is considered one of the most spiritual sex positions as it cultivates all the elements needed for a rewarding experience: connection, eye contact, harmonized breathing, and mindfulness. 

To begin with, you can start exploring each other’s bodies with your fingertips. Don’t just focus on parts that are considered erogenous zones; trace your fingers along your partner’s back, eyelids, and bottom of his hands. Make the movement slow and gentle. The more emotionally connected you and your partner are, the more you’ll feel electrified by the act of touching itself, catering perfectly to emotional intimacy. Once you’ve played with those sensations, you can move on to penetrative sex. 

Yab Yum is one of the best tantric sex positions, as being face-to-face means you can keep eye contact the whole time. It’s extremely intimate and might make you feel vulnerable at first, but it will help you feel more secure and more connected to your partner with time.  

4. Cowgirl in a chair

Cowgirl might not provide as much spiritual intimacy as other tantric sex positions, but eye contact is the key here. Forget about trying to achieve orgasm and simply enjoy existing in the same space as your partner. Then, you can embrace your partner and massage each others back while keeping your breathing synchronized. You can even practice this position with your clothes on – grind on your partner’s penis and gently stimulate the clitoris, all while locking your eyes. 

Before you progress onto penetration, play with different kinds of stimulation. Allow your partner to explore your erogenous zones. For example, have your partner massage your nipples in a slow, circular movement and stimulate them with his breath. Reward him with neck kisses and stroke his chest. When you get to penetrative sex, don’t just settle for in and out motion. You can move back and forth, draw circles with your hips and alternate it with squeezing your vaginal muscles. And don’t forget to make sure the setting is right – light up the candles and draw the curtains to create an atmosphere ideal for sensual sex. Engaging all your senses will help you achieve another level of intimacy. 

tantric sex positions - cowgirl

5. Missionary with legs on shoulders

Why legs on shoulders, you might ask? The answer is simple. While the goal of tantra isn’t climaxing, expanding your body’s awareness can help you access sensations you haven’t even looked for previously. In this variation, you can deepen the penetration by forcing your pelvis to lift and simultaneously rub your clitoris as your partner continues slow hip movement.

Before you let yourself orgasm, you can practice getting close and then stopping and starting again – edging will help you intensify the experience. To ground yourself in the present, focus on the way your and your partner’s body move together but without judgment. If a negative thought occurs, simply observe it without engaging in it. And remember the lesson from all other tantric sex positions – eye contact increases arousal, so don’t miss out on this. 

6. Spooning

Spooning is the last one on the list of tantric sex positions. Since it’s an incredibly intimate position, you might wonder how you could further deepen the connection. One way to do this is by having your partner stroke your hair and gently kiss your neck. You can massage his legs or butt at the same time. 

If you want to improve intimacy, even more, you can try to do it by simply having a chat with your partner. You don’t necessarily have to share all your fears, but you can start by letting him know what your desires are. When he’s already inside you, you can alternate between squeezing and releasing your vaginal muscles. This technique might help you achieve orgasm more easily but can also prolong the pleasure for your partner. 

Once you’ve had a bit more experience with tantric sex, you can experiment with edging that aims to keep you highly aroused for as long as possible without reaching orgasm. It might allow you to achieve simultaneous orgasm in the future.


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