The Sybian.

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The enticing world of sex toys is vast and various. No matter who you are or what you like, there’s pretty much a sex toy out there that’s guaranteed to make you feel new, exciting, and goosebump-instilling sensations. The exploration of this variety is a key to unlocking fulfillment within your sex life. 

And just as some rather simple and straightforward toys have been around for ages, go-to classics like the dildo that never seem to disappoint, we are now seeing some incredible advancements in sex toy capabilities with modern technology and experimentation. 

Enter… the Sybian.

The Sybian is a testament to all sex toys, a culmination of these modern advancements and possibly one of the most serious, yet also one of the most riveting, sex toys to ever exist. 

A Sybian is no joke, and there’s a good chance you’ve never had the pleasure of riding one, as they do not take the same commonplace in a household as does our favorite vibrator tucked away in the drawer. So if you want to learn more about the Sybian and to discover just why this insane toy makes dreams come true, we suggest you stick around. 

What is a Sybian?

Sometimes also referred to as a Sybian sex toy, a Sybian saddle, and even a fucking machine, the Sybian is a large and intricate by design sex machine/toy. 

Speaking of design, let’s start with how it looks. The Sybian will take up a little space in a room, as it is shaped somewhat similarly to a saddle attached to a secured base. 

The saddle is, of course, large enough to sit on. 

Protruding out from the base of the Sybian saddle is a dildo-like attachment. Here you will mount the saddle to enjoy the penetration from this cock-like appendage, and more often than not, this attachment can be changed around to experiment with varying lengths, girths, and ridges. 

And now for the good stuff. Underneath the saddle of the Sybian, you will find a powerful motor. This motor is the center of sensation and will take you to new planets via its ability to vibrate with speeds and intensities that no other vibrator has the capability to showcase. 

When mounted on the Sybian, the attached dildo and the saddle will vibrate as you ride it, quite literally like a cowgirl, and some sybians even feature the ability to spin the dildo around in a 360-degree manner for a sensation that is unique and enticing. 


what is a sybian

Is a Sybian Worth it?

A Sybian is an investment, and for the right person, it is absolutely worth the purchase. 

For the singles ladies, a Sybian gives solo pleasure an entirely new definition. It never disappoints, and when compared to other sex toys, there’s just nothing like it in terms of the level of achievable stimulation. 

You can enjoy the varying attachments, including finger-like attachments, dildos of different sizes and shapes, double penetration dildos, and more, to discover the epitome of G-spot stimulation

Plus, the Sybian provides an experience of solo sex that other toys do not. It is big, and it is powerful, and it requires you to mount it and ride it in a manner that is oh-so-similar to a real-life scenario. It’s not often that cowgirl or reverse cowgirl can be so effective in a solo setting, and the Sybian allows you to ride it in your favorite positions for as long and with as much intensity as you please. 

With this, the Sybian is also great because it allows for sexual discovery in terms of learning oneself, discovering the different positions that feel the best, and realizing that vibration in conjunction with penetration is often the key to climax. 

A Sybian will add a rather unique, and quite frankly, a fun as hell experience to your partner sex for the partners out there. Practice dual masturbation as the female shows off her riding skills, and use the Sybian as a warm-up/foreplay to some of the best sex you will have, but don’t be jealous if it gets her wetter than you!

Suppose you want to play around with a roleplay-like setting. In that case, the Sybian allows for a larger-than-life imitation of a cuckold scenario where the man is forced to watch his partner enjoy the pleasures of another. Force him to watch with ogle eyes as you go wild on the vibrating saddle, and entice him with your lustful moans to make him crave your skin. 

are sex toys better than sybian?

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are intrigued by a Sybian, as you really should be, there are a few things to consider regarding this toy. 

It’s not a small sex toy, and therefore you’re going to need plenty of room to store it safely and away from the eyes of others. By no means do you need a sex dungeon, but you will at least need a little bit of room!

The same goes for when you use the Sybian, as you will have to clear out enough space to ride it in your environment comfortably. There are both small and large sybians, so it is sometimes best to start small and before progressing into even larger motors. 

The bed is a decent place to rest the Sybian while riding, but it will absorb some of your weight as you thrust. Because of this, sometimes placing the Sybian on a hard surface like the floor is the best option for optimal pleasure. 

A Sybian is no joke. It is advised to try it out only after you have experimented with other sex toys

This way, you can first conclude that you seek more out of your solo and/or partner play (if you don’t like a vibrator, you probably won’t like a Sybian!) before purchasing it. If you do plan to use it with your partner, it will require a decent amount of comfort, so keep this in mind. 

And for the men out there, don’t worry. You too can enjoy the incredible sensations of a Sybian, and they have even designed Sybians specifically for prostate pleasure, so no need to feel left out!


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